Flexible 18-inch OLED screen from LG

flexible OLED

flexible OLED

Some of last week LG has officially introduced the development of flexible OLED display measuring 18 inches hers. At that time, they said that the flexible display can be rolled up like a proper roll with a radius of 3 centimeters.

However, how actual performance of the screen when it is actually used? Answer the curiosity of the public, and now there is a video that shows how the flexible screen actually displays the video can be used separately.

Visible in the image are shown a worker who roll up screen when in light conditions. Interestingly, the screen display when the conditions in the roll was not changed quality.

According to the plan, LG intends to launch both his advanced OLED product is coming in 2017. In fact, they plan to make in sizes over 60 inches.

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