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Add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

How to Add Google Drive To Windows ‘Send To’ Menu?

Google drive allows you to copy-paste or drag the file or folder you want to move to local Google Drive folder available in the system. Once Google server is connected, this Google Drive for PC is synchronized with the cloud storage location of Google server. How easy it would have been if Windows have the option to add files like we do it with USB drives. Right click and send to USB Pen Drive. Well, it is possible! One more alternative which can be much quicker to perform this method is to add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. This section below will discuss about how to attain this method and add this option of Google Drive to “Send To” option.

Steps for The Procedure

Take care of the fact that you have Google Drive for PC installed in your system. Only then you will be able to add this option of Google Drive to the “Send To” option.

  • Go to Start Menu and type command Run or you can press Windows Key + R in order to open run command.1
  • Here in the Run window, type Shell:sendto and hit Enter. This will open the Send To folder where all the shortcuts for different applications and locations are listed.2
  • Or, you can go to the location; C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo directly by providing this path to Windows Explorer address bar.3
  • Once this location is open, a shortcut for Google Drive can be created. Right-click on this Send-To folder and click on New and select Shortcut.4
  • Another window will open where you can Browse for the location of Google Drive in the system. Click Next to proceed.5
  • Provide a name for this Shortcut, Google Drive is recommended to avoid confusion which is taken by default. Click Finish once you finish the process.6
  • Once the Shortcut is created, you can easily send the files or folders directly using the “Send To” option. Select the files and right-click to it, click on Sent To and select Google Drive as destination location.7Conclusion

    In this way one can easily add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. After performing this very short task, you will not need to copy paste or drag and drop files from your system to local Google Drive folder. You can quickly send the files to this local folder using Send To option. Once you are connected to the Google server, the files will be automatically synched with the server and the files will be saved to Google Drive online.

    Author: As author of MS Outlook ToolsPeter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

Innovation Accessories At Monitor

aksesoris monitor

Monitor the hardware that serves as an image viewer on a computer or television. Currently in monitor technology is increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the presence of several technologies such as LCD screens, LED and OLED.

The technology has been applied to the television screen and computer devices. Some accessories that seem unique also present to enliven the appearance of the monitor on the market. Well, here are some additional accessories that might make your activities in front of the monitor becomes more enjoyable:

1. Document Extractor
Computers and printers are a pair of gadget that can not be separated if you work in an office. But what if we combine them?

Document Extractor is Byeong Min Choe idea is to combine the monitor with the printer into one device. Read more

What Are the Best Ideas for Business Development?

To own a business is surely an achievement for you. No matter how small the scale of your business is, it is surely a great leap of faith in your life. Not all people have the guts to be businessmen. We all know that, despite the fact how the profits will be owned in great portion, to be a businessman also means taking risky job. We cannot always demand success in running the business.

But we can improve the chance to earn such success by doing several efforts. And that’s surely the second part of your business (the first part is about starting it up). How to develop your business is even much a harder task than to start it up. You need to really be creative in figuring out some possible ideas for business development. Of course, you might also want to deal with some trials and errors before you can find the formula of success. But, to be honest, there are several “shortcuts” that can be done and it will involve the help from the third-party. Yes, you can try to have the help from the service which can take care of the online marketing, for instance.

This kind of marketing is getting a lot much popularity nowadays and it is a pity if you do not use it optimally. But, yes, you might not have great capabilities in such field. That’s why the help from the professional service to take care of such matter is necessary. True, you still need to be as creative as possible in taking care of this issue. You should see what is lacking from your business and try to cover it up. If you can do it on your own, do it already. But, if you don’t, try to find the right service and together you should make some kind of collaboration to improve and develop your business.

Screen Replacement: Something You Can Do on Your Own for iPhone 6

You may think smartphone screen replacement to be a thing can be done only by those who are professional, including also the official repair service of each phone vendor. Let us take the screen replacement of iPhone 6 as an example. When the screen of your iPhone 6 is cracked or even broken severely, there might be no other solution you have in mind but taking it to the customer service center to get repaired. The bad news is this may cost you too much money. Besides, the time needed to get the phone fixed might be too long too. This would be very bad if phone is a necessity in your daily.

If by any chance your iPhone 6 screen is cracked, you can factually do the repair on your own because right now there is a thing called as iPhone 6 DIY replacement kits. Just like the name of this product, this will be very helpful for you in repairing the cracked screen of your phone. The kits are not only completed with complete tools to make the DIY project easier to do. Instead, these are also designed to be easy to use. Moreover, video tutorial can be found so easily so there is no need to worry even if you have not ever used the kits previously.

Using the DIY kits of iPhone screen replacement is something really helpful for you in many ways. First of all this may cost you less than any professional repair service. Second of all, it will never take too long for you to get the screen repaired on your own. Basically, you will only need to do the repair for 15 minutes. The repair can be done even faster with less error or even none if you read all instructions and watch the video tutorial properly.

Creating Business Logo for Better Branding

Logo design is just like fashion apparels, it has its own trend. Therefore, we can find so many well-known business logos that are updating the design constantly if they feel that the logo is unable to represent the company or get out of date. Well, it is true that there are some companies that are using their old logo, but if we want to give a better awareness or we want to keep up with the fresh market, then updating our business logo becomes a mandatory thing.

Not only should a logo design so update, but also it should be able to capture the identity of the business. The logo will be the key to our company and product branding, so we have to build it carefully. Using the timeless logo is highly recommended if we want to create the logo once for all. The timeless business logo is usually simple and recognizable. A professional support is highly recommended for business logo design.

It sounds like wasting our money, but with all the benefits we can get from the perfect logo, hiring a professional becomes an investment. When it comes about outsourcing the professional to create a logo for our company, there is two options available, whether to hire a reputable company for the job or freelance designers. As we all know nowadays there are many companies whom specializing in providing various services and solutions for businesses, from website designing to logo designing. Hiring them will allow you to get a team of experts dedicated for your logo, but it could be really expensive. In other hand, hiring freelance designer for the job will keep the cost low. You can simply post a gig on various freelance sites out there and find potential designer to work for you with the price you have stated earlier on the gig.

However, if you feel more interested in doing DIY logo designing, you probably want to try free logo maker to make it simpler. Yes, there are several software and applications you can try, which specifically designed to help people create logo on their own. And the best thing is, most of them are offered for free.

For anyone whom interested in finding free logo makers to try, they may simply visit Here they will be able to find list of top logo makers available for free, along with also reviews and brief explanation about why they are better among others. In each of them has been provided hundreds of templates and clip art as well as also basic image and vector editor features to allow you compose and arrange the logo suited to your concept design.

While people still think that creating a logo that standout the others can only be done by professionals, now you can do it too with help from these logo makers. Just read the reviews carefully to make sure you get the right logo creator to try. Otherwise, you may just simply switch to another free logo maker on the list to help find what you need.