Meet Sophia Pervez, One of The Toughest Women Entrepreneurs in Asia

With the availability of low end smart phones, internet ‘availability’ doesn’t seem to be that big a problem as knowing how to use the internet is. And this is the case not only in under developed economies but also developed economies. There are approximately 4.3 unconnected people in the world. Club Internet, a startup by Sophia Pervez and her cofounders Hassan Baig and Fahad Rao, aims to teach these people ‘how’ and ‘why’ to use the internet through simple localized video tutorials. This not only will have a huge social impact, but imagine the impact on the online companies’ profits with new fresh eyeballs.

I would call Sophia Pervez one of the toughest entrepreneurs in Asia as she comes from a background and country where women are not even allowed an education, let alone starting their own companies. Sophia Pervez has broken these barriers and has set out to make the global knowledge economy a bit bigger, by onboarding new users on to the internet. She has worked previously as the Country Sales Operations Manager at IBM, and as a Business Analyst before that at the same organization.

Now having recently won an Acumen funded startup competition, Sophia Pervez and her team are now excited to be taking their startup to the next level.

Sophia Pervez also has many specialties in various fields such as Business Process Analysis and Modeling and has worked on major technologies such as Siebel, SAP and Unica. Sophia Pervez says that in the world of tech, especially in developing countries like hers, it’s hard to get people to take you seriously initially. Most people still have the conception that women are not tech savvy, and she says breaking such stereotypes is what motivates her the most. At Club Internet, Sophia says that the most interesting part of her job is interacting with people who have little knowledge of the internet, and watching them do their first Google search after using their app. You can check out a usability test of their app on their website

It’s really inspiring to see women now making their mark in entrepreneurship in developing countries as well, where you don’t find much facilitation for women to start their own companies. Sophia Pervez says she hopes to inspire more women to take such initiatives.

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