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How it Works Turbofan Jet Engine

Cara Kerja Mesin Jet Turbofan 2

The jet engine is not foreign to our ears. When he heard the word, shadow plane suddenly appeared. Jet engines are close to the aircraft industry. All aircraft, ranging from fighter aircraft to commercial aircraft. Although the aircraft is not a stranger, but not many people know how to work the airplane jet engines.

There are 3 kinds of jet engine that has been recognized by the world, namely turbojet, turboprop and turbofan. Turbojet engine is the forerunner of turbofan engines. This machine was originally used by aircraft. Along with the development of technology, engine turbojet and turboprop engines have now been completely replaced by more efficient turbofan engines. It could be said if the engine turbofan jet engine is an improved version of the previous generation.

In general, the three jet engines has advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • Thrust turbojet engine has the most powerful engine, but has the disadvantage of wasteful fuel. Therefore suitable turbojet engines for military aircraft such as Sukhoi or F16.
  • Speed ??turboprop engines have weaknesses and limited engine capability. Turboprop engine can only be used as high as 25 thousand feet. That’s why turbofan engines developed.
  • Turbofan engines answering weaknesses in previous generations. This machine is suitable for use by commercial aircraft due to economical, and have a good thrust capability.
  • Turbofan engine consists of a fan (propeller) and turbojet engines. The incoming air will pass through the propeller toward the turbojet engine. The air is used to drive the fan, the rest is burned as the driving force (thrust).

For more details on the workings of a jet engine can be explained as follows:

  • Incoming air passes through the blade called a low pressure compressor or abbreviated as LPC. From here, the air will pass through a smaller blade called high pressure compressore or HPC.
  • The air and then into the combustion engine. Having given the ignition until the temperature rises, the air is then sprayed with fuel combustion. The combustion process will create thrust.
  • This thrust of energy would drive the high pressure turbine or HPT which is directly connected with the HPC. From here the air will re move the low pressure turbine or LPT which is also directly connected to LPC.
  • How much thrust is generated? Thrust generated only 25 percent. The rest comes from encouragement blade (LPT) of about 75 percent. Place the blade accidentally wrapped by certain chasing to concentrate air flow, so that the turbofan engines to be more fuel efficient.

That’s how the jet engine can know. The future maybe there will be further development.

How it Works Solar Cells

Cara Kerja Sel Surya

Solar cells are devices that can light from the sun directly into an electrical energy. Solar cells are also called the media to maximize the potential of energy derived from sunlight. Although used in generating electricity, the energy of the sun can also be maximized heat through solar thermal energy. Solar cells are often used by various companies to generate electrical energy.

When getting sun exposure in general of the solar cell can produce a dc voltage of 0.5 to 1 volt, and also short-circuit currents. Large voltages and currents are not enough untu various applications. So that in general a number of solar cells arranged in series to form a solar module. In general, solar modules consist of 28 to 36 and the total solar cell can produce a dc voltage of 12 Volts in standard light conditions. The solar modules can be combined in series and parallel manner to increase the voltage and current on the corresponding output power is required in certain applications. Then how the workings of the solar cells that can harness solar energy into electrical energy? Consider the review below!

Conventional solar cells work by using the principle that such junction pn junction between p-type semiconductor and n-type. Semiconductors comes from bonding atoms have electrons as a constituent base. Each semiconductor has its own advantages such as n-type semiconductors that have excess electrons negative charge, whereas for p-type semiconductor has excess positive charge holes. Read more

Fingerprint Technology Makes Lighted

Teknologi Membuat Sidik Jari Menyala

The researchers succeeded in making a breakthrough that could be used in the field of security. The researchers have developed a method that can make fingerprints on.

To create a fingerprint on, the researchers created a fluid chemical combined with electric current. That way, the researchers believe may facilitate the work of the police in distinguishing the fingerprint.

The researchers took advantage of a phenomenon known as elctrochemilunescence. This phenomenon arises because of the presence of electric currents that make the chemical liquid in the excited state, and the result will be lit liquid. Read more

Simple Way to Restore Deleted iPhone Contacts

Getting some important contact data accidentally removed from their smartphone is everyone’s nightmare. We all know how hard it is to build a broad network that in most cases getting contact number of someone special or important would cost you a lot of hassle and trouble. And one day you figured that the small customizations you’ve made to your phone had accidentally deleted all these contacts. This is not only happening to you. Thousands of smartphone users have reported the same cases. There are many scenarios that may cause the contact deletion, such as software malfunction, factory reset, and even the worst scenario is getting the phone stolen. Unfortunately, even such advanced OS like iOS and Android are still vulnerable to any errors and malfunctions, which is why it is important for you to know things should be done when such thing happened in the future.

And whatever the causes are, it is important to know how to restore those deleted data and get everything back on track. If you’re an iPhone user then you should be lucky knowing that iFoneMate is now available with advanced compatibility to Apple devices. Yes, the most notable data recovery software offered by GlobalShareware, iFoneMate comes with extra ability to find and restore deleted data from iPhone, iPad, and various other iOS devices. iFoneMate is the best solution when it comes to restore lost iPhone contacts even though it has also various other great capabilities and features such as to restore deleted photos, messages, and much more.

The market might be filled with tons of iPhone contact recovery software that surely not all of them are as good as their advertisement. So to avoid disappointment in the future or even worse getting your phone messed up by those unpopular software you barely know their existence then considering iFoneMate would be a good call. Many had tried it and mostly satisfied with the results given. Visit for more information about iFoneMate software.

Optical Fiber Technology

Teknologi Fiber Optik Beserta Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya

Fiber optics is one of the channels of transition or a type of cable is also made of glass or plastic fibers are very fine. Fiber optic cables are generally smaller than the usual cables and is used in transmitting signals from one place to another. Fiber optic technology certainly has various functions in human life such as transmitting signals.

In the world of computer types of fiber optic cable is often used to get internet access. Owned speeds using fiber optic cable technology is also better when compared with the usual cable. This is because the optical fiber is made by using advanced technology. For more on fiber optic cable technology. please follow the discussion below!

Optical Fiber Technology along with the following Strengths and Shortcomings

As the cables are making use of advanced technology, fiber optic cable for installation are found in tissues such intermediate level for large companies or installation on a rule that requires the ability to very quickly. Read more

Qualcomm Official Present Drone for review

Prosesor Qualcomm Resmi Hadir untuk DroneBrand Qualcomm is known as one brand of processor chip SoC (System-on-a-Chip) solutions aimed at mobile devices. But now Qualcomm processor chip products will also be used for product robot drones. The company had been officially revealed the existence of Flight Snapdragon processor aimed specifically for drone.

The technology used by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chip Flight is also not kidding. They use Snapdragon processor 801 as a base workmanship Snapdragon processor Flight. As is known, Snapdragon processor chip 801 is a product aimed at the high end smartphone products with four core processor speed of 2.26 GHz.

In addition, the processor chip is also equipped with several features. Among them is a digital signal processor that function as flight control in real-time, WiFi and Bluetooth. Not to forget, SoC chip is also equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System receiver and the ability to process the 4K video. Read more

Finding Lower Cost Phone Systems in Charlotte

When it comes about finding the right commercial Phone Systems in Charlotte, the best place you can go for it will be, owned by Broad Connect Telecom. This website is specializing in providing help and services related to your residential and commercial communication needs. We all know how new businesses are often being troubled with the expensive monthly phone bills they have to deal with. So instead of using the conventional phone line, one may alternatively consider having the modern phone system instead which is proven to be more cost effective and is fully featured to accommodate their daily business activities. They can find more information about it at Broad Connect Telecom’s official website,

Just as the name is, Broad Connect Telecom is focusing in providing alternative Phone Systems in Charlotte and is aiming to help businesses and corporations within the Charlotte and wider area in getting the best telecommunication system that suit their specific needs, while at the same time keeping everything affordable. At Broad Connect Telecom, you will be introduced to the modern communication system called PBX Phone System. It is a local communication network usually utilized in a close environment like office. Compared to the conventional phone system, the PBX Phone System is much lower in cost and also offering more features to accommodate the daily business communication routines.

Finding the best phone systems in charlotte for your business is easy if you know where to go for it. While many others are still struggling with the expensive monthly bills resulted from their conventional phone system, now you can save more money simultaneously by converting to PBX system. Feel free to go and check for more information related to PBX system such as how it works the advantages and benefits we can expect from it, and more.

Strength Super Hero who Embodied Scientists

Kekuatan Super Hero yang Diwujudkan Para Ilmuwan

1. Ability Vision Superman In Penetrating Wall

Camero’s Xaver 800, a product which uses microwave radar to penetrate the walls and project the 3-D imaging of whatever is hiding behind walls. According to the manufacturer, this tool can be used to image through walls plain old, clay brick, cinder block and even reinforced concrete structures, everything is penetrated Xaver 800. Although like Superman, this tool also has got kryptonite (weakness) it, this device can not see through solid metal. Other companies are also getting into the business vision of X-rays. Physical Optics Corporation offers a handheld device called LEXID, which can reveal contraband concealed behind walls, in cars and in other containers.

2. Ability Adhesives Spiderman To Stick On Wall.
Scientists have been working to develop a synthetic adhesive that mimics the gecko for many years, and such a discovery is very close to becoming a reality, thanks to a new method that uses microscopic plastic to create a similar structure. In all likelihood, the room will be the first destination to try a new dry adhesive. Nowadays, the idea is that the technology will help robotic exploration final frontier. This idea is entirely plausible, that the same principles can be applied to eventually replace everyday adhesive which people will start to get used to.

3. Muscle Strength Super HULK
Berkley Bionics and Lockheed Martin Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) exoskeletons are examples of such innovations. HULC, through its titanium legs, change the wearer to be strong. Titanium leg attached to the frame backpacklike with a set of power units and small on-board microcomputer. HULC one of the most impressive features is the fact that it does not require a joystick or manual control mechanism. The device can sense the movement of the intended operator, and react as desired. Read more



Confirming how today’s technology? A user can govern cell phone iPhone, similar technology from Google. What if there was a technology that could read minds as we speak the language of telepathy?

Leading physicists and scientists of the world famous, is testing innovative tools to make it able to talk through brain waves on a project, the scientists described as the “hack into his brain”.

Has collaborated with scientists who are developing a iBrain, which is a tool for capturing brain waves and communicates via computer. Read more

Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM software and much much more!

Teeny Office is Travel Agency CRM-Customer Relationship Management software designed by travel agents for travel agents.

It now outranks all competitors in reviews. With beautiful invoicing, Streamlined work flow. The simple point and click process makes managing your database, invoicing, promotions and quotes easier, quicker and unlike any other Travel CRM.

Teeny Office has also launched a QUICK QUOTE system and is available worldwide.

The latest development in the Teeny Office CRM system is something called the Quick Quote system. The Quick Quote system is an additional module that comes as an integral part of Teeny Office. The system makes it extremely easy to build and send out quotes to potential or existing clients. The Quick Quote System has been built with speed and functionality in mind. Using this system you can compile and send a quote to your client in under a minute. This is ideal for use with hot leads and ensures that you will always get the quote out to your client before your competition. This speed of delivery shows the client how important they are to you and can often be the difference between getting the job and not.

The pricing for Tenny Office Travel Agent Crm  is very competitive and the CRM system can be licensed for up to 20  agents for the nominal figure of just $340 per year.

With Agencies in China, UK, Canada, US, Australia and Vietnam, Teeny Office caters to many countries, many currencies and appropriate country formatting, Teeny Office is ideal for travel agencies of all sizes.


themselves due to the lack of options available. The hassle of buying separate software for database, email marketing, accounting and invoicing is too much hassle and there is no optimal solution available. Teeny Office caters to all of the above needs in one package. It is a cloud based solution for travel agencies, host agencies and independent travel agents. Teeny Office is capable of sales reporting, invoicing, marketing, database management, commission report from single or multiple vendors and cruise invoices. It is considered as the front runner in travel agency technology.

Teeny Office features:

  • Best Client Management System
    • Up to 20 accounts for host agencies
    • Great for all size travel agencies
    • Great for Host and independent agencies
    • Allows independent agent to maintain independent database
    • Allows Host agencies to build remote workforce
    • Allows agencies to recruit and manage remote agents
    • Database Management
    • Upload existing database
    • Ability to add and track client history
    • Responsive emailing Email Marketing
    • Client email and travel history
    • Client special events history
    • Passport reminders
    • Multiple currency invoicing
    • Customizable with logos
    • Ability to upload pictures to invoices
    • Sales Reporting-printable and exportable
    • Commission Reporting-printable and exportable
    • Invoices HTML and PDF
    • Worldwide Airport codes
    • Custom vendor resources
    • Cruise Invoices with commission tracking
    • Single Vendor & multiple vendor commission Invoicing
    • Daily, weekly, monthly calendar
    • Track Important dates easily
    • Cloud based capability to manage remote agents
    • Interface with your GDS
    • 100% mobile compatibility
    • Available in US, Canadian, Euro and British currencies
    • Cruiseline logos on invoices

For more info visit:
Call: 213-738-1742

How to Perform Windows 10 Data Recovery Quite Effectively


Do you know how to quickly perform Windows 10 data recovery? Are there some professional and easy-to-use Windows 10 data recovery tools?

Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming! Windows 10 (codenamed Threshold) is an upcoming computer operating system being developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. One of the main features of this OS focuses on harmonizing user experiences and functionality between different classes of device. And, Windows 7/8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free within one year. According to the related data, 63.8% people choose to upgrade to Windows 10.


Why Do We Need Data Recovery in Windows 10

As we know, useful data may be lost when users upgrade their OS into the latest version. To be specific, files in the “My Document”, system partition or on the desktop may be lost after users upgrade to Windows 10. In addition, there are some other factors which may cause Windows 10 data loss. For example, users may mistakenly delete some important data or partitions, or users may format the hard drive or partitions accidentally, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for Window 10 users to find a reliable and effective Windows 10 data recovery tool. Of course, if users don’t care about money, they can turn to data recovery companies to rescue lost data.

Read more