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How to Add More Memory to C Drive in Windows 7

Users Need to Add More Memory to C Drive

We believe that users may have encountered the situation in which C drive in their computer is always short for free space. We know that C drive is usually set as system partition (active partition) by us. And we often launch computer from C drive. At this time, if the phenomenon of “C drive full” comes out, it will have a big effect on our computer. For example, it will affect computer running speed and causes the system startup problem. Finally, “C drive full” will affect we normal use of computer. Then, what should we do to solve the above-mentioned problem? The answer is to add more memory to C drive. The following content comprises three ways for users to realize increasing C drive size.

Add Memory to Hard Drive Partition by Deleting Operation

We can add space to system partition by deleting some useless files in it. The steps are as follows.

Firstly, users need to double click “My Computer” to find out whether the space of the system partition runs out. If it almost runs out, C drive will be displayed in red. This means that users need to perform disk cleanup right away.

Secondly, users should right click C drive and choose “Properties” in the pop-up menu.


Thirdly, click “Disk Cleanup” in “Local Disk (C:) Properties” window to start searching for useless files. If there are too many junk files in C drive, it will take a long time to search for them. Read more

Ultimate Enterprise Mobilisation from

The modern technology has changed the way people run and manage their businesses. The fast-paced technology available today makes it possible for anyone to take full control of their business from their hand. Yes, the mobile app and technology industry makes it possible for anyone to control and manage their business efficiently and effectively. By applying the right technology, one will be able to cut the hassles and at the same time keep their business on the go. At some points, technology also offers cost efficiency to which one will be able to organize everything with lesser number of employees.


And is there to offer ultimate enterprise mobilisation solutions for businesses. We all know how complicated it could be to keep our business stable and improved. And instead of getting expensive costs due to the lack of efficiency in your business, it would be a good idea to consider about finding the right solution for it. That is where stepped forward. They are dedicating much of their effort to accommodate the need of businesses throughout the company, to which they can easily to find technological solutions suitable for their current business needs.

So what is exactly offered to all their clients? Generally, the company has offered wide range app development services one possibly needed for their business. They are the company you’d likely to contact whenever you need new app or software for your business. In order to accommodate all their clients’ needs, the company had recruited many experts to run every sector of their services, from the app designing, development, test and trial, until to the final launching and delivery. Every sector is playing a huge role to ensure the quality of products before they deliver it to clients.

The best thing about is that you can order them customized apps suitable for your business needs. Just tell them or describe what you exactly want, what you expect from it and the teams will work with you in figuring out the best and most efficient solution for the problem. And these experts will be very happy to offer you professional advices and insight about the related subject to make sure you get the best solution for it. With many years of experience they have in field, this will give you benefit of being guided by the truly experienced teams on it.

The main goal of isn’t only to provide you fast and reliable app development solution, but also to make sure their app will be truly able to give significant benefits to your business. Therefore, it is no wonder that before they decided to design an app for you, they will spend some time learning about your business, finding possible ways to fix the problem, and to apply it into an app. And yes, they are also recognized very well due to the amazing after-sales services provided by the company to which you will always count on them for any help and assistance even after years of the app purchase.

Time Keeping Made Easy

When it comes to running a company, keeping track of your employees’ time is essential. You need to have proof that your staff is being productive and that begins with being on time. You want to be able to pinpoint who is putting in a full day, who is going the extra mile and giving the company extra effort, and where there are trouble spots. Your time clock system is essential in making your records available to you. You need easy access in order to evaluate your employees and make payroll procedures more efficient. With time clock software from, you can keep everything connected and make your business more efficient.

Tailor Your Software to Meet Your Needs
You can use your software alone when you run a facility that involves office workers. When everyone is working at a desk, they can gain access to the company time clock on their personal computers. It’s an ideal way to clock in and out each day or make requests to take leave. Software can also be combined with a biometric time clock, accumulating all of the information each day when your employees check in and check out. Everything you need is available on the computer. You don’t need to wade through paper or worry about errors. It’s all taken care of in an electronic format.

Have Easy Access to Your Time Records
With software for your time clock, you can access your records anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on a break, taking a business trip, or at home in the evening, your time keeping information is available. Use a mobile device, laptop or personal computer to review your data. You’ll be able to study all of your time records at your leisure, allowing you to get a true picture of your employees’ performance.

Address Your Employees Based on Your Software
With software for time keeping in place, you can use it to create a rewards program for your employees. For those who demonstrate loyalty and have solid attendance, you can consider promotions or other perks. When you see employees who have poor attendance records, you can speak to them about a need for improvement. It’s hard to argue with data that is available in an electronic format, making it possible for you to stay on top of your staff’s time records in an efficient way.

Recommended Place for Professional IT Outsourcing

Looking back few years ago, the presence of computer in the business world wasn’t that essential compared to today. With the advancement of technology, everything is getting fast, easier, and more secured. And thanks to the computer and its technology that eases our daily activities and tasks today. However, along with all the simplicities and faster solution offered, there are also series risk we have to deal especially when our business is truly relying to the computer to do certain tasks or jobs.

To avoid these risks, you can actually hire the experienced IT teams to solve all your computing problems. If you’re in Philippines, you’ll be surprised with that so many IT outsourcing agencies available in the country today. These companies are there to accommodate the need of good staffing services in the industry both nationally and globally. Each of them has specific expertise while some others come with broader services provided. And how you choose one among these agencies will effects on your business’ computing system stability. That is why you shouldn’t make wrong decision over it.

Here I’d like to recommend you where you can get almost all kinds of services and assistance for any It problems you possibly have. They have qualified experts for hardware upgrade, network management, internet access, virus protection, and even total infrastructure relocation. Just ask for any professionals you possibly needed for the company, and good chance they will be able to provide you recommendations to the experts in the respective field.

Along with IT outsourcing, also offers wide range professionals with various fields of expertise and specialty to meet industrial needs. For more information about the company, portfolios, and also cost or pricing, simply visit You can also correspond with their experts via email and you’ll likely to get answers for all your questions right away.

Employee Monitoring for Extra Security at Office

Key logger is needed especially when you need to get some information from a computer. Key logger device and application will ease people retrieving sensitive information and even passwords from a computer with the simple of few finger tips. This is true that the modern key logger device allows people to easily get important information even if they have less knowledge on those codes or advanced computer skills. This means that beginner computer user may spy on other computer set like the pro hacker do, with surely less of hassle learning about these codes or algorithm.

If you’re wondering knowing about the place where you can shop spying application for computer monitoring and prevention, you can try though. This site is focused in providing people lists of new devices and tools for security, including also computing and internet security. You will find the latest key logging device here, along with comprehensive information and guides of it to learn on. Their device will ease you in monitoring the computer activity, files opened or played, websites visited, chat log and script, online log ins, and many more.

Get complete information and guide to their spying bot available inside, and be new hacker to know more about any activities your employees have had on their office computer, and much more. Just in case you need other spying gadgets to help you on daily activities, SpyTector has many of it available though. Take your time exploring the cell phone spying gadget available inside, or try that Porn Detector feature to spy on how those people utilizing their computers. Most of these computer spying gadgets are compatible to both Windows and Mac machines, so now you can spy on any computer in your office with these gadgets offered by Click here when you need to learn more about the company and products offered.

Outsourced Email Marketing Agency for Best Result

Internet has changed the way people get connected each other. This also bring changes to business world, in which now companies are mostly focused their marketing approach via online. Indeed, internet with millions of people connected to it every day, becomes the next potential golden field by businesses worldwide. And while it is quite possible for companies to conduct the online marketing strategy themselves, alternatively they may just simply outsource it for greater result. We all know how it is not easy for new companies to find someone competent enough to conduct excellent online marketing approach, and they can easily to get professional marketers by outsourcing it from other companies.

And for anyone interested in finding outsourced Email Marketing Agency, we’d recommend you to visit The company offers premium email marketing services dedicated to help new business in maintaining powerful email marketing strategy right away. There is no need to allocate time and effort to train new employee about how to market our products online, now you can get everything professionally handled with attention to excellent result. We all know how frustrating it could be to compose a clean and powerful marketing sentences as well as to find valid email listings that suit our marketing range. And now you can leave all the difficult jobs to these experts so you can focus on managing the business and its operation.

For you to know, has been in the business for many years now and dedicates much of their time and effort to give professional insights and guidance on how to conduct effective and efficient online marketing. This is not something you can learn in one day and thanks to EmailAnswers that now you can find potential clients or customers for your business much faster. Visit to learn much more information about the company and how they works.

Recommended Place to Buy Vaporizer Products

The portable vaporizer offers new alternative solution for smokers out there, especially the ones whom wanted to keep their habit without risking their body health. These vaporizers work like the cigar but with healthier benefits offered to the users. And compared to the cost appear on those cigars, one can save much of their money using portable vaporizer instead. The reason behind this is simply because the big expense only required at the beginning as you buy the starter kit. And the rest, you only have to buy the vapor refill which surely is much cheaper compared if you buy cigars every day.

There are many places you can go for these vaporizers, one of them is via online. Yes, the online market is filled with so many great websites out there. You can find almost everything online today, from simple items like shoes and clothes, to vehicles and even some rare items. And if the local market in town is unable to give you options of vaporizers, then going online can be the best alternative solution to it. Among all the great online stores you can go, one can always try This site has plenty options of portable vaporizers ranging on various brands, models, features, and so on.

If you are looking for starter kit vape then is the excellent place to go for it. They have starter kits from various brands and models to meet you specifications. And along with it, the site has also lines of accessories and side-products to maintain new vaporizing experience. Yes, this is the best place for anyone to buy box mod such as Sigelei 150 watt and various others. These are genuine products you will find at so you’ll always find something worth as investment by shopping at this site.

High Quality Vaporizer: Arizer Air

The vaporizer unit has becoming more and more popular nowadays. People uses it for various purposes either for self-relaxation or as part of the lifestyle. And whichever the kind of vaporizer unit you choose, it is essential for you to make sure purchasing the right item for it. And among all options available, purchasing it online will be a profitable solution available for you. You can easily to access hundreds online stores out there and simply get what you want virtually. And yes, going online for these vapor units will save you much of troubles and frustrations.

And if you are looking for the latest Arizer Air, you’re welcomed to visit a reputable website like Here you will be able to find and observe plenty choices of vaporizer devices to select and purchase. These are the best quality vaporizers you can find in the market along with product warranty and tremendous selections of vapors to choose from. We all know how difficult it is for smokers to stop the habit, and now people can easily to switch to vaporizer to keep up the habit but with lesser healthy risks to deal with. This could be an alternative solution for smokers out there to reduce the unhealthy risks from the habit.

For you to know, Arizer Air is one of the most popular vaporizer brand in the market. Many people love it because Arizer Air comes in excellent quality of both the material and the design. It has also fully supported with wide range vapors and parts available in many stores. And unlike other vaporizer out there, the Arizer Air is designed to be simple, easy to use, and also offering various great features to accommodate our daily vaporing habit. This will save much of time in reaching the desired relaxing points using it.

Get Fully Navigated and Secured with GPS System

Purchasing and installing a GPS system to our car is one thing we won’t regret in the future. Even though the price of a GPS system can be quite expensive nowadays, but it worth all the advantages we can enjoy. If we are using GPS for personal need, then the GPS will be our ultimate guide to navigate us in exploring any places we never visited before. We will be able to reach any destination faster and also avoided from getting lost. Such advanced GPS device is also equipped with various features for entertainment purposes, so our journey will be much fun.

For family usage, GPS can replace LCD TV, so we can keep our children occupied and not distract our driving. Besides it regular use, GPS can also be used as GPS Tracking Device. Yes, with the right equipment and utilization of compatible Online GPS tracking software we will be able to track any vehicles equipped with GPS system, in real-time mode. It eases us in monitoring our private car or even to control the fleet of our business.

For people who have cab fleet business or delivery service GPS Tracking Device will help them to track their employees’ position. With that way, working hours can be more effective and efficient. If the vehicles are missing, then GPS Tracking Device will serve us the real time position of the vehicles. Small things like gas cost can also be reduced with GPS Tracking Device. For family usage, GPS Tracking Device can be very beneficial to monitor the teens. We will be able to find out the places our children visit. If the car is stolen, then GPS Tracking Device will help us find out the real time position of the car. Therefore, the car can be found easily.

GPS tracking device can be in various forms, from a standard size to tiny device to keep it invisible. If security is our major purpose, then using the hidden GPS tracking can be so beneficial. With the hidden GPS, car thieves are unable to detect the existence of the GPS, so they won’t take the GPS off. You can learn more about GPS system and the GPS tracking server by visiting

Get Your Business on Top with Professional Internet Marketing Agency

Seeing our business competitors’ website getting high position on Google search page or more popular that our website is definitely an upsetting thing. At that time, you’ll realize the fact that making out web-based business standout the others is not an easy thing. Well, it looks easy on the theory, but actually it is just as difficult as the brick and mortar business. We might think that we have done everything for our website like creating fresh and unique content, making a good design and arrangement, put Alexa toolbar and so on, but it seems that our dream on getting top rank on Google or at least become one of the top ten sites on Google first page is out of reach.

We are not alone, there are so many online business owners dreaming for the same thing out there and it is clear that getting a good position and visibility on online world is not an easy thing and it is almost impossible for us to get it without professional’s help. Therefore, it had better for us to hunt for the best internet marketing agency.

When we are searching for internet marketing agency, don’t go to the search engine and check their website, then finally choosing one that serve the most convincing site. Choose one based on the area of expertise. Not all agencies are having the same quality and each of them is having strength on specific area. Also it is essential to consider hiring Local Internet Marketing Agency to eases us in coordinating everything related to the project. It might take an effort, but make sure to learn about the possible internet marketing strategies we can use and choose agency that has specialty on the expected field.

What if we have no idea about internet marketing? We can choose internet marketing agency based on the experience and client record. Good agency is having high and of course positive experience. Take some names from their client list and check on the clients’ site. If the sites are having good popularity, then we can consider about hiring the agency. If we don’t want to take any risk, just go to where you’ll find team of experts to help you with the internet marketing campaign.

Solar Impulse 2 flights from Ahmedabad to Varanasi

solar impulse1

Flights Solar Impulse 2 3rd from Ahmedabad to Varanasi successfully took off at 07:18, local time (Ahmedabad), or at 01:48 UTC. The pilot will fly a plane with zero fuel mileage of about 1127.9km (609NM), the time required is estimated for 15 hours. The maximum height at an estimated cost of up to 5180 meters. Si2 plane occupied by only one person as a pilot, namely André Borschberg, from Switzerland.

As we know in advance that the aircraft Solar Impulse 2 is a project of Solar Impulse around the world using solar energy. Energy obtained from solar panels by 17,000 solar cells mounted on the wings of the aircraft along 72 meters.

solar impulse2

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the take-off was delayed nearly two hours, but then Borschberg completed around 1127.9 km distance from Ahmedabad to Varanasi slightly faster than had been expected. According to the BBC, the trip takes 8 hours.

Read more

Lookeen by Axonic for Advanced Windows Search Solution

There will be the time when you need to find some specific entries within your outlook documents. In that case, you’ll rely on the Windows Search feature provided in default by Microsoft, to which its initial purpose is to help users in searching and finding files from the system and outlook. However, due to some reasons, Windows Search sometimes failed to do its job. There are many reasons why Windows Search feature unable to find some specific files, some because the Windows Search has been designed by default to exclude the search on certain folders and locations within the PC’s system itself. So what can we do about that?

One of the best solutions available for it will be Lookeen. As is presented at, the new app is designed to optimize and improve the Windows Search feature available in the desktop. Lookeen bring the Windows Search to the next level that it extend the search capability as well as bypass the limitation and exclusion set by the default. With Lookeen, users will be able to reach even the bottom part of their system file directory and allows them to find any items they possibly needed. The app will come in handy when anyone is trying to find some files located deep inside the system files.

And the best thing about Lookeen is that it can also be integrated to email account and outlook, so users will be able to search for specific entries within their emails according to the keywords they entered. This will surely save them much time and efforts, especially when they need to find some specific entries within their desktop system and emails, and due to some reasons they need to do it multiple times. Imagine how it could be a frustrating job to look on some entries on emails and outlook while we only have limited time available to do so, and now it can be solved with the help of Lookeen.

Lookeen is compatible to various Outlook version, from 2003 to 2013, and all versions in between. So whether user has the older version of Microsoft Office installed on their desktop, they will still be able to have Lookeen installed and operated flawlessly on their machine. The application is also easy to install with easy-to-understand user interface, so that even regular desktop users will still be able to accomplish the installation process and utilize the application optimally.

Lookeen is initiated, designed, developed, and launched by Axonic, an international software developer with many years of experience in the field. The development team is consisted of the best people in the field to which end-users can always rely on them for the best quality products as well as full supports whenever it needed. The updates are always provided for the eligible Lookeen users where they can easily to get and install these important updates whenever it launched, for free. With the right configuration, Lookeen app will be able to check and retrieve the updates, and to install it automatically.