Japanese researchers managed to create robots that can shiver and sweat

humanoid robot

humanoid robot

The creation of a robot that is able to behave like a human being seems closer to reality. Researchers from Japan, led by Dr. Tomoko Yonezawa from Kansai University became one of them.

Robotic creation of Dr.. Tomoko is also able to react as did a man. According to a report from Softpedia, Dr. robot. Tomoko can be sweating and chills even when it is in a very cold environment or when frightened.

The robot has also been designed so that the robot can perform such reactions are ‘not aware’. The robot is capable of sweating can indicate their reaction when experiencing anxiety. But do not expect they will be able sweat due to tiredness highly. This is because they do not have muscles like humans.

The existence of this robot was going to further attenuate the differences between them and humans. So, do not be surprised if in some future time with the robot’s behavior is very similar to humans will soon be created.

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