Most Advanced Technology in the World Current

Teknologi Tercanggih Di Dunia

If we look at the films of science fiction often we see a lot of sophisticated technology that does not exist today, but are used by the characters of the film. There are some advanced technology like that in the movie the film has now truly tangible real world. Here we provide information to you all

The most advanced technology in the world

1. Quantum teleporter
Do you often see movies that characters can perform teleportation? If so, perhaps this time that such technology can be realized. One discovery of the most advanced technology in the world today is a quantum teleporters. This tool is described as a tool that can move objects or perform teleportation. Q is at test try teleportation has been successfully performed the teleportation of small objects so that the present invention is quite shocking. Because it would be possible to do teleportase on larger objects. The working principle of this tool is to create other objects in different places. so that the object is destroyed then made again in a different place.

2. Jetpack
World’s most advanced tools included in the most advanced technology in the world today is ketpack. This tool is a jet that could fly rider. Companies that make this tool in TAM. The company makes a full costume for this jetpack. This tool uses modern costumes with materials that could produce and refine hydrogen peroxide fuel available.

3. Prototype military eskoskeleton
The next most advanced technology in the world can be found on this tool. This tool is a prototype eskoskeleton that could be used for military. This tool is similar device outside the framework that is used by the military that use hydraulic power. This tool is able to lift the weight up to 100 kg. In fact, this tool can be used to surround an area. Not only that this tool is flexible in design so that users can squat and lift themselves up. The sophisticated control of these devices have on the human senses. But this time is still a prototype tools have not been developed extensively.

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