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Resilient Online App to Check HTTP as You Go

Being a good webmaster isn’t only about designing and launching a website. One has to be sure their website runs smoothly as they expected and that is a good webmaster all about. While many years ago web builders had to do the coding themselves on almost all aspects of the web building project, now everything is getting easier for them with the help of those simple software and program. So, instead of working on everything on their own, now there are free programs they can use for various simple things related to their website. And one of them is offered by is offering a simple yet powerful program designed to help webmasters in checking and evaluating their server response through variables and browsers. The fact is, how people would really enjoyed visiting your website determined by various factors, and beautiful page design isn’t the only thing that matter. How fast your server response to every page loading request impact heavily to the visitors’ conveniences. That means if your server often down or has serious slow loading time then people wouldn’t hesitate to leave the page immediately. You’ll never know how much you lost until you tried Bulk HTTP Status Checker offered at Yes, you can check multiple URLs at once.

Therefore, as you might have installed everything needed for your website, had designed the layout of the page, and content had already uploaded, it would be a good idea for you to check the HTTP status right after you launched the site online. This will allow you to know what your visitors have experienced and see if something wrong on some of the pages. The allows you to check the URL via other browsers through the simulation provided. Whether you’re a novice webmaster or the advanced one, you may want to bookmark for easier accessing it later.

Simple Tricks That Will Speed up Magento

Magento might not be the fastest shopping cart among them all, but with smart tweaking of its basic functionalities, you can achieve positive results and speed up your Magento store. Let’s take a look at a few tricks anyone can use to improve Magento performance.

Activating cache and adjusting the memory limit

Do you feel that your Magento store is running too slow, despite the fact that your product catalog is very moderate and you do not use any suspicious plugins? Maybe the problem lies in Magento memory. First of all, check whether you have turned on cache (you can find it in Admin Panel > Settings). Once you’re at it, check also what is the memory limit for your Magento store. Since you need it for PHP processes, make sure that the memory limit is enough. The minimum is 128 MB, but I would strongly recommend setting a greater number, as it can really affect your online store performance.

Manual indexing

Another possible cause of the website slowing down is the indexing. If indexes were not updated manually, your website will slow down every time a user tries to access a new page. Go to Admin panel to manually update the indexes or hire a Magento web developer, who will do it for you.

Enable Flat Catalog

By default, Magento applies EAV database module, which means that the information about products is spread throughout the database. When a user opens a new page, the information required to display the content of the page has to be gathered from different tables, which can hamper the performance of your online store. To solve this problem, you can use the Flat Catalog module, which allows Magento to collect the required information from one place, instead of multiple tables. The Flat Catalog module is available in System > Configuration > Catalog.

What You Should Know About Columnar Database Platform

Database management system is an application or program designed to manage database so that it could retrieved and used, with possibility of accepting new queries in such efficient way. And today, there are several kinds of database management method being applied, mostly divided into two category, row based database management and the column based one. Compared to the previous method, the columnar database offer more benefits and advantages, including extra efficiency in effort and storage space.

Unlike the regular database system which used row based managerial system, the columnar database has greater benefits to offer, such as the improved analytic performance. In modern age nowadays where everything need to be fast and excellent, columnar database system is highly required to accommodate our fast-pace today’s lifestyle. It is also known for the suitability for better compression of space. With columnar system in which it serves multiple strings and indexes at once, this will avoid it from repeated indexing which may slow the performance and also expand the storage usage.

And as with the benefits, there comes also disadvantages of columnar database system you should know about. And these drawbacks are including longer load time due to complexity of conversion to and from columnar system, reduced performance when handling common-sized database, require data compression which may slow down the system, and also there is no one-size-fit-all system in columnar database system.

And despite of all the advantages and disadvantages, the columnar database system is indeed offering simpler method of database managerial. It is easier to understand and open new possibility for advanced database platforms in the future based on this columnar system.

For more information about columnar database including how it works, samples of the database, and also the application of it in the real world, you can simply check the Read the content of the slideshow given and get yourself more knowledge about columnar database system.

Local Search Optimization with Google My Business

Internet offers new opportunity for businesses to market their products and services easily and effectively. We all know how the number of internet users is always growing in every year; it shows how potential the internet world is for these businesses to web some potential buyers for all their services and products. As the result, most of businesses are now deciding to go online.

Google as the leading player in search engine and online advertising industry is there to offer you some marketing programs to keep your business on the line. As you explored the internet for online advertising programs available, any chance you’ll find some about AdWords, AdSense, and Google My Business. And yes, these are programs offered by Google. Many have tried these advertising online methods and found it really effective to boost the sales online.

However, in order to get the most benefits from these programs, your website need to be on the first page of the search engine, specifically Google page. This can be done by conducting series improvements and optimization to your website. It could be a long and tiring process to take your website to the next level, but alternatively you may hire professionals for it. is one of the SEO companies out there you can call for optimizations on your business’ marketing campaign. They have all the qualifications required to help your business site rank higher in local search. This is the best opportunity for you whom aiming on the local market to sell your products and services. HWoodMedia will help you in conducting Local Search Optimization with Google My Business, including also giving you direct presentation of the expected result, how it will work, and many more. At HwoodMedia you’ll be given access to the experts to improve clickthrough conversion in local search as well as also improve the appearance of your website to make it more search engine friendly.

Professional’s Help for Your Programming Assignment

Creating a useful and fully working program within the limited deadline given is not always easy, even for the advanced programmers. And if you’re in a situation where you possibly lost the good grade simply because you cannot finalize the programming assignment professor gave you, the best solution available would be hiring the experts for the job. No matter how hard and impossible the programming task given it seems to be, these highly skilled programmers at will always able to give you solutions needed.

Take example you have something more important to do on the weekend that you just simply lack of time to work on the assigned programming task, you can easily to ask help from these professional programmers at Programming They dedicate their programming service to help both students and novice programmer in accomplishing their programming project fast and efficiently. Everything is done via online, from the service order, consultation, and even assignment update report. They will guarantee you to get the program done and fully worked just before the deadline.

Even if you’re working on a program and need help in solving bugs and errors you can’t handle anymore, these experts will be more than happy to help you on it. With years of experiences as professionals and reliable customer support provided by the company, it turned out that ProgrammingAssignment dot net is the best source for anyone whom seeking for instant programming assignment help. Just whenever you need their help or advices, there will be experts always available for you, even if you need them at night or during the weekend. In fact, they are the first thing I’d like to call whenever I need professional’s help to do my programming homework. And I don’t even have to leave my room to get their assistance on the way.

Three Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Driving School

The 21st century has brought many changes with it, including a myriad of changes in cars. There are cars that look and act like futuristic cars we watched in movies just twenty years ago that seem unreal. But, just because cars are more technologically advanced and have hundreds of added features, the basic simple act of driving a car has not changed. Following safety precautions and driving experience are two critical things that should be the focus of anyone who gets behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The good news is that, along with the technology that has accompanied the changes in cars, there are added technologies available for driving schools as well. Those who are learning to drive have added benefits available because of technology that will ultimately make them safer drivers. Following are three of the most commonly used tools:

1. The Use of a Tablet or iPad for Driving
In the past, driving instructors were very meticulous about keeping your hands on the wheel at all times, not talking on cell phones or using tablets or iPads while driving. Now, they have a new take on the value of these technologies but they are used before the student gets behind the actual wheel of a moving car. Tablets, iPads, and other wireless devices have added apps that create imaginary scenarios for students and instructors to discuss and “act out” safely in a classroom before getting into a vehicle. This better prepares students for unexpected occurrences on the road, making them safer drivers.

2. Using Rangefinders to Judge Distance
A simple tool called a Rangefinder can help a student to learn to judge distances between cars that are in front, behind or beside them when they are maneuvering a vehicle. This added bonus is invaluable before the student begins to drive because, while s/he may feel that they can suitably judge distances, they may find with a simple point and click from a Rangefinder that they were, in fact, dangerously close. This will also better prepare them once they are behind the wheel.

3. Steering Wheel Trainers
Another tool that assists students learning to drive is the steering wheel trainer. This technological “simulator” allows the student to get comfortable with the feel of a steering wheel in their hands. They can properly test and practice Pull-Push or Hand Over Hand methods that are necessary skills when driving. When they can easily maneuver the steering wheel, they are safer, more alert drivers which makes the road a safer place for everyone.

Formula Driving School is the perfect place for new learners or veteran drivers who just want to update their driving knowledge, staying abreast of the newer technologies. To integrate technology with driving instruction is a simple, valuable tool. For a driving school in the Sydney eastern suburbs that is fully technologically ready, check out Formula Driving School for a top-notch driving experience. You will leave feeling confident and ready for any experience on the road.

Solving Blue Screen Error on Windows 7

Have your computer suddenly got blue display on its screen with some likely random texts? Well, congratulation you’ve just experienced blue screen error on the computer. This is a common thing though that every computer user will likely to experience it for at least once in their lifetime. And the best thing to solve the problem is by knowing the source of error itself first.

Any clues of the error can be found on the texts generated on the blue screen display. For example, if you find Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Windows 7 text within the display then it’s likely the error occurred on the driver library section. There are many scenarios of why the driver failure is occurred, such as incompatible driver software, outdated driver files, corrupted driver and registry, and many others. And to solve the problem, you can do various things according to the main reason of failures, such as scanning the system for potential threats, reinstalling the driver software, rescanning the registry library, and updating the driver programs to the latest version.

Sometimes you need to log into your computer system in safe mode to be able to get things work as expected. This happens when the failures occurred on most important driver system, such as graphic hardware, motherboard, and so on. So, just before you start anything, it would be better if you consider logging in safe mode first.

And if this is the first time of you dealing with BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors, you’re welcomed to visit Here you can learn everything about computer and operating system, including the errors, failures, troubleshooting, and many more as well as how to solve them all. This is the best place where you can find help and assistance in solving Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error page on Windows 7. You can ask these experts about anything you need to know related to BSOD, even if you have unique error case to be solved.

Digital menus: Provide Cost effective Solution Improving Customer Experience and Reap Rich Rewards for You

The key challenge restaurants face today is enhancing customer experience and providing them with a very fine dining experience. Fortunately restaurants have now access to innovative methods and digital technological tools, which enable them to bring in the kind of service they aim at. The digital menus for restaurants are one of the recent technological advances that have brought about an excellent change in the way restaurants serve their customers.

digital menu

Efficiency Personified

By switching over to digital menus, restaurants not only raise the sophistication level of their establishment but also pave the way for a cost effective solution. This optimizes the routine operations and also increases the sales and revenue, leading to expansive growth and productivity of the enterprise. Digital menus form a web based interface tool, enabling you to make all the changes you need in the menu option, promotional items, and other messages quickly and efficiently.

How digital menus help

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iCloud Lock Removal Service at

If you’re an iPhone user and are currently in trouble in removing the iCloud lock from your gadget, now you can find the solution for it at The company has dedicated to help iPhone users worldwide whom having their phone accidentally locked, and all they need to do is just to get into iCloudLockRemovalService and the problems will be gone in few days.

There are hundreds of such services you can find in the market today, but you should know that not all of them are truly able to give you the expected service. In fact, approximately 95% of all the available services are actually scam. They never intended to solve your problem, instead they would only take all your money for nothing and you’ll never be refunded. And never easily to trust any offer of free tools for iCloud lock removal. You may end up doing endless survey without any access to the desired software. Even if you finally able to download the tool, it might already been injected with viruses and malware which may infect your computer system and open access to steal your important data from it.

And instead of risking everything, you can try iCloudLockRemovalService for real solutions from real professionals in the field. Once you place an order, the experts will then proceed to unlock the phone using its IMEI and all the necessary data. The whole process may require 1 to 5 working days until it finished. They admitted that it isn’t an easy task as to why they put a bit expensive pricing for the service. However, once they able to figure easier way to it, they’d likely to lower the pricing. So, for more information about their iCloud Lock Removal Service as well as how to place an order, you can visit their official website then.

Payroll Software for Fast and Easier Payroll Management

Payroll management is considered as one of the major aspects of a company. If you’re running a business or company, solid and reliable payroll system is required to make sure everything is well managed and easy to supervise. However, due to that so many things we have to pay more attention at, it is important for us to consider finding alternative solution to keep our payroll management fully covered. And that is when the payroll software is playing a great role to solve your problems. Instead of hiring more staffs for the job, you can use certain software instead for easier and more convenient way of managing your company’s payroll stuffs.

Most payroll software can be integrated with employees’ absent book and work schedule. Some even equipped with special features to calculate each employee’s attendance during that month and to integrate it with the payroll system, resulting on how much payout they will receive each. With everything is fully automated, this will save us from unnecessary time and cost waste. And the best thing about payroll software utilization is the fact that most of it usually offering tax processing feature in which allowing us to calculate the payout and tax in much simplest way.

One of the best companies where you can find such amazing payroll software is The company has been in the business for many years and their products have been used by countless number of companies and businesses worldwide. Their payroll software has been designed and developed by the expert software developers and accountants, dedicating to give their clients with the most advanced and reliable payroll automation solution to enjoy. You can learn more about their KP Payroll software and various other products and services, simply by visiting the site. See their portfolios to know more about their previous work and how it will cover your needs.

The Right Place to Learn Fixing the Citrix Protocol Driver Errors

In this modern world we can’t only rely on our land based shop or office to run a business. We might need to have our own company website to run a more effective business campaign. Our website works as our virtual shop and office where all virtual visitors can freely come and visit to see what we have to offer in our business. We can post all products or services offered at our business using our company website. This way we can also provide our visitors the chance to have a mutual communication with us virtually. This way we would know what they want and how to meet their expectations or satisfactions.

It means we must make sure that our company website works the way it should so we can serve our customers better. However we must admit that running a website isn’t as easy as we mostly think since there are so many technical problems that can happen and damage our website or computer. Citrix is also known as one of the serious problems that can happen in our computer systems. It’s not easy to solve this problem and most people would need to get some helps from the expert to solve it. If you’re a person who also happens to have the same problem then you’re advised to visit this website leads you to the Computer Garage which is an online source that provides complete information about computer, computer problems and how to solve them.

At This Site you can learn about what the Citrix is and the possible damages resulted by Citrix. There are some simple tips and instructions you can learn regarding how to fix the Citrix protocol driver errors. This site helps to educate people on how to solve their own computer problems so they can run the company websites independently.

The Unique of Business Card Flash Drive as Promotional Gift

Running a business is definitely not easy as it looks especially in tight business situations like today where business competitors are competing one and another very sharply. We need to come up with the most creative ideas to attract the attentions of potential business clients. Furthermore we would also need to use any possible ways to introduce our business company to the market so they would know what our company has to offer. Mostly the companies use the internet technology to promote their companies but they often forget that the old traditional marketing methods still work to help us introducing our business company to the wide market.

A conventional marketing method like producing the promotional products still consider as an effective way to promote our business. There are many ideas to crete promotional item like producing promotional bags, promotional hats or even promotional pen and many more. If you’re a business entrepreneur and you want to find the unique promotional product that will grab the market’s attention then you can choose the business card flash drive as your promotional product. This promotional product comes in the shape of credit card shape which commonly is made from metal or plastic materials.

You can learn about this promotional gift at This promotional gift is definitely a smart choice because the business card flash drive is very thin and lightweighted so it’s very handy and easy to carry. Besides, you also have enough spaces to display your company’s name or logo on this item. You can even print the business card flash drive with any images related to your business and display your promotion messages on this promotional gift. This way people will not only find your company’s name or logo but they would also know what you have to offer to the market.