Researchers Study Making Artificial Sun.

matahari buatan

Scientists believe that it could create an artificial sun, as a substitute solar power to illuminate the Earth, disclose it and sure can convert sunlight into laser.

Currently, scientists are building a suspected satellite designed to take the sun, and gather to convert. Once the conversion is done, then the beam will be re-fired it into energy or laser beams to Earth.

On satellites built by the scientists, sunlight is collected via a mirror which is then converted into a laser beam. System of semi-conductor devices embedded in the body of the satellite, then worked for the laser fire to Earth.

The researchers hope that the satellite can work well so convinced it can be a substitute for solar power in some affected areas. Irradiation is also claimed to help the lighting in parts of the world who do not get it.

Unfortunately, the changes that will be made sunlight researchers, feared to be misused. Because the laser beam can be converted into a lethal laser weapon.

Hopefully scientists can find new discoveries.

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