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Strength Super Hero who Embodied Scientists

Kekuatan Super Hero yang Diwujudkan Para Ilmuwan

1. Ability Vision Superman In Penetrating Wall

Camero’s Xaver 800, a product which uses microwave radar to penetrate the walls and project the 3-D imaging of whatever is hiding behind walls. According to the manufacturer, this tool can be used to image through walls plain old, clay brick, cinder block and even reinforced concrete structures, everything is penetrated Xaver 800. Although like Superman, this tool also has got kryptonite (weakness) it, this device can not see through solid metal. Other companies are also getting into the business vision of X-rays. Physical Optics Corporation offers a handheld device called LEXID, which can reveal contraband concealed behind walls, in cars and in other containers.

2. Ability Adhesives Spiderman To Stick On Wall.
Scientists have been working to develop a synthetic adhesive that mimics the gecko for many years, and such a discovery is very close to becoming a reality, thanks to a new method that uses microscopic plastic to create a similar structure. In all likelihood, the room will be the first destination to try a new dry adhesive. Nowadays, the idea is that the technology will help robotic exploration final frontier. This idea is entirely plausible, that the same principles can be applied to eventually replace everyday adhesive which people will start to get used to.

3. Muscle Strength Super HULK
Berkley Bionics and Lockheed Martin Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) exoskeletons are examples of such innovations. HULC, through its titanium legs, change the wearer to be strong. Titanium leg attached to the frame backpacklike with a set of power units and small on-board microcomputer. HULC one of the most impressive features is the fact that it does not require a joystick or manual control mechanism. The device can sense the movement of the intended operator, and react as desired. Read more

Nano Spider

Nano Spider

Scientists have created microscopic robots from DNA molecules can walk, turn and even create products of their own small nanoscale assembly line. This revolutionary device described in the future is expected to lead the troops robot surgeon could clean human arteries or build computer components inside.

Have developed a spider robot measuring 4 nanometers or about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Spider robot is expected to walk along the path of DNA. By using the groove in accordance with the order, the robot can be made to walk, turn left or right according groove of DNA strands. This robot body composed of a protein commonly called streptavidin. Three legs attached to it ‘enzymatic DNA’ single-strand binding and the fourth leg is a string that carries the spider to the starting point.

After the robot is released from the trigger, it will bind to and then cutting the DNA strands. After the thread is cut, the robotic legs began to gain track and match DNA. With this, the robot is guided into the path set by the researchers. To view this robot moves, the researchers used an atomic force microscope. This robot can record signs of disease on the cell surface, determining the cell is a cancer, destroying cancer cells even robots that can deliver compounds to kill him. Read more

Robot Ever Invented

Robot yang Pernah Diciptakan

The development of robot technology increasingly amazing. No wonder if some of today’s robots can act like a human.

Today’s advanced robot developed in countries such as the technology center United States and Japan. Some are designed to assist daily tasks, some are even made specifically to be a friend of human life.

Here’s a list of some of the robots that are categorized as the smartest :

TOPIO is a humanoid robot designed to become an athlete ping pong nan reliable. Yes, this Japanese robot opponent can be quite heavy at foosball table.

TOPIO extension itself is TOSY Playing Ping Pong Robot. TOPIO does have a fairly advanced artificial intelligence so that it can increase the skill to keep playing ping pong. Read more

Latest Robot US Navy

Robot Terbaru US Navy

A fantasy in comics or science fiction movie it could be a source of inspiration technology. This is one of them, military scientists are developing a robot for the US Navy or the US Navy.

Robots inspired by the character of the movie Star Wars, C-3PO that have the ability to extinguish the blazing fire in the warship. ASH given name, short for Autonomous Shipboard Humanoid, a robot that has the ability to operate in an area that is filled with dense smoke, climbing stairs, infiltrate in narrow corridors, and even recognize human command in order to prevent fires into a deadly disaster. ASH developed by scientists at RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory), in collaboration with the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC in the scheme of robot and human interaction project.

Scientists admit, they inspired the character of C-3PO when making the initial prototypes ASH. “Face” of the robot has sensors and infrared cameras to enable it to interpret human movement even in dense smoke room. Read more

The Next Generation of Biomimetic Robot: Melissa Robot

The modern technology has never failed to keep us impressed. After the tech community been amazed with the digital launch of hover board prototype recently, now we’re about to be impressed with the new generation biomimetic robot called Melissa Robot. Unlike most other robot-alike been developed previously, the new Melissa Robot, which is developed by Favis, Inc. is designed to be a lot like us, both anatomically and in its learning behavior. Melissa Robot built up using hard skeleton as the base of its anatomy, wrapped with soft muscles designed to contract in similar way like ours.

And what makes Melissa Robot is outstanding compared to others is not because of the physical appearance it has, but mostly due to the virtual learning applied to her. Yes, unlike most other robot that are developed under real-world training and mainly rely on trial-and-error learning, Melissa is developed under virtual learning environment which is more efficient and is truly effective. So during the development process, Melissa is taught on how to do various types of actions or movement, such as standing, walking, getting up from ground, and many more, virtually. That way, when the training is finished, Melissa will then be able to do these tasks in real world.

Even though Melissa Robot is still under development, but Favis, Inc. has welcomed anyone whom interested to own Melissa Robot to do a pre-order. Yes, those hobbyists, robot enthusiasts, collectors, or even fellow robot developers can do the pre-order and be the first to own Melissa Robot when it finally hit the market. Favis, Inc. even uploaded official videos of Melissa Robot via Youtube allowing people to get first sight of how Melissa look like and how it will be in the future. Anyone can easily to find more information about Melissa Robot and the progress been made by visiting the official website of Favis, Inc.