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Using Thin Film Deposition For Art

Thin films are layers of material ranging from fractions of a nanometer to several micrometers in thickness. They are mainly used in semiconductor devices and as optical coatings, for example in solar panel production.

However, the American artist Larry Bell also uses thin films for his cubes that are made of glass and that have been treated through thin film deposition. This process takes place in a vacuum chamber. Vaporized metal alloys settle on the glass surface. Bell does this to enhance the transparent and reflective properties of the glass.

Bell is by far not the first artist to utilize thin films. More than 2,000 years ago, artists and artisans already used thin films of gold and silver for the coating of statues and other objects.

Optical Fiber Technology

Teknologi Fiber Optik Beserta Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya

Fiber optics is one of the channels of transition or a type of cable is also made of glass or plastic fibers are very fine. Fiber optic cables are generally smaller than the usual cables and is used in transmitting signals from one place to another. Fiber optic technology certainly has various functions in human life such as transmitting signals.

In the world of computer types of fiber optic cable is often used to get internet access. Owned speeds using fiber optic cable technology is also better when compared with the usual cable. This is because the optical fiber is made by using advanced technology. For more on fiber optic cable technology. please follow the discussion below!

Optical Fiber Technology along with the following Strengths and Shortcomings

As the cables are making use of advanced technology, fiber optic cable for installation are found in tissues such intermediate level for large companies or installation on a rule that requires the ability to very quickly. Read more

New Place to Buy Premium Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

It is essential to be a smart shopper today, since stuff prices are getting more and more expensive each day. It is easy to be a smart shopper. All you have to do is find the right store that sell stuffs that you need with best price. Shopping online is best choice as well. We can find almost everything at online market, including also the new phone cases, skins, and even covers that are not yet available at the local stores. We all know how difficult it is for us to find waterproof case for iPhone 6 locally, by going online will give you better opportunity to go.

In case you need to buy waterproof case for iPhone 6, you can always try Not only the website is offering us with high quality iPhone case for best protection, they also offering all these stuffs at much reasonable pricing. They have lower pricing when compared to other stores, which that means extra savings on your pocket. With the premium material warranty and good pricing offered, there are enough reasons for any iPhone 6 users to consider purchasing premium cases here. They also accept various payment method and is ready to ship the products worldwide.

There are many new iPhone cases available at They always updated the collections regularly so you’ll always find new items to explore each time visiting the site. Their premium iPhone 6 cases are easy to apply and remove with no residue, no mess, and no fuss. The stylish design and high quality material will highlight your style and make sure your investment will last for years. Check the site for extra discount, since they often provided discount codes for new shoppers to enjoy. So, stop purchasing iPhone cases from random places as they tend to offer you over-priced items that failed to give best protection to your phone.

FLCB, Flexible Lithium Batteries Can Be Folded and Sized Super Thin



The development of technology today is very amazing. Not just a screen that now comes with a flexible design, the batteries are now not want to miss. And a company called Prologium, has just introduced a flexible battery hers named FLCB.


The battery also has a very thin size and can be used for various purposes. Sheer size of less than 2 millimeters. Prologium party was showing off the battery in a five-inch-sized version. And because it is flexible, of course, this battery can also be folded.

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Use the Right Equipment and Material when Soldering

Given the multitude of welding applications, ensuring that the right products and materials are available is required. This means that skilled welders should have several types of flux on-hand at any given time. Some applications require using a different type flux depending on the type of material being used. If you are unsure of what type of flux is required, click here and view the options and what their primary uses are.

Proper Flux
Flux is a cleaning agent that is applied to surfaces prior to soldering taking place. This removes particles, dirt and debris from the immediate work area. Prior to actual flux’s invention, welders used items such as charcoal, Coca-Cola and Borax to clean surfaces in preparation for soldering and welding. These are still okay to use in a pinch, but not where electronics components and chipboards are concerned.

Purpose of Flux
One of the main purposes of flux is to prevent oxidation. The reaction between solder and molten metal can result in an oxidized look on the surface. Using the flux, it helps “prime” the area to make the soldering material blend with the metal better for a seamless appearance.

The use of flux is important for every soldering and welding project. These are gel-like substances that spread on easily. Be diligent in how much is applied as too much can leave a residue on the surface being worked on. This can prevent the weld from holding, thus leaving the final product unstable.

US Navy Prepare Shark Spy Drone Named Silent Nemo

shark drone

shark drone

The development of drones today is very rapid. Not only drones can fly, but also drones in other environments, including in the aquatic environment. An example is a spy robot developed by the United States Navy named Silent Nemo.

This robot was designed to have the look that is quite similar to a shark. Complete with fins top that will stand out at the time Silent Nemo swimming near the surface. This robot has a length of 1.5 meters and weighs up to 45 kg. It is not yet known how quickly the swimming ability of the fish robot. Appear in the video is shown that this robot can be controlled remotely with a fairly slow swimming speed.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Being Comes First Mobile Gorilla Glass Protector 4



Corning has formally introduced the protective glass Gorilla Glass 4 in the last month. And it did not take long for the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer like Samsung to be the first to use the protective glass. And the world’s first mobile phone that uses Gorilla Glass 4 is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.


Corning also revealed that the presence of Gorilla Glass 4 today as the most powerful protective glass today. Especially before bring it to market, the Corning has tested hundreds of times. And from there, they also understand how the mechanism of a protective glass that is damaged.

And with the protection of the Gorilla Glass 4, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha was becoming increasingly tough. Moreover, this phone comes with menggunakna frames made of metal. But unlike the Galaxy A series, this phone still uses a removable back cover is made of plastic.

The Corporate Swag Custom

Swag. You invest in something to pass out with no immediate return value. The very concept is terrifying, causing many places to outright ignore the trend. However, in congruence with free apps and the like teaching newer generations that products should be free, swag has come about to enforce just such an enticement. After all, if those tempted really like what you show them, there’s a good chance they could begin spending money on your services, a goal that far exceeds the initial price tag of the endeavor.

Increasing Traffic

Traffic is not only something we despise sitting through during our morning commute, it is the flow of people to your company either through its physical doors or via internet stores. The more people you have flowing in, the higher the possible income will be. Therefore, it makes practical business sense to invest in increasing this number. Many swag items encourage owners to visit websites and stores. Chances are if they like the free gift, their interest will be piqued, leading them to either online browsing or an in store visit. From there, however, it’s all about your ability to engage.

The Impression

Swag can’t just be about pulling in customers. Indeed, it must be about impressing potential clients so much that all they can do is reach out to your company. Though budgets generally can’t afford handing out free golden pens with your company’s information scrawled on the side using the ink of a deep sea squid, you can opt to go for items that won’t break after first use. Brainstorm things people usually keep on them at all time. There’s a reason why promotional key chains, golf balls, pens and clips are popular choices. Likewise, make sure what you are handing out is useful, otherwise it will end up in the garbage as quickly as a flier.

Brand Association

Choosing the swag should never be as simple as ordering from a catalog. Keep in mind that even if you settle on a multiple use item, how that item performs will then cause either a positive or negative association with your brand in the mind of consumers. Handing out pens that only work after three uses will only lead to anger and an early trip to the trash can, seriously detracting from the amount of time your brand remains in the vicinity of a potential customer, leading your brand to becoming merely a memory of one of the worst pens ever used. Investing a bit more in a dependable, useful item will non-verbally cause others to assume what your company sells is of the same caliber. Clearly, since you were willing to give away such incredible gifts at no cost, your business cares about people’s needs.

Increased Awareness

Remember that not everyone needs to receive free promotional material. Instead of throwing items out to the public and hoping for the best, plan out who receives what. Tactically target those known to promote things they really like. They’ll be easy to find as their social media accounts are laden with ten posts per day of pictures of what they are consuming and how much fun they are having doing so. If done correctly, swag can hire on talented sales people for virtually no cost. If they like your gift enough to show it off, their enthusiasm and real life commendation of your brand will net far more prospective customers than blindly handing out swag ever could.

To succeed with swag, you must think of it more as a means of achieving success rather than a financial burden. Though the immediate rewards are non-existent, the potential for increasing your consumer base certainly is. If you still have doubts, just think of all the free stuff passed out during trade show conventions. Usually, you end up going home with useful and not useful items. The useful ones you’ll keep and use, unconsciously being reminded of the company you briefly walked by over the three day experience.

The Green Bus Using Fuel Human Impurities

Green Bus

Green Bus

In the UK, the government participated strive to reduce fuel consumption. In fact, they recently launched its first environmentally friendly buses that use fuel from human faeces.

The bus was going to go and serve the passengers who want to travel between Bristol to Bath. The bus is actually completely using fuels from bio methane produced from waste processing and human waste in Bristol. By doing so, these buses can reduce the rate of fuel use in the local area.

The purpose of making this an environmentally friendly bus itself is to reduce the level of pollution in the city center. By using bio-methane fuel, these buses produce greenhouse gases 30 percent less than diesel buses. If you are concerned with the odor generated, just take it. The gas used was purified so odorless.

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Appearance Super Expensive Android Smartphone

Mobile has a luxury for some people is a lifestyle. Especially if you can get an Android smartphone which is priced very high, amounting to 250,000 USD from Savelli.



Android smartphone from the Savelli made ??with very luxurious design with quality materials. This phone is also equipped with 18-carat gold casing decorated with diamonds, sapphires or emeralds.


Buyers are super expensive Android smartphone of this Savelli also can add a sense of luxury. As with the use of python skin, iguana and so on. Among mobile-phone, the most expensive called dengna name Emerald Night is made of 18-carat rose gold and 400 emeralds.

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Breathing in water without the use of air tube

in the water

in the water

A new technology allows the diver to possible it could perform its activities without bringing air tube quite burdensome. Instead, they could use a crystalline material that has been specifically synthesized so that it can absorb and store oxygen in high concentrations.

The crystalline successfully discovered by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark. The technology they use materials found with cobalt as a main component. Professor Christine McKenzie of the University of Southern Denmark said that the crystalline material serves as a sensor and a place to store oxygen.

The use of this technology was going to give a longer dive time to the diver. This is because these materials can also be set to be able to absorb oxygen directly from the water. To make these materials can release the stored oxygen, the researchers used heat as a trigger. MacKenzie said it wants to do research to how light can be used as a trigger to replace the heat.

Remarkable discovery is not it? Hopefully this study can work well and resulted in the discovery that can help mankind.

Image Review Services

There are many businesses that will need this website to complete projects on their own land. The expansion of industry is happening every day, and all the owners of businesses that are constructing on properties need to know what they have on their properties. However, these owners likely do not have the tools they need to find out what is going on on their property. The owners need to take the images from their proper and show them to someone who can review the images. The review process can be quite extensive, and the owner of the land will learn quickly what it is they are building on.

The Review

The review process shows the owner what is going on in the image, what the results of the image mean and what the owner should do. The report that comes with every image shows the owner of the land what is seen in each image, and the person who reviews the image has a chance to share with the owner of the property what is going on in the image.


There are many chemicals that are found in the images people review. Each chemical has a purpose, and it will change how the owner of the land approaches the use of their land. There are times when the chemicals are toxic, and there are times when the chemicals need to be there. The review of the image tells the property owner if they need to do a cleanup before they begin work.

The Gold Mine

There are many mineral deposits that people find when they are constructing on their land. The owner of the land needs to think about what they are using the land for when they could be sitting on a mineral deposit that could be worth a great deal of money.

When the business owner is able to find out what is contained in all the images they have from their property, they can make decisions about the use of the property. The images will come with a full report that tells the business owner what their next steps should be.