How to Add More Memory to C Drive in Windows 7

Users Need to Add More Memory to C Drive

We believe that users may have encountered the situation in which C drive in their computer is always short for free space. We know that C drive is usually set as system partition (active partition) by us. And we often launch computer from C drive. At this time, if the phenomenon of “C drive full” comes out, it will have a big effect on our computer. For example, it will affect computer running speed and causes the system startup problem. Finally, “C drive full” will affect we normal use of computer. Then, what should we do to solve the above-mentioned problem? The answer is to add more memory to C drive. The following content comprises three ways for users to realize increasing C drive size.

Add Memory to Hard Drive Partition by Deleting Operation

We can add space to system partition by deleting some useless files in it. The steps are as follows.

Firstly, users need to double click “My Computer” to find out whether the space of the system partition runs out. If it almost runs out, C drive will be displayed in red. This means that users need to perform disk cleanup right away.

Secondly, users should right click C drive and choose “Properties” in the pop-up menu.


Thirdly, click “Disk Cleanup” in “Local Disk (C:) Properties” window to start searching for useless files. If there are too many junk files in C drive, it will take a long time to search for them.

Fourthly, after searching operation is completed, there will be a list of “Files to delete:”. And users can determine the certain files to delete. Then, users can click “OK”.

Fifthly, in the pop-up small window, users should choose “Delete Files” to permanently delete files chosen in step four.

After the cleanup operation is finished, users will find that they have smoothly achieved increasing C drive size. In addition to the above way to add more memory to C drive, users can also release free space in C drive by deleting some files on computer desktop or just moving them to other non-system drives. As we all know, files saved on the desktop are actually saved to C drive. What’s more, some people like to store various kinds of files on desktop. After a period of time, they may find the space of system partition run out.

Therefore, users need to deal with files on desktop now. For some useless files, users can directly delete them. For some files (which are related to their work or study), users can separately put them in different folders and move these folders to non-system partitions.

The above content has shown users how to add memory to hard drive partition by carrying out some certain deleting operations. Of course, users can repartition the system disk after formatting it, but it is troublesome for them to do this. In view of this, we will tell users other two easy ways to add memory to C drive without formatting. Users can achieve this with Disk Management (built-in small tool in Windows) and MiniTool Partition Wizard (a powerful third party tool).

The Way to Add More Memory to C drive in Windows 7 with DM

To add more memory to C drive without formatting it, users can realize this by using the “Extend Volume” function of DM. So, users have to delete the adjacent partition (D drive) to release unallocated space. If not, this option will be grayed out and can’t be chosen by users.

Note: If D drive is logical drive, users will get free space rather than unallocated space after deleting it. To enlarge, users should delete free space. This is because system partition (primary partition) can only directly use unallocated space released from adjacent primary partition on the right side of it. 

1. Users need to right click D drive and choose “Delete Volume” in the main interface of “Computer Management”.

Note: If there are important data saved on D drive, users need to move them out first to prevent these data from being lost.


2. After releasing unallocated space, users should right click C drive and choose “Extend Volume” to enlarge it. Then, users need to finish the remaining steps according to the prompt message in “Extend Volume Wizard”.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Add Memory to C Drive without Formatting



  1. To add space to system partition, users should choose C drive in the main interface of MiniTool partition magic and click “Extend Partition” from the left action panel.4
  2. Choose a place to take free space from the drop-down list of “Take Free Space from:”, drag the sliding button to determine how much space to take and click “OK”.5
  3. Click “Apply” in the main interface of this software.Users can add more memory to C drive by using the above introduced three ways if they have encountered the problem of “C drive full”.

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