Polaroid launches Socialmatic Camera with 14MP Sensor and Using Android OS



A new camera from Polaroid has now been officially introduced by Socialmatic name. As well as the Polaroid camera in the old days, this camera can directly print the image. And to print the image, this camera uses ZINK Zero Ink. To print an image, this camera uses ZINC paper measuring 2 x 3 inches.


Interestingly, not only able to print images directly. Socialmatic camera is also equipped with the Android operating system. This also allows it to directly share photos to social networking shots, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. Moreover, this camera is also equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth.

Polaroid Socialmatic has 14MP camera and 2MP on the front. Selian that, in the back there is a 4.5-inch touch screen that can be used as a viewfinder or camera control. There is also 4GB of internal memory plus a card reader for extra storage capacity.

Polaroid party has initiated a pre-order service for this camera through the online store Amazon. The price itself is set at 300 USD and will begin shipping in January.

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