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Data Storage Technology Using Crystals

Data Storage Technology Using Crystals

Do you remember the movie Superman who was chatting with his father using holographic projections that data is stored in a crystal prism? Turns data storage technology uses the crystal Superman is no longer just a fantasy. A group of scientists from the University of Southampton have made a big step in the world of data storage that can last for a period of up to billions of years. By using nano-glass structure, the researchers managed to develop the process of recording and retrieval of data through technology 5-dimensional digital data femtosecond laser.

Nano-crystal technology used in ‘flash’, making him capable of storing up to 360 terabytes of data! Thermal endurance is able to reach 1000 ° C, and even durability to survive until the time is almost unlimited if stored at room temperature (13.8 billion years at a temperature of 190 ° C). With great technology that makes us into a new era in data storage. With the great ability, storage using these crystals would be very suitable for use by agencies with large data storage requirements for long periods of time such as the National Archives, libraries, museums, or also other major companies are similar.

One of the world’s most important documents that have been stored in the disk, these crystals is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This document recorded using ultra-fast laser, produces short light pulse intensity and super fast. The document is written on three sheets of separate nano crystal structure thickness of 5 micrometers. This technology stores data through a five-dimensional (5D) parameters including height, length, width, orientation, and position of the light pulse is recorded in the nano-crystals. Read more

Technology Development of Biological Pacemaker

Technology Development of Biological Pacemaker

The pacemaker is one of the emergency safety equipment. While this tool is very reliable for any emergency medical condition but this tool does have some limitations, including the failure of its parts and the risk of infection by viruses that come from the patient’sbody. Pacemakers must also undergo regular checking process and must be replaced periodically.Based on the background of this issue, a group of scientists trying to create a biological pacemaker that is expected to replace the electronic pacemaker role in the future.

One of the researchers, the biological pacemaker consists of electrically active cells that can be functionally integrated with the heart and give a naturalheart rate without requiring the presence of foreigners in the heart of the hardware.Theoretically, the approach to create a biological pacemaker is to transform stem cells into a special pacemaker commonly found in the sinoatrial node of the heart.Cells specialized pacemaker successfully created will then be transplanted into the patient’s heart to restore a normal heartbeat function. Another approach that can be used is by changing other cells in the heart, such as cells in the fibroblasts (connective tissue of the heart) and turn them into pacemaker cells.

So far the research is still tested on animals but has not really produced anything considered to be applied in human clinical therapy. Researchers still need to understand the mechanisms of control and maintenance of pacemaker cells that have been produced.In addition, the researchers found it necessary to develop a method of cell transplantation pacemaker in certain parts of the heart. Biological pacemaker should really be prepared in such a way with the higheststandards. Due to the failure of the pacemaker even for a moment can be very harmful to the patient’s life.

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Differences UTP and STP cable

Perbedaan Kabel UTP dan Kabel STP

Cables UTP and STP cables generally do look alike. Both the cable into the category of twisted pair can not be considered equal. UTP and STP cable types into a type of cable is often used in building computer networks. Besides the two wires at the top there is also a type of fiber optic cable which is also used to build a computer network. Type of fiber optic cable does have a data transfer rate that is faster.

Given the important role UTP and STP cables have fundamental differences that need to be known. For more details about any differences over UTP and STP cable wires? Let’s go see the discussion below!

Here Differences UTP and STP cable

In terms of installation
UTP cabling in terms of installation to have a smaller size and materials used thinner material, so that when doing the installation process menggunakankabel types of UTP easier to do. However, to maximize the installation process by using UTP cable types require a device such as an aluminum pipe or pipes of plastic. Read more

Nano Spider

Nano Spider

Scientists have created microscopic robots from DNA molecules can walk, turn and even create products of their own small nanoscale assembly line. This revolutionary device described in the future is expected to lead the troops robot surgeon could clean human arteries or build computer components inside.

Have developed a spider robot measuring 4 nanometers or about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Spider robot is expected to walk along the path of DNA. By using the groove in accordance with the order, the robot can be made to walk, turn left or right according groove of DNA strands. This robot body composed of a protein commonly called streptavidin. Three legs attached to it ‘enzymatic DNA’ single-strand binding and the fourth leg is a string that carries the spider to the starting point.

After the robot is released from the trigger, it will bind to and then cutting the DNA strands. After the thread is cut, the robotic legs began to gain track and match DNA. With this, the robot is guided into the path set by the researchers. To view this robot moves, the researchers used an atomic force microscope. This robot can record signs of disease on the cell surface, determining the cell is a cancer, destroying cancer cells even robots that can deliver compounds to kill him. Read more

NASA Satellites Track Record Flying Aircraft

Trace of the plane

Trace of the plane

The plane had left the extra particles and the residual vapor remaining.

NASA’s satellite, Terra, managed to capture aerial imagery that shows traces of the planes that fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Trace of the aircraft trajectory is seen to spread across the sky off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Citing page Daily Mail, trace the shape is created after the planes left the extra particles and residual vapors left over from the plane’s flight.

NASA calls this trail can last up to 14 hours. At the latest, according to NASA calculations, reaching four to six hours.

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