How long is the age of the camera and shutter count



Many people who determine the length of life of a shutter count of the camera / shutter actuation , aka how many times the camera snapped a picture . This arises because the camera manufacturers usually do the testing shutter mechanism .

For example there is a camera that passes the test 50,000 times the snap , there were more than 100,000 times . The more sophisticated a camera , usually the higher the number the test . The name of this test is usually called a shutter durability .

Figures shutter durability is usually considered to be the life expectancy of a camera , but this is not appropriate , because a camera is not necessarily broken though has been used continuously until the shutter durability exceeded .

Conversely , it could be before that number is exceeded , the camera could have been damaged , because in the digital camera , the shutter mechanism is not only just that directly affect life expectancy to a camera , but a lot of other electronic components that determine .

Although damaged , the mechanism of a camera shutter can be replaced , but yes the price is usually quite high and depends on the type of camera . If the camera is old ( older than 5 years ) , replacing the shutter mechanism may be less efficient than buying a new camera with more advanced technology .

In my opinion , we do not need to worry too much about the shutter count . Photos only if it is a hobby , but also do not be too extravagant with snap origin .

When buying or selling a used camera , normally I would check the shutter count to get an idea of ??how much the use of the camera . The higher the shutter count , the price of the camera will decrease .

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