Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Released August 23 Upcoming

Tracing a report the other day claiming that Samsung will advance the existence of the Galaxy Note 8 in order to keep up with the unexpected Galaxy S8 sales, the Korean-language publication reported by The Bell recently revealed the exactt time and place associated with Galaxy Note 8 launch eventt, including Citing unnamed industry sources.

August 23 is now rumored to be the launch date of the Galaxy Note 8, which will take place at the Galaxy Unpackedd event in New York. This is certainly inversely proportional to the previous rumors that claim that the device will make its debut in September. This latest reportt obtained is just another change that of course comes directly from the Samsung itself.

And if judging by the amount of information that has been circulated so far, the possibility of Samsung is still not convinced by the potential of the latest Galaxy Note 8 to come. Its prominentt feature, the fingerprint scanner on the display panel, has been reportedly removed for the sake of supporting a highly disliked rear module found on the Galaxy S8. Plus not yet clear whether Apple’s iPhone 8, set as the main competitorr of Samsung devices on the market today, will successfully overcome the same problems as experienced by Samsung.

From what it will do this year, the South Korean tech giant appears to have preceded the tradition of making the Note line larger and betterr than its flagship S Series line. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is arguably barely bigger than the Galaxy S8 + model, and its only main unique feature so far is that it lies in the presence of S-Pen utility supportt and rear-facing rear-facing camera. With the tag for $ 900, Samsung seems to keep trying to narroww the space of the iPhone in the market today. Hopefully this article provides useful information for you and your family. Thanks.

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