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Solar Energy Can Be Kept In Liquid Form?

Good people, Solar energy is one potential source of energy that has a relatively long survival when compared with other energy sources. Solar energy may only “lose” from nuclear fusion energy. But solar energy in its implementation on Earth is constrained by time and climate like night and weather so it has a time limit in collecting energy sources.Therefore,scientists are looking for ways how to use the full 24hour solar energy.

Search efforts have been made by scientists from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden who managed to develop energy storage media in liquid form.As reported by official page Chalmer University of Technology researchers have developed a system called Molecular Solar Thermla (MOST) for more than six years.This system is conceptually developed since 2013 and is still being studied to date.

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Investment Prospects in Guntur

Guntur is a city that lies in the Andhra Capital region. It has traditionally been the centre of commerce for exports of agricultural products. It is also home to a number of education institutions in the state. Guntur has been an area of interest for investors for some time now. It has been recognized as one of the upcoming cities for both residential and commercial property development. After the division of the former Andhra Pradesh, Guntur has gained even more importance in the property business. There are several reasons for the increase in demand for Guntur real estate.

Factors driving growth in Guntur

There are numerous drivers for the growth of properties in Guntur. The city was recognized to have potential a few years back. However the impending division of the state and the economic slowdown that had affected the country hindered the development of real estate in the city. However neither of the two issues plague the nation or the state anymore. After the division of the former Andhra Pradesh, Telagana received a new capital in the form of Vijaywada. The Andhra state declared the development of a “Andhra Capital Region” which was to comprise of numerous cities. Guntur now is a part of this sector.

The city has been the centre of export related economic activity anyway. Now that it will gain the privileges that the region would experience ad that would further enhance the growth of the area in the times to come. The export activity is already firmly established and with improving economy would witness growth. As a result, there are a number of builders who are already in the city working on numerous residential as well as commercial projects. The demand for properties includes independent houses for sale in Guntur.The fact that the city has not yet witnessed a fast paced development of real estate now offers the chance to find independent homes. These houses and properties at this point would be available at relatively economical prices and hence would present as a good option for end use as well as future investment.

One of the best options about investing in Guntur is that the city still has not developed as a fast paced metropolitan. While the infrastructure is developed, one has a option to lead a relatively peaceful life if investing in a house here.

Finding the best homes in Guntur

If you are looking for new properties to invest in Guntur, the can help you. The portal has extended its property search services in Guntur. When you are looking for new and upcoming residential projects, then you have the ability to access them from the ‘New Projects’ section of This section not only highlights the details of the new projects but also allows you to have a clear perspective about the property you are planning to invest in. There is a wide map based view which allows you to clear about the locality and the available amenities in the neighbourhood of the project site. Additionally, there is also the drone view which gives you a real view of the project site in a 360 degree interactive video. This is how you can easily make a decision on whether or not you want to invest in flats for sale in Guntur.

In Conclusion provides sufficient ad neutral information about properties to help make a purchase decision.

Typing Can Do with No Hands, Pretty Using Eye

Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason

Write a message on an electronic device in the next few years is not only limited to the use of arms. The process of writing typing on a computer or tablet would also be done simply by eye. It also refers to a new technology recently patented by Microsoft.

The technology allows users of Microsoft devices to type enough to focus his eyes on a letter. How to typing like this is very helpful when there is no physical keyboard or for those who can not use their hands normally due to health reasons.

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What security services do small businesses need?

IT security is one of the essential factors for small businesses. Any device that you connect to the internet, which would me most if not all, are vulnerable to outside hacking and breaches that be very destructive to the technology of the business and the business as a whole, including the reputation if data such as customer details are stolen.

A larger business can afford to have an expensive IT support system implemented to counter any threats, and will therefore be able to get back up and running at a faster rate. Smaller business can find themselves less prepared for a similar threat and it can be crippling, and difficult to recover from an attack if the vital procedures are not already in place.

With a smaller amount of resources at their disposal, smaller businesses may be inclined to seek out the cheapest option around when obtaining IT services, but it should be obvious what can happen when you go with the cheaper option. You can of course, get stung. Taking shortcuts simply does not benefit businesses and this especially true when it comes to IT security. If your business is built and structured on a network system of computers, then it is probably the most critical and important part of the company, and the security of that system should be the highest priority.

A small business should treat the IT security process in the same way they would with any other critical package, and must look at their requirements, questioning precisely what is at risk before determining what cover is required.

Different IT service providers around London offer a variety of security options in their packages. These can be focusing on a particular aspect of the IT service or concentrating on the structure as a whole. We know these options do depend on the available funds though, and as well as the nature of the business, of which some might not rely so heavily on IT services.

IT security can look overwhelming at first, but by making use of our solutions and in-depth knowledge of IT services, all the confusion about your business can be avoided.

With the ever growing use of mobile devices, social networks, cloud-based applications and intrusions, securing your business’ vital assets is critical. Besides deliberate outside attacks, your own employees may unwittingly threaten your network by opening email-borne viruses, running bandwidth-hungry applications or accessing the wrong websites.

Since 1999 we have been providing IT solutions to the UK and European business market.  In a competitive market we acknowledge the fact that businesses such as ours can only be successful by developing and retaining existing clients.

“We offer of these high service levels and technical expertise to any prospective businesses looking for a solution provider and a supplier that genuinely adds value in knowledge and commitment to the customer.” – Alex Brown, managing director.

IT security can appear overwhelming, with terms like DDoS Mitigation, Firewalls and two-factor authentication easily tripping up those not in the know. By making use of IT service providers and their in-depth knowledge of the sector, all the confusion can be avoided, with specialised software taking control of the day-to-day IT maintenance, and highly trained professionals able to assist with any other requirements or problems.

IT is such an essential part of any modern business, and the need for fully formed IT security procedures is greater than ever before. The potential dangers of not covering your businesses IT from security attacks greatly outweighs any financial issues, and not being familiar with the market is not an excuse. In reality, there is no reason not to make your businesses IT services as secure as possible, as it will ensure the safety of your business for years to come.

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Things About Ludovic Biyong and You Might Never Know Before



An idea well expressed is like a design of gold set in silver. This is what is determined to achieve. The site is dedicated to transforming internet optimization by giving the society what matters most in their daily living. The site’s integrated approach of communicating news ensures that all angles of communication are aligned and delivered to all audiences at all levels in a clear, smart, succinct and steady manner. This has helped everyone who can access internet to be as much informed as everybody else.

Are you mesmerized and asking yourself who is behind this proliferating website? I know a couple of you have and have not stopped probing who this that has the heart of gold is. This is none other than LudovicBiyong. He is the one who has defied all odds to come up with where at a glimpse you will catch all trending issues in Cameroon. The whole idea of making the switch to for all your exploration is because you will get fine-tuned information in any area you are delving about in the most dignified form. LudovicBiyong should be echoed for this. Even the longest of odds are no match for his unique coalesces of ingenuity and determination in making news experience from all categories the most enjoyable to everybody in and outside Cameroon.

Born in Paris and tracing his roots in Cameroon LudovicBiyong is a young entrepreneur who is excelling in leveraging internet to generate the quintessence in news world ranging from politics, commerce, economic to social news. He delivers vintage and useful information to Cameroonians. He has expounded his services to include sports news, fashion trends and even giving out tourism consultative services and this is to say the least. The richness of this website can’t be determined by these mere words but by exploring it you will be amazed on what you will fathom through it. He also owns PA2M a small IT firm.

He is an accomplished engineer who holds a master’s degree in business engineering and works as a network and software engineer with Unisys and as a research engineer in Winwise. He is involved in various network groups and thus he is a major contributor in development and advancement of the African internet community.

His long term determination is crowdfunding where young and innovative Cameroonians can seek investors in order transform future of their country and making the best of it.

The chair serves as a mouse



If you feel that operate a computer with a mouse is a very mainstream thing, what if do it by wearing a seat? It had been created by a fellow named Govert Flint who successfully designed a chair to replace the function of a mouse.

Operate a computer by using the chair also looks quite strange. Even Flint said that currently uses the chair to click on an item in the computer feels like being in a game. Especially for those who first used the chair may be very difficult with the way it works.

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Appearance Super Expensive Android Smartphone

Mobile has a luxury for some people is a lifestyle. Especially if you can get an Android smartphone which is priced very high, amounting to 250,000 USD from Savelli.



Android smartphone from the Savelli made ??with very luxurious design with quality materials. This phone is also equipped with 18-carat gold casing decorated with diamonds, sapphires or emeralds.


Buyers are super expensive Android smartphone of this Savelli also can add a sense of luxury. As with the use of python skin, iguana and so on. Among mobile-phone, the most expensive called dengna name Emerald Night is made of 18-carat rose gold and 400 emeralds.

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Breathing in water without the use of air tube

in the water

in the water

A new technology allows the diver to possible it could perform its activities without bringing air tube quite burdensome. Instead, they could use a crystalline material that has been specifically synthesized so that it can absorb and store oxygen in high concentrations.

The crystalline successfully discovered by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark. The technology they use materials found with cobalt as a main component. Professor Christine McKenzie of the University of Southern Denmark said that the crystalline material serves as a sensor and a place to store oxygen.

The use of this technology was going to give a longer dive time to the diver. This is because these materials can also be set to be able to absorb oxygen directly from the water. To make these materials can release the stored oxygen, the researchers used heat as a trigger. MacKenzie said it wants to do research to how light can be used as a trigger to replace the heat.

Remarkable discovery is not it? Hopefully this study can work well and resulted in the discovery that can help mankind.

Why Web Designers Must Know SEO in 2014

Creating a good website is not only about finding or composing awesome template and putting the domain in a large capacity premium host service. These are just a start. The real challenge is when you have to market that already-made website to gain the best position on search engine as well as also website rank. We all agreed that we create that website is to be seen by others. And unfortunately, many web design services are only capable in creating and designing a good site and leave everything about the marketing to you.

Such a good and reliable web designer should be able to cover both web designing and web marketing services. And that is what exactly being offered by Ken Laing. Years of experience in the field has given Ken Laing more than enough of everything to accommodate every web owners’ need. Along with his outstanding web designing service, Ken Laing will also help you promote the new site and get it to the best possible position in online market. His advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimization will allow him to create the most responsive and search engine friendly settings to your site to make it more track-able and easier to be found by the potential readers or buyers.

So, if you want everything to be excellent, you may hire this freelance for your next website. Ken Laing will put your satisfaction as his priority, which that means providing you any help and services related to your next site building project. By hiring Ken Laing, you won’t only get fully functioning website with highly responsive pages and features but also to get it highly improved to the next level so you can get start to the business faster. Visit for more information about Ken Laing and enjoy the amazing service whenever you need it.

Meet Sophia Pervez, One of The Toughest Women Entrepreneurs in Asia

With the availability of low end smart phones, internet ‘availability’ doesn’t seem to be that big a problem as knowing how to use the internet is. And this is the case not only in under developed economies but also developed economies. There are approximately 4.3 unconnected people in the world. Club Internet, a startup by Sophia Pervez and her cofounders Hassan Baig and Fahad Rao, aims to teach these people ‘how’ and ‘why’ to use the internet through simple localized video tutorials. This not only will have a huge social impact, but imagine the impact on the online companies’ profits with new fresh eyeballs.

I would call Sophia Pervez one of the toughest entrepreneurs in Asia as she comes from a background and country where women are not even allowed an education, let alone starting their own companies. Sophia Pervez has broken these barriers and has set out to make the global knowledge economy a bit bigger, by onboarding new users on to the internet. She has worked previously as the Country Sales Operations Manager at IBM, and as a Business Analyst before that at the same organization.

Now having recently won an Acumen funded startup competition, Sophia Pervez and her team are now excited to be taking their startup to the next level.

Sophia Pervez also has many specialties in various fields such as Business Process Analysis and Modeling and has worked on major technologies such as Siebel, SAP and Unica. Sophia Pervez says that in the world of tech, especially in developing countries like hers, it’s hard to get people to take you seriously initially. Most people still have the conception that women are not tech savvy, and she says breaking such stereotypes is what motivates her the most. At Club Internet, Sophia says that the most interesting part of her job is interacting with people who have little knowledge of the internet, and watching them do their first Google search after using their app. You can check out a usability test of their app on their website

It’s really inspiring to see women now making their mark in entrepreneurship in developing countries as well, where you don’t find much facilitation for women to start their own companies. Sophia Pervez says she hopes to inspire more women to take such initiatives.

Charging the Battery with Walking Way



What if you could charge a smartphone battery enough to just walk away? This has been created by a Filipino teenager 15-year-old named Angelo Casimiro. Casimiro’s artificial Charger not only be used for a smartphone, but for all kinds of devices that have a USB port.

Casimiro said that the homemade charger can charge the battery with a capacity of 400mAh Lithium-ion battery with a way to walk for 8 hours. The battery charge level of the charger is still lacking. Especially when there is a battery on a smartphone has a large enough capacity, especially at the high end devices.

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Japanese researchers managed to create robots that can shiver and sweat

humanoid robot

humanoid robot

The creation of a robot that is able to behave like a human being seems closer to reality. Researchers from Japan, led by Dr. Tomoko Yonezawa from Kansai University became one of them.

Robotic creation of Dr.. Tomoko is also able to react as did a man. According to a report from Softpedia, Dr. robot. Tomoko can be sweating and chills even when it is in a very cold environment or when frightened.

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