Change Mobile Phone Being PC, Microsoft Want to Do It

Smartphones are very practical in use, it is small and simple, making it easy to carry anywhere. Microsoft wants to change the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) become like a real PC, which lets you work wherever you are. The new handheld device that would later be able to run Windows software, have a cellular connection, and power-saving.

At WinHEC hardware conference event held in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft announced the Windows operating system will be able to run on devices that use ARM architecture. Microsoft and Qualcomm (for ARM chipset suppliers) have agreed to work together to make the air-Qualcomm chipset can run Windows OS. The first device will start shipping in 2017. This step was taken because Microsoft saw high demand for connected PC more power efficient. Microsoft even mention the type of device and the term “cellular PC”.

Cellular PC means vendors would later gadget can integrate cellular connectivity into devices of this type, using ESIM card. To note, is still rarely Intel-based laptops that have integrated cellular connectivity. Microsoft said that this cooperation will make the user experience of Windows on a PC that is truly mobile and efficient.

So what does it mean for consumers? Vendors gadget will be able to build a Windows 10 PC with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that run x86 Win32 applications. Applications including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and popular games WIndows more commonly run on a PC desktop.

That is, software and applications commonly used on Windows, later also will be used in mobile devices, with the same experience. Because the Windows 10 version of the OS for ARM is a 64-bit version, Microsoft is making Windows 10 emulator in order to run 32-bit x86 applications. 64-bit x86 applications will not be supported, but it was not significant obstacles. Therefore, 32-bit applications that have a 64-bit version is also not much.

Windows 10 devices with ARM CPU first is a laptop that uses Snapdragon chipset 835. There has been no definite date when this device will be released, which would in 2017.

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