Developments in the World Robot

perkembangan robot didunia

Surely you already know the name of the robot. The robot is a mechanical device that can perform physical tasks, whether anyone is using the supervision and control of human or programs which have been made previously or commonly referred to as artificial intelligence. The robot is usually used in the industry which is usually assigned to work hard, dangerous and demanding job working fast. To industrial robots used in industry because it is more efficient and to minimize production costs. But in recent decades the robot began to enter the arena in the field of entertainment and household tools. Robot created by the creator first by trying to imitate the style of animals and humans. Robot scientists found that it is very difficult and requires power calculation more, so the development of the change to the other research.

Developments in the world this robot begins to develop, one country that stands out is the Japanese state is with robotics. Japanese robot has existed in the Edo period, namely the presence of a mechanical doll, which was known as Karakuri Ningyo. Robot in Japan really – really serious in its development, and at the time of Japan is a country that has always had innovation – innovation that is very new on robot technology. Examples of popular Japanese robot is a robot Asimo is a humanoid robot created by Honda Motor Company company. This ASIMO robot astronaut shaped small carrying bag and can walk with the legs.

Japan again -lagi not stop in creating a robot that is as well known as robot Asimo is a humanoid robot that robot Actroid this robot can mimic human expressions are the same as human beings. There are other technical problems that hinder the development of robots that komplektivitas handling physical objects in a natural environment that is still a mess. Vision sensors are tactile sensors and a better algorithm may be able to resolve this issue. Online Robot tested is a good example of robot development. In addition to the State japan many countries – other countries like Europe and America who compete to create the robot of which is a robot car without a steering wheel.

There was also the home RV HOUSE ROBOT FUTURE who managed to make a prototype design or commonly called the home robot that has the size to scale 1/5 of normal human home. The home robot can respond to the environment, both the heat and the cold weather so as to give effect to the cozy atmosphere of home robots.

Thus information about the development of Robot Technology in the World, may be useful for you.

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