Charging the Battery with Walking Way



What if you could charge a smartphone battery enough to just walk away? This has been created by a Filipino teenager 15-year-old named Angelo Casimiro. Casimiro’s artificial Charger not only be used for a smartphone, but for all kinds of devices that have a USB port.

Casimiro said that the homemade charger can charge the battery with a capacity of 400mAh Lithium-ion battery with a way to walk for 8 hours. The battery charge level of the charger is still lacking. Especially when there is a battery on a smartphone has a large enough capacity, especially at the high end devices.

Even so, of course, this charger will provide benefits when used in a long journey. Especially when traveling in places with limited access to electricity. The technology can be applied on the charger or on foot can also be used on other body parts.

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