Jia Jia, Beautiful Robot from China

Jia Jia

Experts always innovating technology to create sophisticated robots that can help ease the life of man. Experts continue to develop robot technology, an early form of very rigid and sturdy robot, the robot can now increasingly resemble humans.

Robotics engineer team from the University of Science and Technology of China made a robot that just like humans, the robot named Jia Jia. The robot appeared and attracted attention in a prominent event in Shanghai, China. His appearance was beautiful, charming, and adept at speaking. Jia Jia also can catapult praise to others. Many people think that this robot is a man because he looks as if exhale.

Planned in the future, such as Jia Jia robots could take over human tasks such as working in restaurants, hotels, and housework. In contrast to most robots made in recent years, Jia Jia has the ability to recognize faces. He also can learn something like a human. Not only that, a wide selection of accessories and clothing make these robots truly mimic humans.

It is not less interesting, Jia Jia has an impressive speech skills. He was able to engage in dialogue and question and answer without any significant errors. Only one thing is still lacking from Jia Jia, the accuracy of the lip movements with the words being spoken. In addition, Jia Jia is still not really able to walk by it self.

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