Radio technology from Analog to Streaming

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There findings radio technology to transform the way people communicate. Including the internet.

Radio technology that is acceptable to the public today is rarely defined by the method of delivery, tends to be understood as the final result: sending audio signals to the listener.

How is the development of radio technology since 1990:

  • 1992 – America makes digital audio radio service via satellite. License auction finally fell to American Mobile Radio (later to become XM Radio) and Radio CD (later to become Sirius Satellite Radio).

  • 1995 – .mp3 file formats (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) public use, since July. In the same year, a company started introducing the audio transmission (streaming) over the internet. RealAudio solve the problem of “sound barrier” second, by creating the illusion of transmission “radio” and handle small fidelity.
    RealAudio change the way audio transmission over long distances, without leaving the experience of listening to the radio, listening to the sound of distant.
    A year earlier (1994), people still “foreign” to the Internet. A company introduced the internet as something that is unfamiliar to the public.
  • 1998 – Justin Frankel and Tom Pepper develop software “shoutcast”, so anyone can broadcast .mp3 to everyone on the Internet.
  • 1999 – WiFi (wireless fidelity) or hotspot service is found. This technology will soon make the leap: the public can enjoy the Internet and broadcast from the desktop into a mobile device that is easy to carry anywhere. Speed ??of dial-up Internet upgraded to a broad band. Broadcast which was only “buffering” to “stream” at a pace closer to what is played from the source “now”.
  • 2004 – February, the company introduced a mobile radio through the iRadio, which can contain hundreds of radio channels. Transistor radio technologies ever to dominate the commercial era of AM and FM radio is replaced with a cellular radio. Later audio and video technology more easily enjoyed with mobile devices.
  • 2007 – Radio Web. All of the above technologies can be combined now, become a web radio. Until now, no longer listen to the radio, but has been read. Radio integrated with the website. People can enjoy streaming, choose which events you want to play, send the request directly, and most importantly, keep abreast of the news provided by the radio station.
    At this point, the radio face the challenge to bring the ad while serving different broadcast material

The era of analogue radio, can only be heard in the radius of the region, is not the time anymore. Radio integrated with the best technology that will win the competition and form a community of listeners.

Radio like what you always listen to?

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