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1. Table Future
Rumors of the appearance of holographic TV technology. Microsoft made a breakthrough with a technology called Microsoft Surface, where a combination of desks, computers, cameras, and touch sensivity size of which allows users to interact for a variety of activities.
On a large table that uses a 40-inch LCD touch screen, Microsoft put a smartphone on the screen, Surface will instantly recognize the device and displays information about the device and allows to choose a different model.

2. Most Advanced Keyboard
Latest Computer Most Advanced Keyboard – New information technology enthusiast to you this time have been present the latest and most sophisticated computer keyboard.
Manufacturer: Logitech – Logitech G15 Keyboard Name
Pros: Software SDK allows extensive customization of keyboard functions.

3. Quantum Teleporter
Q-teleportation has been successful on smaller objects based on research that has been done. In the Q-teleportation, quantum object is destroyed and recreated. Therefore, Q-teleportation can not move objects animate and inanimate physical overall. This tool “creates” a replica of the previous object at the position in other places and objects previously would “disappear” during the replicas were created.

4. 360º 3-D Holographic Displays
ZCam ™ is a video camera that can record information up into parts of the object (which is used to create 3D models) video and then manufactured by 3DV Systems. This technology is based on the principle of “Time of Flight”. In this technique, the data size of the 3D obtained by sending infrared waves into a video scene and detect the light that is reflected by the surface of the object in the video scene. By using a variable time taken by infrared waves to reach the target object and when it returns, the distance can be calculated and then used to create 3D information from all objects in the scene.

5. Lightsaber (Laser Sword)
Lightsaber consists of metal and the sword in the form of plasma along 1 meter. This lightsaber can cut objects without the slightest resistance. Can leave burns on human skin. But this sword can be deflected, but the lightsaber sword anyway, it could be deflected by a shield.

6. JetPack
Jetpack, also includes a tool that we find in many science fiction films, in which the tool is used to release the gas jet (can also water) and then “fly” users. TAM is the first and only one in the world that manufactures a complete package of costumes were designed by Rocket Belt using advanced aerospace materials and also with a special distillation machine to produce jet fuel Hydrogen Peroxide you.

7. Military exoskeleton prototype
Military exoskeleton is a kind of hydraulic-powered exoskeleton that is placed on the military and can lift up to 100 kg body for long periods of time and can while surround an area anyway. Flexible design allows the user to crouch, move slowly and “lift” to the top. There is no joystick or other control mechanism. Control using human senses.

8. Flying Car
“Flying car” was called “The Highway in the Sky”. If every time agan stuck in traffic, then using it agan flying car could spin and dip in the sky in order to reach the destination quickly.

9. Flying Saucer
It is a model of an unmanned aerial vehicle with the shape of the cup (like a UFO uy) are made by a company in England called Aesir.

10. Virtual Goggles
Technology has brought a virtual world into our computer for a long time. But, tersbut virtual world can now be seen in our homes. A ekseprimen has been done for decades, has now become a reality.

Thus information technology on the Latest and Most Advanced Technology, hopefully this information useful to you about technology.

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