Solar Energy Can Be Kept In Liquid Form?

Good people, Solar energy is one potential source of energy that has a relatively long survival when compared with other energy sources. Solar energy may only “lose” from nuclear fusion energy. But solar energy in its implementation on Earth is constrained by time and climate like night and weather so it has a time limit in collecting energy sources.Therefore,scientists are looking for ways how to use the full 24hour solar energy.

Search efforts have been made by scientists from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden who managed to develop energy storage media in liquid form.As reported by official page Chalmer University of Technology researchers have developed a system called Molecular Solar Thermla (MOST) for more than six years.This system is conceptually developed since 2013 and is still being studied to date.

The MOST system used to store solar energy is quite different from existing systems like solar energy storage systems using molten salt.Besides not only able to store solar energy,’MOST can also bring solar energy in portable.

The workings of this system is to provide direct light beamadiene hydrocarbons directly.’This treatment alters the chemical bond and converts it into quadricyclane.’This compound will then be able to become a catalyst and store heat energy from the light it receives through a kind of liquid compound. The device itself is made of silica and quartz with a small channel on the right and left.’The top will be filled with liquid that stores the energy of the sun.

According to research results, the MOST system has been able to convert 1.1 percent of sunlight into chemical compounds. This figure is claimed to be 100 times more efficient than the 2013 version.’In addition,the new fluid storage system is different from before by replacing ruthenium rare metals, being simply using cheaper carbon-based elements while still being able to store energy circulation without any quality degradation.

“The bottom line is that we can store solar energy in the form of chemical compounds and expend energy as heat whenever we need,” said Kasper research leader Moth-Poulsen.

According to Kasper,”by providing a combination of chemical energy storage with solar panel water heater will be able to convert more than 80 percent of sunlight received.”The system is also claimed to be stable over a period of months storage. But this technology still can not be applied en masse either for industry or for market. So it requires more research. Thanks

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