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google car

When you look at Google automatic car, do you think that the car looks cute and adorable? If yes, it is because Google wants you to think so.

Quoting from reliable sources, Google automatic car is designed in such a way to make it look cute and driver will be careful when driving, according to the author, who had the opportunity to try out a car that can drive itself is.

On that occasion, also asked various things to the Google engineers. According to the technicians, Google automatic car cute design is based on psychology.

Humans tend to treat inanimate objects that resemble living things with care, a sense of caution and respect. It has even been proved by research.

If observed carefully, a pair of existing lights on the front of the eye resembling a Google automatic car and a camera in the middle looks like a nose.

Seeing this, you definitely imagine their mouth at the front of the car.

Found cute design is deliberately applied to reduce the annoyance of other drivers stuck behind Google automatic car which has a maximum speed of 40 km / h.

Similarly, information about the Google Technology Makes Automobiles, hopefully this information useful to you.

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