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How Technology Is Changing the Courier Industry

Being realized or not, we’re not surrounded with modern technology. From the time we’re waking up in the morning to the bedtime at night, we relies heavily on these modern technologies and gadgets. The wide-range utilization of modern technology nowadays has somehow changed the face of many industries. At some points, many criticizes the impacts of modernization to certain industries, while in other hand some put their support toward the goodness modern technology has brought in increasing their business value and industry in general. In courier industry for instance, the modern tech had changed the way these courier companies operate, in a good way.

The integration of modern technology within the courier industry enables them to reach wider market, even worldwide. We all know how everything becomes easier nowadays for anyone to interact and get connected with anyone in around the world, thanks to the modern internet technology we have today that courier services can now reach even the most remote locations in the country. There is nearly no limitation or barrier that hold someone from sending parcels or gifts across the globe. The modern courier industry enables us to send and receive items from anywhere in around the world.

It also offers easiness for both customers and the courier providers. Customers can now easily to get access to courier services whenever they need it and also possibility to track the shipped items conveniently from home. In other hand, by utilizing the right software and application, courier companies can easily to organize and maintain large portion of the job automatically, while they may allocate much of the resource for customer support.

Among so many things the modern technology has contributed in courier industry is the possibility to provide more precise time slots. We all know how timing is an essential thing for some people and now they can get the precise time slots during their product shipping via courier service thanks to the modern technology. In other hand, technology also plays a great role in keeping everything well organized and under control, especially during the packaging and pre-shipment processing. With everything is simplified, it will simply cut the unnecessary cost which resulting on lowered pricing. See, how the benefit will also be enjoyed by customers.

The modern payment method, which enables people to do the payment online, is also contributing hugely in ensuring simplicity to all customers. By doing it online, one doesn’t need to be physically attending the courier providers’ offices to order their services. They can do it from the comfort of their home sofa and everything will be fully covered by the company instead. And all these amazing services and simplicities can only be acquired from a highly reputable courier company; is one among them. The company is focused in providing parcel delivery to France and various other destinations across the globe. They have lines of experts ready to accommodate your needs, along with also advanced technology to make sure everything is well organized and your belonging will always safe in their hand.

Add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

How to Add Google Drive To Windows ‘Send To’ Menu?

Google drive allows you to copy-paste or drag the file or folder you want to move to local Google Drive folder available in the system. Once Google server is connected, this Google Drive for PC is synchronized with the cloud storage location of Google server. How easy it would have been if Windows have the option to add files like we do it with USB drives. Right click and send to USB Pen Drive. Well, it is possible! One more alternative which can be much quicker to perform this method is to add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. This section below will discuss about how to attain this method and add this option of Google Drive to “Send To” option.

Steps for The Procedure

Take care of the fact that you have Google Drive for PC installed in your system. Only then you will be able to add this option of Google Drive to the “Send To” option.

  • Go to Start Menu and type command Run or you can press Windows Key + R in order to open run command.1
  • Here in the Run window, type Shell:sendto and hit Enter. This will open the Send To folder where all the shortcuts for different applications and locations are listed.2
  • Or, you can go to the location; C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo directly by providing this path to Windows Explorer address bar.3
  • Once this location is open, a shortcut for Google Drive can be created. Right-click on this Send-To folder and click on New and select Shortcut.4
  • Another window will open where you can Browse for the location of Google Drive in the system. Click Next to proceed.5
  • Provide a name for this Shortcut, Google Drive is recommended to avoid confusion which is taken by default. Click Finish once you finish the process.6
  • Once the Shortcut is created, you can easily send the files or folders directly using the “Send To” option. Select the files and right-click to it, click on Sent To and select Google Drive as destination location.7Conclusion

    In this way one can easily add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. After performing this very short task, you will not need to copy paste or drag and drop files from your system to local Google Drive folder. You can quickly send the files to this local folder using Send To option. Once you are connected to the Google server, the files will be automatically synched with the server and the files will be saved to Google Drive online.

    Author: As author of MS Outlook ToolsPeter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 8.8 recovery tool

Most of us think that it is not possible to recover files from hard drive. They fail to understand how when something is deleted, it can be actually present somewhere in the hard drive and thus can be retrieved. This article is in no way going to the depths of how data recovery software works because this is not the right place or forum for that. Let us say upfront that data recovery is very much possible, much realistic than ever before. Ever since the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 8.8 came into the picture, data recovery rates have increased and rightly so. This is capable of recovering files that were lost due to accidental deleting, formatting, partition loss, virus or spyware attacks and so on.

Gone are the days when data recovery was restricted to mere personal computers or laptops. Nowadays, people store their data in a wide array of storage devices and any recovery tool which is still confined to computers are branded obsolete. However, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 8.8 is capable of retrieving lost data from almost any storage devices in existence today.

Given below is how this tool can perform hard disk data recovery on your computer

  1. Download and install the full version to your computer.
  2. Launch the tool and choose the nature of files you want to recover
  3. Point to the drive from where the data loss occurred. You can choose multiple drives here depending on the contingency.
  4. The scan result will display all the files that can be recovered. There is a preview option that lets you view the file before you proceed with recovery. This way, you recover only those file that is absolutely necessary.

Another crucial factor that makes it an instant favorite among computer users worldwide is the quick updates and unfaltering compatibility. Although it has only been a few months since Microsoft released the Windows 10, EaseUS has already come with a data recovery for Windows 10 software because nobody knows it better than EaseUS how much people value their data.

Let us see how you can recover files on Windows 10 using this tool

  1. Choose the file type you want to retrieve. This can be images, sounds, video, documents or anything that is compatible with Windows
  2. Choose the partition and click on scan
  3. The scan will display all the files that are ready for recovery. Choose the ones that you want retrieved and click ‘recover’. This will win you back the files that you thought was lost forever.

As one can see, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 8.8 can be your perfect partner in the event of a data loss situation. All you need to do is choose the software version that is compatible with your operating system, install to your computer and launch it. The tool will do the rest and you only need to direct it to restore the files you need. Simple, isn’t it? Try it out today!

Typical Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Restaurant POS System

If the current F&B POS system or electronic cash register does not provide you anymore with what you need or is causing some issues because it is outdated, then it is time to scrap them and get yourself a new POS system, especially if you are running a restaurant. What are the signs that tell you it’s time to replace your old POS system?

Sign #1: If the only consistent experiences you have are its technical difficulties – mostly due to outdated software, then you need to replace it.

  • If you are seeing blue screens on your restaurant POS terminal, then it’s a candidate to go to the recycle bin.
  • Regular crashes or instances where you have freezing moments with your POS system.
  • It just is not running well as it once did.
  • Rejects payments or gets delayed.
  • Authorization of payments is hard to obtain.
  • Customer transactions take a long time to complete than it was once before.

It is not advisable to endure or tolerate these glitches as it will not improve. Investing in a new POS technology is better than losing sales – or worse, your business because of bad transactions due to a defective POS system.

Sign #2: Receipt printers of your POS system break down often and always needs to be repaired.

Having frequent occurrences of hardware malfunctions that may seem to be minor like the printers that do not print or the monitors that won’t just switch on indicates that there is a system-wide malfunction. It is strongly advised that purchasing a Restaurant POS system before this occurrence happen will greatly help you as well as prevent your business from suffering some losses because of system failures.

The problem is, if you try to tolerate this problem, you’ll end up losing the business because of a simple equipment failure that could have been avoided. Not only would you lose your business, you also would not be able to handle major problems that comes with a bad system, which is a corrupt database not even if you are very familiar with your existing POS system. You need to ask yourself, are you willing to face these types of problems and take a chance with your defective POS system? Without the help from experts that are able to perform complicated remediation processes, you’re better off buying a replacement.

Even if POS system components can be fixed and replace the defective parts, but does that equal to the lost business that you’ll end up with? It’s just not worth the hassle!

Sign #3: When the business needs more functionality that your old restaurant POS software could not handle.

The food and beverage industry is caught in the middle of a rising competition, ingredient and labor costs, which makes it a must for every restaurant owner to adapt to a full-featured restaurant POS system to help them with the following:

  • Improve check averages
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Leverage the human resources through online orders, mobile devices and through self-service methods
  • Support the use of loyalty programs to help increase customers and to improve customer retention
  • Also give the businesses the chance to reduce food costs with portion controls, tracking of inventory
  • Minimize labor expenditures through employee scheduling and overtime restrictions

If your old restaurant POS system doesn’t have these features, then you better be prepared to brace for a negative impact towards your business.

Sign #4: Out of warranty POS system and the provider is not giving you any support.

As soon as you run out of warranty and you have been trying to get ahold of your POS system provider. What good does that do to your business if you ran into some technical issue, and you get no help from the provider or experts? Are you willing to have all this stress? You are better off with investing on a new restaurant POS system than wait for a miracle to happen.

Although buying a new POS system just for the sake of technology, it’s a frivolous thing to do and a waste of the business money, but if your POS system are displaying these signs mentioned above, then it is time to make that positive leap for a brighter and better future for your business.

What You Should Know Even Further about Data Management

When we are talking about data management then we are talking about all the disciplines that are related to managing all the data as important resources. The definition from data management according to DAMA International is the development and also the execution from architectures, practices, policies and also procedures that are manage properly from the whole data lifecycle need from an enterprise.


Another definition from DAMA-DMBOK about this data management is the execution, development and also the supervision from plans, programs, practices and also policies that will protect, control, enhance and deliver the data value and the information of assets.

The data management itself begun introduced to the world in 1980 as the result of the technology redevelopment. The changing and the development from data management started when we start to move from tape to single disc and now we can store a lot of data in our computer. This data management is very important with the growth of business and if the data was not defined well enough then there will be a miss-used in the application of data management.

There are a lot of topics that are included in this data management and one of it is the database management. Now let’s see about this database management and also the database design in this article.

The Database Management

The database management is very important in running a big company because there are a lot of data that will need to be organized. Why is it very important? Because it has functioned as the storage, analyze and also retrieving data in any company such as accounting or even storing the information of the customer.

Without any accurate database design then it will be impossible to retrieve and do the analysis of the data. You can use excel to make the graphics of the data or charts for the analysis of the data. There are three things or aspects in this database management which are:

  1. Data Maintenance
  2. Database Administration
  3. Database Management System

The Database Design

All data management needs a good database design to save the effort and time when searching the database from the sources. Database design is the database producing process. This database design will need the physical and also logical design choices and also the physical storage parameters in order to generate the data definition language data that can be used in creating a database. The model will contain the attributes detail for each entity.

The term of this database design can be described as many parts of the design from the database system or you can also defined it as the logical design from the structure of the base data that used to keep the data.  The relational model we can see the view and the tables while in the object database you can see that the relationship and the entities map to named relationship and the object classes directly.  But the term of this database design can be used to describe the whole process from designing the base data, forms, and also the queries as the part from the whole application of the database.

Find the suitable vehicle for your lifestyle

If you are going to invest in a vehicle, you want to make sure you make the right choice for your lifestyle. You need to put into consideration the budget you are working with and to figure what is your true necessity. If you identify yourself with one of this society roles then you probably have a specific requirements from a car model. Here are some tips which brands and models you should purchase if you are living a certain lifestyle.

If you have a big family

You need a big vehicle to place your spouse, 3 children and the dog when you go to vacations or even a trip to your grandma’s house. You need to make a long-term investment, so I’d recommend getting an SUV, since they offer comfort, safety and spacious inside.

If you are a businessman

You should probably go with a smooth and elegant black car model with leather inside such as BMW or Audi. Make sure you keep your vehicle clean and spotless. You need to look professional and give your business persona a James Bond touch.

If you are a soccer mom
If you are going to be driving around 4 kids, their backpacks, school equipment and groceries, you really want to look for a Ford Minivan. You also deserve a medal for being the best multitasking woman in the world.

If you want to get noticed
Once in a while everybody wished for a Ferrari or Porsche however due to thehigh prices, an old Mustang model will turn everyone’s heads on the street. The Shelby, with fierce beauty and very fast speed capacities, is a true classic among cars.

If you are into big cars

If you appreciate jeeps and higher spacious vehicles, google Wrangler and you are set for a lifetime. Whether you drive it around the city or you travel through rocky mountain roads, you can feel safe, secured and comfortable.

If you want a retro feel
If you imagine yourself driving around listening to jazz while feeling like Marlon Brando, look for old-timers. There are used vintage carsthat have that old 50’s Hollywood touch and would fit your sophisticated lifestyle perfectly.

If you want a hippie traveling experience

Do you identify yourself as a flower child that wants to drive around feeling the 70’s San Francisco hippie vibe?

All you have to do is find a Volkswagen Type 2 van and customize it with the flower decors and peace signs or find a real used van that some young lads drove to Woodstock.

In case this vehicles don’t fit your lifestyle profile or budget, don’t get discouraged.

You can find online a lot of used cars websites that offer vehicles in great condition for affordable prices. Used doesn’t mean old. In most cases used is nearly new. No reputable car supermarket will sell you a damaged vehicle. You can still drive your dream car model and satisfy your lifestyle requirements.

Websites such as will walk you through finding the right model that suits you best.

Recommended Place to Buy and Learn About Microscopes

Finding and purchasing microscopes is easy if you know what to look and where to go for it. For you to know, there are various options of microscopes available in the market today ranging on specifications, features, and designs that vary. Simply said, if you have no idea what to look or has no resource to go for it, then big chance you will be easily to lose the compass. For anyone whom planning to buy Microscopes soon, it would be a good idea to consider visiting for information and reference to microscope purchasing in the Australia. offers full information and guidance to microscope purchasing, which includes providing insights, tips, tricks, and even recommendations to several top microscope brands and models, along with reviews and evaluation on each product. For many reasons, Procular will make things a lot easier and simpler for us to find the right microscopes to shop. Whether you need microscopes for kids, for school, or even for advanced use in laboratory, you’re welcomed to visit and get professional recommendations from it to explore.

There might be so many places you can go for more information related to microscopes, but you should know that only few among them are truly able to offer us complete information and guidance to the subject. Some are even built as marketing campaign to boost certain products’ sales. You need to be careful to visit only reputable website that will give you fair reviews and unbiased recommendations to follow. And is one among these few.

Procular may also be a good place to go for anyone looking for binoculars and telescopes. Yes, the site has much of information and insights related to binoculars and telescopes, designed to help people in finding and purchasing the right items that suit their age and the desired features.

Recommended Place for Professional IT Outsourcing

Looking back few years ago, the presence of computer in the business world wasn’t that essential compared to today. With the advancement of technology, everything is getting fast, easier, and more secured. And thanks to the computer and its technology that eases our daily activities and tasks today. However, along with all the simplicities and faster solution offered, there are also series risk we have to deal especially when our business is truly relying to the computer to do certain tasks or jobs.

To avoid these risks, you can actually hire the experienced IT teams to solve all your computing problems. If you’re in Philippines, you’ll be surprised with that so many IT outsourcing agencies available in the country today. These companies are there to accommodate the need of good staffing services in the industry both nationally and globally. Each of them has specific expertise while some others come with broader services provided. And how you choose one among these agencies will effects on your business’ computing system stability. That is why you shouldn’t make wrong decision over it.

Here I’d like to recommend you where you can get almost all kinds of services and assistance for any It problems you possibly have. They have qualified experts for hardware upgrade, network management, internet access, virus protection, and even total infrastructure relocation. Just ask for any professionals you possibly needed for the company, and good chance they will be able to provide you recommendations to the experts in the respective field.

Along with IT outsourcing, also offers wide range professionals with various fields of expertise and specialty to meet industrial needs. For more information about the company, portfolios, and also cost or pricing, simply visit You can also correspond with their experts via email and you’ll likely to get answers for all your questions right away.

High Quality Vaporizer: Arizer Air

The vaporizer unit has becoming more and more popular nowadays. People uses it for various purposes either for self-relaxation or as part of the lifestyle. And whichever the kind of vaporizer unit you choose, it is essential for you to make sure purchasing the right item for it. And among all options available, purchasing it online will be a profitable solution available for you. You can easily to access hundreds online stores out there and simply get what you want virtually. And yes, going online for these vapor units will save you much of troubles and frustrations.

And if you are looking for the latest Arizer Air, you’re welcomed to visit a reputable website like Here you will be able to find and observe plenty choices of vaporizer devices to select and purchase. These are the best quality vaporizers you can find in the market along with product warranty and tremendous selections of vapors to choose from. We all know how difficult it is for smokers to stop the habit, and now people can easily to switch to vaporizer to keep up the habit but with lesser healthy risks to deal with. This could be an alternative solution for smokers out there to reduce the unhealthy risks from the habit.

For you to know, Arizer Air is one of the most popular vaporizer brand in the market. Many people love it because Arizer Air comes in excellent quality of both the material and the design. It has also fully supported with wide range vapors and parts available in many stores. And unlike other vaporizer out there, the Arizer Air is designed to be simple, easy to use, and also offering various great features to accommodate our daily vaporing habit. This will save much of time in reaching the desired relaxing points using it.

Save Money with Hostgator Coupon Codes

Creating a new website or blog doesn’t necessarily to be expensive. By using some tricks, we will be able to keep the cost at the lowest possible level. One of them is by taking advantage from the discount coupons offered by those hosting companies. By using the coupon code, we will be eligible to get certain cut-off price and will be automatically deducted from our purchase.

Due to competitive market nowadays, most hosting companies and domain registrars are always trying to give their best deals to attract more clients or costumers. And Hostgator is one of those companies whom always offering special discount and deal through their coupons. We as a smart web builder should consider it as our best opportunity to get high quality services at cheaper pricing.

Another reason why hosting companies are offering discount coupons mostly because they want to provide special offers to their loyal customers. To make it easier in finding valid coupon codes, now we can visit coupon code portal sites. These sites have enlisted coupon codes collected from hundreds online merchants and sellers worldwide. That means we don’t have to check those hosting companies every now and then to see if they have discount offers. Everything is just as simple as few clicks of the finger to find coupon code.

And among various hosting companies that often offered discount coupons is HostGator, to which you can easily to find HostGator Coupon Codes can be found at various discount code portal sites, one of them is Here you will be able to find coupon codes from HostGator as well as also from various other merchants and outlets.

Finding the right coupon code all about how you can observe those companies and to find the best among them. This isn’t always an easy task to observe each hosting company and to compare their services as well as the price. Any chance you may only waste the time without getting the expected result. And the presence of Hostgator Coupon code is considered as a relieving solution for many people out there especially for those whom with very limited budget in hand and need high quality hosting service to accommodate their online business. One thing for sure, Hostgator coupon may not be easily to be owned by you unless you get referred from other Hostgator’s user.

And no matter how profitable those cheap hosting services it seems to be, that shouldn’t be any reason for you to put the quality on the bottom of your list. Good and reliable hosting service is a must especially when you’re creating a website for your business. That is why, the hosting companies reviews sometimes are needed by many people out there to help them choose the right hosting company. Some hosting portal websites are available today with some recommendations and reviews over these companies you can follow, and Dayri.Me is one of them. And the best thing about is that they dedicates much of time and efforts to provide us full and honest review over these coupon codes along with information how to use it.

Find trusted car service professionals near you

The search for a reputable auto repair shop can be quite a challenged for the working men and women of the 21st century. The busy lifestyles we all lead leave us with no time to spare some time to find a reliable car service. Most of us wait until it’s too late and we have a serious car problem that requires an auto repair, because we sometimes forget the importance of a good car maintenance, and a regular check up that can save us a lot of time, nerve and money. Fortunately services like MyCarNeedsA offer us a convenient way of finding those safe to handle our four wheeled friends with the best of care.

Founded in the UK, it’s the first price comparison site of its kind


The service works on a bidding principle where auto service providers offer the customers their best deal for a specific car need or a problem. You enter your registration number and the car’s needs and a bidding process starts. After the bidding process is over the customer chooses the best deal taking into consideration the price of the offer, the location of the auto care shop and the specialty of the service provider itself.

The quality of the service is guaranteedby the vast competition of service providers who bid against each other for the opportunity to satisfy your car’s needs.

MyCarNeedsA offers services for vehicles from all manufacturers, all car models and all kinds of work that you might need from an auto shops. You may want a preventive maintenance check, problem diagnosis or a car tuning, the professional mechanics will take care of it. Apart from being extra user friendly and a customer oriented service, MyCarNeedsA is completely free to use. The only thing you pay for is for the service you get. All transactions are lawful and transparent. After the deal has been made and the job has been done you get a 12 month warranty for the parts that have been used, and only authentic parts will be used in the repair of your car.

When the job’s completed you can rate the service, write a review and spread the word with others.

The website is spreading its ranges outside the UK borders and is becoming and international service that can favor users from all over the world.

MyCarNeedsA also offers opportunities for accredited auto repairers. If you’re looking for a place to promote your business and want to approach customers more directly, visit MyCarNeedsA and advertise your shop by offering the best from your business. The website has a growing number of visitors and users who are your potential customers.

MyCarNeedsA makes car servicing more convenient, and you can find the best deal from the comfort of your own home or office chair. You won’t have to waste more time on looking for the right car mechanics, MyCarNeedsA will generate the results for you.

Join MyCarNeedsA today, and get the most out of car servicing.

Booqla Makes it Easier for Anyone to Publish Their eBook

While writing and composing a good ebook is already a challenging task, many people still have to struggle on how to make it publish-ready. While hiring an editor to proofread the content will cost you a fortune, you can actually try the less-expensive alternative solution for it, it’s called Booqla offers new revolutionary services that allows authors self-publishing their ebook in fast and simple way. There is no specific skills, knowledge, and experience required to use all the features and services Booqla has provided. The user interface is so easy to understand and master in any minute. So even if you never publish an ebook before, you’ll just going fine.

As it stated on their official webpage, is currently able to provide 2 popular ebook formats for the outcome, mobi and epub. That means your ebook will be compatible to Amazon Kindle book, which is known as the most popular ebook reader device in the world. Along with the 2 file formats, Booqla will also provide you free 2 chapter sample to which you can use it as a way to tease potential buyers by allowing them to peek on the first two chapter from your ebook. By giving preview, they will be able to measure the quality of content from your ebook and see if this is exactly what they’re looking for.

We all know how expensive it could be to hire specialists to make our ebook ready to publish. And thanks to Booqla as now you can keep everything costs as low as possible. Even better, Booqla is also currently offering simplest way to create print-friendly version of the ebook in PDF format, to which you can use it to print on demand. For more information about Booqla and how it works, kindly visit their website at Here you can learn everything Booqla and how it will be beneficial to use their service.