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Facebook Begins Testing Loyalty Rewards Store Program

One of you must have participated in a program or a loyalty card for a store member.Now it seems Facebook does not want to miss it,which according to a report fromTechCrunch says if Facebook is testing a store loyalty program,where users can scan the personal QRcode found in Facebook applications to print discounts or bonuses when users shop at stores .

According to a statement from Facebook (via Techcrunch),”To helpbusinesses continue to connect with customers wherever they are,we run small tests that allow people to use Facebook applications to collect and redeem rewards when they makepurchases at participating stores.”

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Easiest Solution to Cope with Website Design

We all know how the design of the blog will determine the quality of the blog itself. Yes, indeed, it is really true. If your blog has nice design and it’s also really convenient for the visitors to navigate and spend some time browsing the blog, without any doubt, your blog is going to be successful. Alright, now that you have known about this thing, it is the time to beautify your blog, right? However, how can you do it?

To cope with website design is not a common thing which can be done by any people. It demands specific skills and that’s why website design isn’t a simple thing. So, what can be done if you are not capable of dealing with website design? The best and easiest way to handle such matter is to get professional wordpress themes. Yes, this is definitely the most logical solution as you only need to get the themes, install them, and everything is done. As you can see, there are so many themes that you can get. And there are so many sources where you can get them. For instance, you can expect to get the themes from After you have visited that website, you can start choosing which themes are going to be so suitable with your desire and also the niche of your website.

The installation process is also easy to be done. You will see how things can be solved right away and you don’t need to worry at all about the efforts in coping with the design of your website anymore. What about the prices of the themes? Indeed, the prices are quite various. The more complicated the themes get, normally, the prices are also going to be more expensive. However, you should notice that it’s totally worthy to spend such money as you will improve the quality of your website and then start making more money.

WordPress Themes are Just Clicks Away

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. When compared to other blogging platforms, WordPress is having the most facilities for every of our blogging purpose. Not only for personal need, but also many people use WordPress for their business page. The themes, widgets and all of the facilities served on WordPress are so helpful. In a business, image is everything and we can build professional image through our WordPress theme. Nowadays, we are having so many choices on WordPress themes. Of course, since we are using the blog for business, we cannot use funny themes or themes that unable to show our professionalism. For business purpose, make sure to choose a theme that looks relevant to our business. Here are some tips on choosing the right WordPress premium themes for business need.

When choosing a theme, not only we have to pay attention to the theme look, but also the facilities and control. WordPress themes are so essential to represent our business and products to the online market, and our job is to choose one suits our need. Make sure that the theme makes our page a user friendly page for both of our visitors and us as the administrator. If we want to give personal touch or make some modification, then it had better for us to choose WordPress that easy to customize. One thing for sure, we have to check the facilities of the theme. Choose wordpress themes that support our business such as one that serve us testimonial box, contact form, space for our portfolio and many others.

There are hundreds online stores you can go for WordPress Themes, but when it comes about stylish and highly responsive WP themes, nothing can compare to what has provided. By visiting the site you will get the benefits as if you explored the entire market thanks to its highly extensive theme collections provided inside.