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Alat Teknologi Masa Depan

Technology that had not previously been imagined by us, turned out in the present was already exist. First we might think that humans may not control things with his mind. Now this is all that has been missed, it turns out the great inventors of our times is able to create it. Various kinds of creatures found this is the coolest stuff that might soon be able to get. The following future technological tools that already exist and maybe soon you will get.

Jibo Robot
Since many years ago, people have great expectations to be a robot. We always dreamed that someday robots will be a friend and an important part of everyday human life. This time, it could be started now. Created by a team led by Cynthia genius Breazeal, a pioneer in the field of robotics and professors, they introduce Jibo: a first robot that is designed to be friendly to humans, and is able to help the various activities of the members of your family, young and old.

Jibo has a cute appearance, with a height of 28 centimeters and weighs less than 3 kilograms. The design reminds me a bit on the Eve robot in the movie Wall-E, with a rounded shape with no angle. Of course companions anehdidunia.com, Jibo can not fly or walk on his own. But the mechanism of the movement that has made Jibo can be turned in any direction at an angle of 360 degrees. This little robot is not just a clever interactive medium. Artificial intelligence technology in them claimed to have been far beyond Siri, Cortana, or owned by Google. Jibo AI algorithms enable it to learn and adapt in a family environment. He can see, hear, and communicate with you.

3D Printing
3D printer is the process of making a three-dimensional solid objects from a digital design into a 3D shape that is not only visible but also held and has volume. 3D printer is achieved by using an additive process, in which an object is created by laying successive layers of material. Anehdidunia.com friend 3D Printing is a new breakthrough in the world of technology. This breakthrough is very popular around the world, especially among scientists and nobles. This is because they believe that 3D printing technology will be able to bring this world to the progress and welfare of the community.

Lily Camera
As we know, the drones / quadcopter widely used by the photographer and videographer to enrich their portfolios. This trend also trigger the presence of a number of communities, a forum for them to exchange ideas in order to implement new tricks or modify the property of their respective drones. Lily refused called drones because he was not accompanied by a unit controller such as a traditional drone, but a tracking device flat round shaped with a diameter of 6 cm. Tracking device has a battery life of 4 hours, and water-resistant casing comes along with a strap so it can be applied on the wrist.

War shirt Talos
United States armed forces reportedly is developing a revolutionary armor for soldiers to have super endurance. The project is called Tactical Assault Suit Light Operator (TALOS), which will be the armor of US troops. With TALOS This allowed the US army capable of carrying a much heavier load and of course immune to bullets. Anehdidunia.com companions for the US Army, manufacture TALOS this as an attempt to create an army with equipment such as Iron Man. Another goal is to improve the ability with high mobility and protection of personal each soldier.

Bionic eye
bionic eye implant allows blind people to see again. Implants was named protesis retina, consists of a small electronic chip which is placed at the back of the eye. Chip functions which send visual signals directly to the optic nerve and through the damaged cells in the retina of the eye. The bionic eye has not had the electrodes are able to create detailed human face. However, people using the bionic eye is still able to recognize people in the vicinity and can walk without a cane. Allen Zderad, men who have retinitis pigmentosa, in which cells in the retina that serves to collect light not working. Having survived for 10 years experiencing the condition can not see the face at all, he can only see a very bright light.

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