Choose the right Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard.

electric skateboard.

More and more people are choosing to use an electric skateboard because of their performance, their efficiency and the fact that they are much cheaper than other forms of transportation. As a matter of fact, many people don’t consider their electric skateboards toys anymore; they are a convenient way of travelling short distances.

So… what are the things You Should Check Before Buying Electric Skateboard .


You may be wondering whether they are very different from regular skateboards; the answer is yes, they are. They are fitted with a very light electric battery  and motor and they have smaller wheels which mean that they can travel at very high speeds; some models are able to go as high as 40km per hour which is not bad at all.

Although they are very light, they are able to carry riders as heavy as 200 pounds up steep hills without losing much speed. They are equipped with a wireless breaking system to make them safe for riding downhill.

All these qualities may lead one to think that a motorized skateboard is a dangerous form of transportation; not at all.

The good ones come with a remote controlled system so that braking is much more efficient and safe. Even inexperienced skateboarders do pretty well on them. Better yet, you will not need to think about changing brake pads because they are not fitted with any.

electric skateboard..

Worried that you may need to charge the battery too often? Don’t. The best models work like a Toyota Prius; when you brake, the kinetic energy that’s generated is reabsorbed and is automatically used to charge the battery.

So what should you take into account before you purchase one? It is easy enough to find an electric skateboard for sale .

getting one that fits your needs directly is the more complicated part. Here is what you should take into account:

  1. Range

This is how far you can go before needing to recharge your skateboard. Think about what you will be using the skateboard for. Is it for commute? If yes, how far will you be going? Is it for fun? Is it for use on weekends?

electric skateboard...


  1. Weight

Weight is very important because you will need to carry your skateboard from time to time. If you are stranded, is the motorized skateboard easy enough to carry around? Also, the better models tend to weigh very little so you can tell the quality of a board by its weight.

  1. Performance

Think of an electric skateboard like you would of cars. Sure, any car can take you from point A to point B but there are some that are just a beauty to drive. You want to choose a skateboard that gives you a great feeling when you are on it, not one that just takes you from one place to another. To know about the performance of a board, see what every electric skateboard review you can come across says. You may not read all of them, but if they are generally leaning towards the positive you can trust that you are buying yourself a great pair of wheels.

  1. Spare part and support

Again, just like a car you may need to replace parts from time to time. You don’t want to throw out a perfectly good electric skateboard just because you cannot find replacement wheels.0 Buy a brand that has spare parts available. In addition to that you want good support; does the company that makes the skateboard respond to their customers’ questions and concerns? Lastly, you want to be careful to get a good warranty. Be especially careful with electric skateboards for sale .

  1. Type of motor

Although there are several types of motors in the market, you should make sure that you buy a board that comes with a brushless motor .

. These have several advantages; they are very durable, they are highly efficient, they are quiet and they emit low RF noise which can interfere with the operation of wireless devices.

  1. Type of battery

Lead Acid batteries are a poor choice for an electric skateboard. They are heavy and they also don’t have a very long life. Opt instead for a board that has a lithium battery.

  1. Price

There is a large difference in prices when it comes to electric skateboards. Be sure to compare and contrast before you make a decision.

Check out the table for a side by side comparison of all motorized skateboard in the market

You may also want to show your own style,

well… just pick one of the coolest decks on the market for your metroboard

electric skateboard....



Now you know how to choose a motorized skateboard. It’s time to change the way you move!

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