Drone Products with More Affordable Price

Known as Breeze,the drone model is bundled with 4K camera, GPS, IPS and some other automatic flying mode for $ 500 per unit.Thanks to the updated feature diusungnya allow users to stream live through social networks,such as Facebook,YouTubeand other services.

This is certainly not the first unmanned aircraft system that has such capabilities,the previous article there is a Chinese drone manufacturer that is Dà-Ji?ngInnovations Science andTechnology(DJI) who also reportedly has successfully upgraded the Go app besutannya so that the model drone series Phantom and Inspire flagship can now be Doing livestreaming.

Breeze itself is equipped with a sensational vertical adjustable 4K UHDcamera,which ensures an unforgettable high quality video recording.All the photos and videos that are produced look more dynamic and sharp,thanks to the electronic image stabilizer and premium photo chipset on the device.Thanks to GPS and IPS(indoor positioning system),Breeze drones can be used both indoors and outdoors.If the joystick is released,theBreeze will stay in the air until the user takes control again.

While the updated BreezeCam App support allows users to broadcast a 720pHD display on existing livestreaming platforms via any other compatible device using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).To get thisCam App Breeze,users can download it through the App Store and Googl Play.

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