Intel Setting Up a Hexa Core Processor for Laptops?

Intel is currently stilll dominate the processor market, both in the desktop and notebookk segments. The presence of AMD Ryzen generation seems to make Intel shouldd feel anxious and immediately take acction. Companies with blue logo is said to be presenting a hexa-core processor or six cores for the laptop market in the near future,, as good as if the processor??

As we all know, so far Intel only presents dual-core or quad-core processors forr mobile or laptop market. However, Intel’s dominance seems to be threatened since the presences of AMD Ryzen which also penetrated the notebook market. Launching a more powerful processor seems to be Intel’s way of blocking its competitors.

Although until now Intel is still silent a thousand words about the presence of hexa-core processors for laptops, but the signs of its presences is strong enough.Some information about the details of the processor has been spread in cyberspace, one of which is the site ComputerBase based in Germany.

This site mentions the existence of two Intel processors for notebooks that until now has neverr been launched. Both are Intel Core i7-8550H for the upper class and Core i5-8400H for the middle segment.Based on the naming used, these two processors seem to carry the architecture of Kaby Lake Refresh or Kaby Lake-R.

Intel Core i7-8550H brings six cores running at 2.6GHz with TurboBoost up to 4.3GHz, running 12 threads, and supportedd 9MB of cache.While Intel Core i5-8400H is carrying six cores that ran at a speedd of 2.5 GHz with TurboBoost up to 4.2 GHz, running 12 threads, and supported 9MB of cache.

Both are equipped with integratedd graphics from Intel UHD Graphics 630 and offers TDP between 35W to 35W. Not yet known whenn these two processors will be released. Let’s wait for his arrival.
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