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Paper Airplane Can Be Controlled by Smartphone


The most fun childhood activities while playing paper airplane with friends, ranging from paper folding to catch that plane together. Almost all the children playing paper airplane was even kids racing to make a paper airplane fly a tough time. It seems that these activities were gradually abandoned seen the development of increasingly advanced technology. However, this one technological innovation allows us to reminisce with paper airplane. Read more

Prediction Technology in 2017



2016 has passed, we now face in 2017. Although the years have changed the development of technology never stops, continues to grow not know the time. The technology is known to be very dynamic and full of innovation.

A number of technologies managed to record achievement in 2016, either hardware, software, or ecosystems. In 2017, it was also confirmed to be present a number of the latest technology. What technology is predicted to be the trend in 2017, the following predictions:

1. Integration of Digital and Physical
Mobile devices now can not be separated from everyday life. Now, smartphones and various applications have become the access to all the needs of its users. One that is quite noticeable is the field of e-Commerce. With the number of smartphone users now rely on their daily needs through the digital system, integration between physical and digital services will be increasingly visible in 2017.

Some online companies, are also likely to provide more physical products, so as to offer a better experience. A similar move was also made by a number of conventional company began to present itself as a digital (online presence). Read more

Free Educative and Entertaining Online Game for Kids

Playing computer game is able to develop children’s creativity and skill. Since there are so many Free Online Games available, then actually we are having a great chance to choose the perfect online games for our children. Most parents are worrying about the impact of the game to the children, but actually online games can be very beneficial. Therefore, whether the game will give bad or good effect will depend on the type and quality of the game. If we are having a baby girl, then online fashion game is definitely the favorite one. Online fashion game can be very beneficial to shape the children’s skill on fashion. It will give our girls a great sense of fashion and excellent creativity.

There are so many benefits of online games for children. Some of the online games are able to improve the spatial skill, academic performance and learning ability. Not only that, there are also some games that are teaching the children on problem solving, quick thinking, logistic mapping, strategies and many others. Games like tower defense games are pushing the children to learn how to make best strategy to defeat enemies and protect the tower. They will be trained on how to generate fast thinking. If we are having toddler, then some games will teach them on how to recognize colors, letters, numbers and many other basic things.

Some games are also related to hobby like Airplane Games, baseball games, basketball games and many others. The games can be very beneficial to introduce the children on the basic rules of the games or technique to operate something. Such games can be so helpful in the future. For example, children can make their online baseball games as the basic knowledge of their baseball hobby when they are in their school. Therefore, don’t hesitate to let our children playing online games. As long as we are able to choose them the best game, then it will be so beneficial. And they can find the best collections of Play Kids Game Online Free by visiting

The Next Generation of Biomimetic Robot: Melissa Robot

The modern technology has never failed to keep us impressed. After the tech community been amazed with the digital launch of hover board prototype recently, now we’re about to be impressed with the new generation biomimetic robot called Melissa Robot. Unlike most other robot-alike been developed previously, the new Melissa Robot, which is developed by Favis, Inc. is designed to be a lot like us, both anatomically and in its learning behavior. Melissa Robot built up using hard skeleton as the base of its anatomy, wrapped with soft muscles designed to contract in similar way like ours.

And what makes Melissa Robot is outstanding compared to others is not because of the physical appearance it has, but mostly due to the virtual learning applied to her. Yes, unlike most other robot that are developed under real-world training and mainly rely on trial-and-error learning, Melissa is developed under virtual learning environment which is more efficient and is truly effective. So during the development process, Melissa is taught on how to do various types of actions or movement, such as standing, walking, getting up from ground, and many more, virtually. That way, when the training is finished, Melissa will then be able to do these tasks in real world.

Even though Melissa Robot is still under development, but Favis, Inc. has welcomed anyone whom interested to own Melissa Robot to do a pre-order. Yes, those hobbyists, robot enthusiasts, collectors, or even fellow robot developers can do the pre-order and be the first to own Melissa Robot when it finally hit the market. Favis, Inc. even uploaded official videos of Melissa Robot via Youtube allowing people to get first sight of how Melissa look like and how it will be in the future. Anyone can easily to find more information about Melissa Robot and the progress been made by visiting the official website of Favis, Inc.

What Are the Best Ideas for Business Development?

To own a business is surely an achievement for you. No matter how small the scale of your business is, it is surely a great leap of faith in your life. Not all people have the guts to be businessmen. We all know that, despite the fact how the profits will be owned in great portion, to be a businessman also means taking risky job. We cannot always demand success in running the business.

But we can improve the chance to earn such success by doing several efforts. And that’s surely the second part of your business (the first part is about starting it up). How to develop your business is even much a harder task than to start it up. You need to really be creative in figuring out some possible ideas for business development. Of course, you might also want to deal with some trials and errors before you can find the formula of success. But, to be honest, there are several “shortcuts” that can be done and it will involve the help from the third-party. Yes, you can try to have the help from the service which can take care of the online marketing, for instance.

This kind of marketing is getting a lot much popularity nowadays and it is a pity if you do not use it optimally. But, yes, you might not have great capabilities in such field. That’s why the help from the professional service to take care of such matter is necessary. True, you still need to be as creative as possible in taking care of this issue. You should see what is lacking from your business and try to cover it up. If you can do it on your own, do it already. But, if you don’t, try to find the right service and together you should make some kind of collaboration to improve and develop your business.

Buy Cheap GW2 Gold Online Fast

One of the most famous MMORPG is Guild Wars 2. This game is developed by Arenanet and published by NCSOFT. The game takes place in the high fantasy world of Tyria. The players can get various weapons, materials and mini pets in this game. Each player can play as different character such as asura, charr, norn, human, or sylvari. This game’s maximum level is 80. In addition, the players will need to gain money called as gold.

GW2 Gold

GW2 Gold or Guild Wars 2 gold is the currency in Guild wars 2. Every player should gain the gold in order to buy items and upgrade their weapons. There are many ways that can be done to make money in Guild wars 2. Some of them include speculation, flipping and trading post tools. Those ways can help you understand market trends so you will be able to buy items at a lower cost. You also can get a buy order for any item you want. After getting the items, you can quickly sell them and get profit from it. Besides, you also can use some tools to make trading post tools game easier for you.

Buy cheap GW2 Gold

Although gold can be obtained by using some practical ways, some people may find it difficult, confusing and time consuming. That is why some of them may want to buy cheap GW2 gold. The gold can be purchased by using some websites online. Those websites will offer you different amount of gold you want with various prices. The websites are also standby by 24/7 so you do not need to worry about the time. Make sure you choose the trusted websites. Trusted websites will help you gaining gold with account safety warranty. With this, you can get the gold quickly and can continue your game safely.

Ways to Improve Your Typing Skill

easy type

Some people may see typing skill as not really an important skill to be mastered. However, there are always some times when you are required to type fast and correctly, especially when your job mostly deal with documents. Some people may not do their jobs satisfactorily and on time without sufficient typing skill. They will find it frustrating and even annoying. Actually, there are many ways that can help you improving your typing skills. Some of the best ways are doing typing speed test and also learning important techniques about typing skills.

Typing Test Exercises

When you want to improve your typing skill, the best way you can do is exercising. Nowadays, there are many sources that can be used as ‘helpers’ in order to improve your typing skills. The best source is indeed the internet. You can start searching and browsing with internet to find the best websites that offer typing test. The test is usually required you to type certain words into a sentence. You are given certain times (about one minutes) to finish the task. You can see the remaining times at the above of letters. There is also a “helper’’ button on the website that can randomly put the words into different arrangements. You can be helped by changing and looking at the different arrangements of the words. In case you failed the test, you can start a new test by clicking the “try again” or ‘’retry’’ button.

Touch Typing For Beginners

Some of you maybe have not heard about touch typing before. Touch typing is a technique or method for typing without looking at the keyboard. A touch typist will know the location of the keyboard well from their muscle memory. This technique can make you type quicker and more accurately. For those who still cannot type fast and accurately, this technique is very useful for you. All people can be a touch typist with some efforts in exercising. There are some tips about touch typing for beginners that you can do in order to master the skill. The first tip is to know the theories about the technique. You can start by fixing your finger position. The eight fingers usually are placed in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard so that it will be easy for them to reach other keys. This way can be used for both two-handed and one hand touch typing. After that, you should train yourselves to type without looking at the screen. You may find it difficult at first, but as the time goes by you will get used to it. Your fingers will automatically reach the right keys that you want. In addition, you also need to take some typing speed test in order to improve your typing skill. You can take the tests from some websites that offer typing speed tests or games. Choose the easy one first. After you have gained improvements, you can choose further levels. Those ways will efficiently help you master typing skill and do your work accurately.

Get your Tesla cleaned while it’s recharged!

When you own an electric Tesla, supercharger might be the facility you use quite often in order to make your car keep running. As you may already know, right now the automaker already places quite a lot of superchargers in many spots in order to create a better convenience for those who use the electric version of Tesla cars, which is factually also a better and eco-friendlier type of vehicle. If you use the chargers quite often, have you ever imagined getting your tesla cleaned while it is recharged at the supercharger station? This is factually a really great thing since the time needed to get your car fully charged can be used more effectively.


Right now, there is factually a party who can make the great thing mentioned earlier true. This is none other but Sudsmen Tesla Recharge. The main focus of this company is in car detailing and cleaning. Whenever your car is dirty and at the same time you need to go to a supercharger station no matter where it is located, all you need to do is making an appointment with Sudsmen who will send the right Sudsman to clean your car in detail while it is recharged at the supercharger of Tesla. The best thing about this is you can choose the wash and the Sudsman on your own. Besides, you can also choose the appointment time so it will be easier for you to match it with your schedule. While the car is charged, the Sudsman will start the cleaning process and you can be sure that this cleaning and detailing process will be finished when your car is fully charged or even before that.


Once you book for the service offered in Sudsmen you will never have to wait too long to get the car cleaned. This service provider usually works fast in order to keep each customer satisfied. Besides, the price offered will never be too expensive too and it is something guaranteed. Of course, the price differs based on the choice of cleaning you choose. Basically, there are 7 different types of cleaning offered. Those are; full detail, exterior, interior, engine, lights, shampoo carpets, and extra cleaning. The difference in price may also be resulted from the type of car you own, such as truck or minivan, large SUV, small SUV, and regular car. For you to know, the range of price is now started at $20s up to $120s. If you just need to get Tesla Supercharge, you only need to spend $29. Well, there’s nothing you can say about such price tag but “incredible”! Try to check out the similar services out there and this price is surely undefeatable.

So, what do you think about this cleaning service offered by Sudsmen? If you think it as a really beneficial type of service you need to know further and of course use as the owner of Tesla vehicle, there is already an official website built to share complete information about the service. Besides, can be used as a place where you can book the service quickly and easily. Check out the website now and you will find out more information you need to know first before booking the high quality service. Another thing you need to know in order to make you more convinced to get this service instead of the other is related to how this service is really friendly to the environment. The other car washes and similar services need 40 – 70 gallons of water to clean the car. This service is brilliantly able to deal with the cleaning with barely any water. Normally, it only needs one glass of water. You get clean car and at the same time, you also participate in maintaining the environment. What can be even better than that?

Inspections for Manufacturing Plants and More

Every manufacturing facility and chemical plant in the country must follow the regulations and standards imposed by OSHA, which serves to protect employees working for those companies. Hiring an outside company to inspect the property is a good way to find out if you meet the bare minimum requirements of OSHA or if you need to make some changes to the facility.

Importance of an Inspection

Bumble Bee Foods made headlines in 2015 after one of its employees died on the job. The man, who was inside one of the ovens and cleaning, lost his life after another worker started the oven without realizing he was there. The man responsible for the accident faced criminal charges, and the company itself faced fines of more than $1 million. Any minor violation that leads to the death of an employee or injures a worker can leave your company facing so many fines and criminal charges that your business may never recover.

What Does the Inspection Cover?

When hiring an outside company for an inspection, you want one that offers a non-destructive examination. This ensures that you get a detailed report and that the inspection process will not damage any of the equipment you use or disrupt any of your employees. The inspection will look at all the tools and equipment used in the facility, the quality and assurance of your products and any other factors associated with your business. Though an inspection can be expensive, it costs far less than the fines you might face later.

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WoW Gold for Sale!

World of Warcraft game is very famous among the gamers all over the world. This game is the latest game which is very hot and talked for the gamers. In this game, they may need to use money—which refers to the amount of gold pieces, silver pieces and copper pieces. Indeed, that money can be called as gold or World of Warcraft gold (WoW gold). Many auction houses will provide you with that money by purchasing them with your real money. Indeed, there are abundant places you may purchase that gold. 

About WoW gold

The money can be acquired through various processes such as selling items, completing guests, looting the dead mobs, and other. You may also obtain the money by purchasing them in this website. It can be done by using your money to put a deposit down at the Auction House. One hundred of copper coins are same as 1 silver coins. One hundred of silver coins are same as 1 gold coins. Then, one thousands of copper coins are same as the one gold coins. Therefore, it will be easy to get the gold by purchasing them to some auction houses rather than doing things in the game especially for the newbies. 

WoW gold for sale cheap

As the gold is for sale, you may get them with cheaper price. Yes, it’s really possible for you to get WoW gold for sale cheap. Some auction houses or websites usually offer discount and promotion by selling the gold in lower price than normal ones. Indeed, you have to be careful before transferring your money. You have to make sure you will never become a victim of cyber-crimes which commonly exist in our society. The website should guarantee they are trusted by providing some information testimonies from the previous customers. Therefore, you can acquire the gold that you want according your budget.

Online Typing Exercise for Free at

Typing skill is highly needed in working world. This is the basic skill that anyone should be capable of, especially if their job involves the use of computer and typing machines. Surely anybody can easily to type words and sentence, but did they do it right? Typing isn’t only about pressing the right alphabetical buttons to form a sentence or readable text, it should also have speed to maintain productivity at work. So, if you want to compete the others in getting the job you desired, it would be a good idea to have at least one skill to be stand out, and you can start it up by improving your typing skill.


There are many ways you can do to improve your typing skill, one of them is by visiting Well, it doesn’t mean visiting this site then you will immediately get the skill improved. It doesn’t work like that. However, as you entered the site, you will be able to exercise the typing skill by using the free online touch typing feature provided by You will be trained on how to maximize your typing capability, from beginner level to become advanced typist in only a matter of minutes. offers online touch typing for beginners to train and develop their skill. The system will educate beginners from the basic technique of it, such as finger placement, how to get used to it, and more. There are multiple stages of training anyone can try to which each level contain new training and is more challenging than the level below it. After completing each level, one will be able to evaluate their progress, such as the mistakes they have been done, how to fix that, and more. You can decide whether to retry the level or to advance to the next, the freedom is in you. Even if you want to, you may also jump certain levels and make your own checkpoint.

By following the given levels of exercise, one will be able to improve their skills slightly at a time and significant improvement will be gained once they accomplished all trainings available. And they don’t have to accomplish all at once; instead they may just simply to postpone the next level for then to be continued later time. This allow them to pick their own timing for efficient learning. provides free touch typing for beginners, which that means anyone trying and exercising using this feature will be charged nothing in return. People may easily to come to the site and improve their typing skill whenever they want to, without any requirements of membership, subscription, and payment.

And believe it or not, what being offered by is what exactly needed by many people out there, especially those whom never have formal training and education to enhance their typing skill. As the basic skill, fast and efficient typing skill should be mastered to almost everyone, especially those whom dreaming to have career at offices. And in that case, one should look no further since has everything it needed for him/her to be a good typist.