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Prediction Technology in 2017



2016 has passed, we now face in 2017. Although the years have changed the development of technology never stops, continues to grow not know the time. The technology is known to be very dynamic and full of innovation.

A number of technologies managed to record achievement in 2016, either hardware, software, or ecosystems. In 2017, it was also confirmed to be present a number of the latest technology. What technology is predicted to be the trend in 2017, the following predictions:

1. Integration of Digital and Physical
Mobile devices now can not be separated from everyday life. Now, smartphones and various applications have become the access to all the needs of its users. One that is quite noticeable is the field of e-Commerce. With the number of smartphone users now rely on their daily needs through the digital system, integration between physical and digital services will be increasingly visible in 2017.

Some online companies, are also likely to provide more physical products, so as to offer a better experience. A similar move was also made by a number of conventional company began to present itself as a digital (online presence). Read more

The development of Internet technology

Perkembangan Teknologi Internet

The computer network is multiple computers connected to each other by using a wired computer in one location in order to exchange information and data with other computer users. Internet begins in 1969, when the united states department of defense, or more commonly called known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Reserch Project Agency) conducted research on how to connect a computer to another so as to form a network.

The existence of a research program and continues called ARPANET. 1 year continues later this study yielded good results with more than ten computers successfully connected to each other so that they can interact and form networks. This research continues to grow rapidly so as ARPANET in 1972 successfully completed the program called email created by Roy Tomlinson for ARPANET. With the results of these this email program, a computer – interconnected computers can send messages among computer to another. This email is easy to be immediately popular. In the same year the icon “@” was also introduced as an important symbol that means “at” or “on”. The ARPANET computer network continues to be developed outside the United States, namely in 1973 and University College in London is the first computer that is a member of the existing ARPANET outside the United States. Two computer experts that Vinton Cert and Bob Kahn in the same year created a very big idea tang became the forerunner of the Internet. The thoughts presented the first time at Sussex University.

In 1981 France Telecom using ARPANET managed to create a buzz remarkable that by launching the first television telephone in the world where someone can call each other while associated with the video link. Computer networks become more and more progress more rapidly, it needed a formal protocol that is recognized by all networks. To homogenize the address with your network, then in 1984 introduced changes to the domain name system that we know today by the name of DNS (Domain Name System). Read more

Recent discoveries Communication Technology

Penemuan Teknologi Komunikasi Terbaru

In daily life we ??are not going to be released with communication technology. The role of today’s communications technology has been thoroughly into the layers of human life. The role of communications technology is currently very dominant in life. Therefore, the findings of the latest communications technology becomes very important. Here we will present information on the latest communications technology.

The latest communications technology the US military

The latest communications technology utilized in various areas of public life. One of the benefits of communications technology could be applied in national defense or military weapon. Utilization is for example done by Americans. Recently, a company release to the media OLED display technology. The company is developing a universal media OLED displays for military use in the United States. The company introduced a flexible OLED display that can be installed on the part of the army.

The display can be mounted on a soldier’s arm with a metal foil which makes it more flexible so that the device can be attached to either the sleeve is not even affected user’s hand movements. The display screen is the utilization of the latest communications technology. The display screen has a width of 4.3 inches with a resolution of VGA full color and with full motion and the ability to be seen clearly even if exposed to direct sunlight. This display is a prototype of the company’s effort universal display for American soldiers. In fact, this tool has been included in the list of the most advanced devices for the American soldiers. Read more

technology Network

Teknologi Network

The next Network Speed ??43 TB per-second. At least that is what we will get future internet users. Danish researchers claim to have succeeded in creating the next generation network, the optical fiber can transfer 43 terabytes per second.

With a speed of 43 TB per second, when using the calculation formula Download Kbps to KBps it will allow users to download movies or about one gigabyte of data is less than the blink of an eye which is only 0.2 milliseconds.

Researchers who broke the record previously held by experts. At that time, they create a network that can reach 32 terabits per second. Read more

Proxy for Extra Anonymity and Security Online

With the increased number of cybercrime cases in the last few years, it should be a wakeup call for us to be extra careful when doing activities online. Just keep it in mind that internet isn’t the safe place for you to store and save credential data over the cloud system. It is important not to easily reveal our personal identity online since anyone can access it and misuse the information given for their own advantage. Even slight disclosure such as revealing where do we live and family members’ name can risk of being misused by others.

And with the advanced technology being used by those cybercriminal minds in around the globe nowadays, we need more than just self-precautions, but also prevention. In case you want to make yourself completely anonymous while browsing the internet, you can use proxy server to make you technically unreachable by those criminals. The proxy servers will act as your mask to mislead their tracking efforts and to make you fully anonymous. You can still able to access any contents you want on the internet – including also the blocked contents by your ISP – and keep yourself fully secured along the way.

If you look for more about it, there are two options of proxy services we can use today, the free and premium proxy server. Free proxy service is suited to those who need it for seasonal use, such as only when they need to access blocked content for once in a while or various other casual purposes. And yes, free proxy service has limitations of IP preferences and locations. In other hand, premium proxy server is dedicated for heavy-duty browsing activity, such as for corporations and businesses whom wanted to protect their identity for security purposes, surely with payments to be made. Most premium proxy providers offer various service plans, so you better to choose one that suit your needs and budget.

Keeping Kids Safe While Browsing The Net

Along with all the great services offered, parent should also realize that leaving the kids alone surfing the internet isn’t a good idea. No matter how you have installed parental control software and filtered the adult contents from your browser, that doesn’t mean the risks are gone. As we all know, internet has special services of letting people connected one to another, and this is the path for these bad people may getting access to our kids. That is quite scary for some people especially with the number of kids being kidnapped and abused by someone they met online.

All parents shouldn’t want to put their kids in danger. And with that so many cases of kids getting abused or even kidnapped by cyber stranger they knew it online. That should be a wakeup call for you to be more aware on the risk. Spend more of your time with kids or even if it possible to guide them when browsing the net, and that is the basic of internet safety all parents should do. Tell them about the risk of exposing too much personal identities online and how to deal with strangers in the right way. This is essential as precautions needed to protect our kids from inconvenient experiences they possibly have in the future.

The simplest way of maintaining extra stranger cyber safety at home is by avoiding placing the computer in their room. Make sure you place it in any location that is visible from your daily activities so you can provide them extra provisions whenever it needed. This will ease parents and adults to know what is going on as they go browse the internet using the computer. Installing parental control software to those internet devices at home is also necessary to limit their access to inappropriate contents on the web which may trouble them in the future.

The future of intelligence technology

intelegensi teknologi

1. Future Technology Intelligence.

Technological developments influence on human development, because of technological developments can determine the development of civilization of a society in a particular area. Not uncommon for people to judge a country by looking at the development of technology. Since most only developed countries with stable income who can do the research and discovery to advance the development of the technology. For that we need to learn more about science and technology, so we will not be said as a person who does not understand the technology to face the future.

2. Benefits intelligence technology in everyday life.

Talking about the Intelligent Technology today might not be there completed. Lots of sophisticated inventions that are beneficial to assist human activity in daily life. Some small examples today can already feel the benefits of existing technology intelligence. For example, in phone or often referred to as HP, before HP is found, a letter is the primary means used for long distance communication. Although take quite a long time because the delivery process takes a long time. But then changed after we use the telephone.

Intelligence technology that today we feel not just in the field of communication there are also in the field of information. Along with the development, when the Internet became the primary choice to be the boast of information. Read more

Life-Changing Technology


Technology in which many technology companies promised to release a product that is predicted to change human life.

From abroad, the company Microsoft and Apple respectively will release the operating system and the latest smart watches. While in the country, the official mobile operator selling 4G LTE service.

Some of the technologies that you should not leave it if you want to be part of the digital future:

Read more

How to Safely Using the Internet

aman internet

Surfing the virtual world is not forever be, could be detrimental. Start hacking email, Facebook, or steal money via credit card.

Here are ways to safely keep everything, including personal data:

1. The first is, to protect the password. Security and confidentiality maintained absolute passwords so that not everyone knows. Moreover, to leak into the unknown. The classic way is to use a password that is not easily guessed by others.

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5G technology excellence capable of downloading an average of 10 Gbps, this is just one of several advantages of the Internet network 5G. While there are many more other advantages related to the 5G internet network. Technology is indeed a new future in research, some trials, but several related companies, said that the 5G technology will be the consumption of internet users by 2020.

Of course, not only the company that we referred to above, there are many large companies that fully support this innovation. The largest technology companies. The most CEO of the company is providing “key note”. ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY 5G.

Important things about 5G technology which is the next generation of the Internet 4G LTE is more devoted to “anticipate” the Internet users is expected to reach 25 billion in 2020. Thus the need for innovation to address the number of devices that are connected to each other via the internet wireless. Mentioned some average speed requirements must 10Gbps users to realize the era of the Internet of Things.

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Technology Developments For The Future


Staring for future technological developments. Here’s a list of 200+ technological development of 14 sectors / fields, which are being carried out research, development and pilot projects as well as some already running but is not yet complete to various countries around the world.

Projects or experiments, research intended to create new technologies that really function optimally, so it can be called as a useful technology for the benefit of modern life or a modern lifestyle (without regard to benefits in their entirety).

Of the 14 sectors, some is the elaboration of NBIC, is an abbreviation of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive Science. In 2014.

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