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aksesoris monitor

Monitor the hardware that serves as an image viewer on a computer or television. Currently in monitor technology is increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the presence of several technologies such as LCD screens, LED and OLED.

The technology has been applied to the television screen and computer devices. Some accessories that seem unique also present to enliven the appearance of the monitor on the market. Well, here are some additional accessories that might make your activities in front of the monitor becomes more enjoyable:

1. Document Extractor
Computers and printers are a pair of gadget that can not be separated if you work in an office. But what if we combine them?

Document Extractor is Byeong Min Choe idea is to combine the monitor with the printer into one device.

This modification using this type of touch screen to monitor so that you no longer need a keyboard for typing. In addition to printing, the device can also scan documents to be shown to the monitor.

Reminds that the Document Extractor designer is not just a device that saves space, but will also save time and resources, such as ink and toner.

2. PortaPow USB Power Monitor
Certainly very necessary savings on a variety of factors in order to avoid losses so much. One of the savings that we can do is to monitor the capacity of the power used by our gadgets.

PortaPow USB Power Monitor is a gadget that serves as monitor the power consumed on the monitor, a good computer monitor, television or mobile phone.

These accessories help you to know where the gadget that consume a lot of power in your home.

3. DIY Privacy Monitor
When you are looking at the display monitor that you think are private and then also there are others who see it of course you feel uncomfortable because your confidentiality will be compromised.

You do not have to worry anymore with these problems because it has been present DIY Privacy Monitor, which is a technology on the monitor where the monitor will only display white color when viewed with the naked eye, but will look to see if the original use of special glasses.

If you want to make yourself at home can certainly because many tutorials make this a secret monitor.

4 .Samsung Extra Side Monitor Screen
Samsung has a name that is quite popular in the world of electronics, especially televisions. Various technological innovations have been introduced by Samsung and one of the newest innovations is to present an additional screen in addition to the main screen.

The screen is capable of displaying the same image with the main screen or display other menus such as gaming and mobile phone screen. The main screen measuring 17, 19 and 22 inches. Meanwhile, additional 7-inch screen with the same materials and components.

5 .TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate
If you belong to one of the Star Trek movie fans would be familiar with this thing. TNG Borg Cube is an object that often appear in the film which tells the life in this 24th century.

Currently you can have it to decorate your monitor. These accessories serve as decoration at the same time a webcam is accompanied by a green LED lights.

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