Prediction Technology in 2017



2016 has passed, we now face in 2017. Although the years have changed the development of technology never stops, continues to grow not know the time. The technology is known to be very dynamic and full of innovation.

A number of technologies managed to record achievement in 2016, either hardware, software, or ecosystems. In 2017, it was also confirmed to be present a number of the latest technology. What technology is predicted to be the trend in 2017, the following predictions:

1. Integration of Digital and Physical
Mobile devices now can not be separated from everyday life. Now, smartphones and various applications have become the access to all the needs of its users. One that is quite noticeable is the field of e-Commerce. With the number of smartphone users now rely on their daily needs through the digital system, integration between physical and digital services will be increasingly visible in 2017.

Some online companies, are also likely to provide more physical products, so as to offer a better experience. A similar move was also made by a number of conventional company began to present itself as a digital (online presence).

2. AR and VR
2016 was a year of markers of virtual reality technology (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to consumers. It was not separated from a number of companies have released applications, devices, and games with this technology brings.

However, the condition is still in its early stages and the market has just prepared with this new technology. Therefore, 2017 is predicted to be the key to the development of AR and VR. Moreover, a number of companies have begun to establish itself develop this technology more seriously.

3. Internet-Of-Things (IOT) and the smart home technology
The arrival of Internet technology-of-Things (IOT) had been predicted since a few years ago. However, why until now the development of the technology has not reached its peak ?. One of the reasons is the presence of support technology is not adequate. In addition, some companies are still not present integrated solutions and they do it separately.

Therefore, with a number of large companies began to offer integrated services, it is quite possible this technology increasingly dominant in 2017. It was also supported by a number of developing better this year.

4. On-Demand Service
The presence of a variety of applications that offer on-demand services, not denied greatly facilitate the users. Currently, watch movies, listen to music, shop, including ordering the vehicle, can be accessed via smartphone.
Therefore, 2017 will be the year with the largest application usage. This year, the increased use of on-demand services is expected to jump sharply, given the penetration of smartphones is also becoming widespread.

5. Otonomos Car
In recent months, a number of companies openly has started trialing otonomos vehicle. This indicates otonomos technology have started to become the focus of the development of a number of companies. On the other hand, the actual otonomos system not only applies to the vehicle. Many experts are already projecting the utilization of this technology in other fields, such as manufacturing and field.

Therefore, with the development of increasingly good otonomos system in 2017, it is estimated the system can evolve more widely. Moreover, when combined with machine learning, it is not possible utilization of this technology will be faster.

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