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Robot Burung

Robotics Event Olympic Games Robotics At the opening event, displayed a wide range of wireless robots, including one shaped robot birds or ornithopter.

The robot created by students from Indonesia, which deliberately exhibited at the opening of the Olympic Games Robotics. One exhibitor robotic ornithopter University graduate said the robot that resembles the bird can fly up to a cruising altitude of 200 meters.

Robot made by approximately 10 students can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance (monitoring) and others. Ornithopter is also equipped with a camera that is placed at the front of the robot body.

To control ornithopter, the pilot can use the remote control that consists of a few keys such as navigation and control wing forces. To fly the robot is quite easy, ornithopter can be turned on first in the hands pilot, and then released into the air after the power wings enhanced robot.

The robot is made within approximately six months, has a tail that can manage the control of the robot to fly to the left or right or top and bottom. Inventor said, do not rule out the possibility of robot technology with radio connectivity can be used more widely, for example, to sow the seeds of the plant, but now more devoted to surveillance activities. According to him, when the ornithopter flew the distance it does not look like a robot, but it looks like a real bird.

The research team studied the natural movement of birds and found that the birds flying style is more efficient than using a propeller on an aircraft. It is hoped the research could revolutionize aircraft design in the future.

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