Create Robot Framework for soldiers

Ciptakan Rangka Robot untuk Prajuritnya

The development of computing technology and robotics turns direct effect on the development of military technology. The use of drones and military robots has now become commonplace and have been used by a superpower like the United States.

As if not to be outdone, the Russian military was reportedly floated a robot frame technology (exoskeleton) that can be used soldiers. Uniquely, the exoskeleton can be controlled using its mind.

Not only that, the exoskeleton is claimed to improve dramatically the combat soldier, and make soldiers can lift loads up to more than 270 kilograms per person. The technology they named neuroelectronic interface, which allows users exoskeleton can control the device through the mind, so that the movement becomes more responsive.

Exoskeleton is actually not a new idea in the military. Previously, the United States also had to develop an exoskeleton for military needs and named Fortis. The exoskeleton are now still in the development stage and is expected to begin to be used in the next few years.

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