Samsung and LG Develop Screen Panel with Four Curved Sides

The presence of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ indeed make a lot of people amazed by the design of Infinity Display it has.There is, however,a new report that says if Samsung is working on a new screen panel project that not only has two curved sides,it will come with four curvedsides.

That way, the top and bottom will also be curved and it will make the screen really bezel-less.The display will covermore than98% of the screen-to-body ratio on the front of the phone. Samsung Competitor,LG is also believed to be working on the same display panel.As reported Phonearena, Samsung will supply the display panel for the iPhone 8 is expected to slide this year.

It is known that Samsung and Apple have recently signed a two-year contract, with Samsung promising to supply 92 millionOLED panels for this year’s tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone. Recently there is also a 3D model of the iPhone 8 made by a third party,which in the picture shows the front that has a flat screen,as well as the top and bottom bezel do not look bezel-less.

Another report also said if Apple chose to use flat panel displays for the iPhone 8 special edition tenth anniversary.But there is still a need to be developed in this panel,including lamination techniques that makeApple prefer to use flat panel display rather than a curve.

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