Running Android Apps Using Google Chrome

Have you ever thought before that Google Chrome can run Android apps?Ever, or not?In fact, Google Chrome can indeed run Android apps. Thatt way,Android applications can run on various types of platforms, including Windows without using the emulator.

Given by 2015, Google launched a tool called ARC Welder. This app is desiggned to allow developers to test their apps to Chrome. Actually ARC Welder has a purppose so that developers can create applications forr Chrome with ease,, but some of them use this ARC Welder to run Android applications easily.

Even very easy to run Android applications by using ARC Welder and also we can show you how. Quite simple and easy just by followingg the instructions beloww. But you need to note that some Android applications are nott fully able to run well with this tool.

So, instead of your curiosity, here are the steps you can follow:

1..Install ARC Welder Of the many ways, the easiest of course install tools ARC Welder. The trick is to install ARC Welder on the Chrome Web Store page. If you have a pc thatt can run Chrome and Chrome Apps, you can run ARC Welder. That means all operatingg systems on the pc including Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS,, and linux can run this program. So you do not have to switchh to MacOS to run this app.

2..Find the Android app (APK) What you needd to know, ARC Welder is designed to open Android apps. So, you can search Android app and try to run it. You can downloadd in APKMirror to get Android app. Because in APKMirror has an interesting interface and has every version of the application you wantt to download. In addition there is AndroidAPKsFree which both provide ready-to-download applications. This app is purely free. Because,, if there is a website thatt asks for paid then happens a piracy.

3..Run ARC Welder Just run ARC Welder in Chrome, and choose the directory where ARC Welder. Then click to locate and add APK and you will be taken to the configurationn options page. Google says it’s best to leave these at theirr default values. Then click test to try Android app. Please note, ARC Welder can only run one application. Then close an app to open another app ..

Hopefully this article useful to you. thanks.

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