Life-Changing Technology


Technology in which many technology companies promised to release a product that is predicted to change human life.

From abroad, the company Microsoft and Apple respectively will release the operating system and the latest smart watches. While in the country, the official mobile operator selling 4G LTE service.

Some of the technologies that you should not leave it if you want to be part of the digital future:

1. Windows

Microsoft decided to end the sale of the operating system Windows 8. He will be replaced by Windows 10 which brings a number of new features to support navigation of the mouse, keyboard, and touch screen.
Windows 9 will be a kind of reciprocation Microsoft to users who were disappointed with Windows 8. Microsoft restore important features which have been the hallmark of Windows, the Start button and restore desktop look like veri Windows 7 and below.

2. Apple smart watches

This is Apple’s first step into the category of smart devices used in the human body or wearable devices.
The wheels are placed next to the watch Apple into a new navigation method that should be perceived sensation. With these features and other features that have not been revealed clearly, Apple will stimulate competition in the industry wearable device that has so far received a positive response.

3. Fitness tracker

Technology will bring people more aware of the health issues, and could become a trend in itself. This is trying to be taken by a technology company in making fitness tracking device.
This kind of device can detect heart rate, count the number of steps, to show the number of calories burned. All data will be stored in the cloud computing services so that users can see the history of health or fitness.

This year will be more and more manufacturers of the technology that makes these types of tools, including Apple, Google and Microsoft.

1. 4G LTE
Other countries may have long enjoyed a fourth-generation mobile networks Long Term Evolution (4 GLTE). Indirectly, his presence would encourage sales of mobile phones and will be very profitable for the company providing digital services.

2. World 4K
4K tech television is no longer the only official recognition by consumers of the segment companies, but also domestic consumers. Resolution images on television that is four times the resolution of HD allows consumers to see more clearly the sweat that poured on the forehead actor.
YouTube video sharing service also supports 4K resolution video playback. This is also done by the video content providers like Netflix and Amazon.

3. Mobile phones are becoming more affordable
Cheap smart phones continue to flood the market, one of which is driven by the courage of this trend to force mobile phone manufacturers turn the brain find the product differentiation, look for a gap that has not been done competitors.

4. Password is your body
Many internet users who lost the account because they are difficult to remember passwords (passwords) and user name.
Password turned out to be replaced by the human body. One was conducted by Apple to feature fingerprint sensors so TouchID in iPnone 5s until the iPhone 6 Plus. This feature can unlock the phone by touching so at home button.
Password is an important role for your everyday work with the Internet, the country where most citizens anomin. Behind the anonymity it created an opportunity to do evil by acting as a digital intruder to take personal data to seek financial gain.

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