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How to Download Favorite Videos from Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account? Instagram is not the only place to share photos. The sociall media platform is also a means to discover a variety of interesting videos. However,how to download Instagramm video so it can be watched offline?

To download photos from Instagram it can be done easily.You just take a screenshott and save the results on the phone. Only, of course similar steps can not be done when downloadingg favorite videos on Instagram. You have to do a little circular path.

Download Instagram Videos Using Third Party Websites

The purpose of using the circular path is to use the downloader service from severall websites and applications. At least five webs and apps offeringg the service are available:

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Wonder Pickle Comic Book & Augmented Reality App


The world is about to witness the birth of new superhero, The Wonder Pickle. Just like the name is, Wonder Pickle isn’t an ordinary pickle. He has great power and superhero capabilities to beat all his enemies and villains trying to disturb the peaceful life people have on earth. And what makes the Wonder Pickle is different compared to others is the fact that it isn’t only available in a form of digital comic book downloadable widely via smartphone, has it also offers new way of enjoying superhero story via augmented reality technology. Yes, the creators has designed to embed modern augmented reality technology into it that users will be able to enjoy augmented visualization on the character and experience a comic book storytelling in a whole new level.

Augmented Reality is becoming a new trend nowadays that it being used in various fields of industries, including in medical and entertainment industry. However, it is rare to be found a developer who combines augmented reality with comic book platform. And if you are curious to know how awesome it will look like, you should try Wonder Pickle Comic Book & Augmented Reality App which is now available for free trial on Apple store as well as Google PlayStore.

The Wonder Pickle project is currently on Kickstarter as the developer tried to fund-raise the project through Kickstarter community. If you are into it, you can also contribute to the development of The Wonder Pickle Comic Book & Augmented Reality App, which is highly needed by the project starters to make sure their idea come to reality in the near future. Also, by becoming a contributor you will be eligible to various great bonuses provided by the team. For more information about the offerings, simply visit their Kickstarter project page or get to the official website at

New Cross-Platform Chat Service for Your Website


Have you ever been confused in selecting the right chat service for your website? If that’s the case you should probably try new cross-platform chat service provided by

The internet has becoming a part of our lifestyle. It present in almost all aspects of our daily life, while at the same time we can also rely on the internet to find information about anything. Therefore it is no wonder if internet’s function has gradually shifted from as a platform for file sharing to a place to shop things. Yes, the internet can accommodate all our needs and the possibilities keep expanding from time to time. Some people consider themselves as passive internet users, while some others want to contribute to this large network by establishing websites or blogs where they put all their thoughts, opinions, and even professional advices for the world to read.

While a website or blog page seem to be a perfect medium to spread our thought or opinion for it to reach more people, it somehow has various disadvantages to be aware of, such as inability to establish two-way communication between the reader and the author, as well as also communication between multiple readers. This is true that by default, some content management software have comment box available which enables readers to post comments related to the article or content of the site, but for some reasons it is not that comfortable to chat through it.

As solution, people can actually try the third-party chat platform like the one offered by This company had developed versatile chat software that can be embedded to any website despite of the content management they used. Whether your websites run on WordPress, BuddyPress, or even Joomla, you can always use the chat platform provided by for all your website chat needs. Add a chat to your buddypress or joomla community and see how the community grows rapidly in the future. We all know that real time communication is the core of a thriving community. And providing a platform that can endorse all these features and services for our visitors to enjoy, can contribute hugely to our community growth. 

There are many reasons why FlyZoo chat service is better compared to others, mainly because it developed to be cross-platform. That way, almost all websites and blogs can use it as the core of their community establishment. Another reason is that FlyZoo offers 24/7 customer support dedicated to help users in getting technical help whenever they need it. While most other competitors are using outdated resources to keep their chat service usable, FlyZoo takes it to the next level by providing the most reliable chat service anyone can trust for best investment of their time and effort.

And for anyone interested to learn more about FlyZoo chat engine, simply visit their official website at Here people can easily to learn about everything related to the FlyZoo chat service, including also guides on how to install it, sample images, and even a feature that allow you to simulate how it will be look like if you install FlyZoo chat service to your website. Just give it a try and enjoy all the great services they provided inside. 

Time Tracking Software for Businesses

Are you looking for best time tracking technology application? Today’s business challenges make businesses need to improve their performance. Your business need to be more flexible and innovative to win the market. Sometimes the old business tool does not help so much. You need to modernize office tool technology in order to solve labor management problems and provides time-efficiency. And if you’re among those whose job requires detailing time managerial to could billable hours on each day and each project, you’re welcomed to visit for best solution to it.

In today’s modern market, you can find some applications for business that you can choose to provide management solution in your business. Thanks for the technology because now you can use time tracking software technology that has many useful features to save time and money in your business. With TimeCamp time tracking service, you can have powerful application that can makes automate payroll process becomes easier. With this software, you can track the working hours more accurately, while at the same time give your clients’ fair calculation of the hourly bills. This is something that would give huge impacts to boost your company’s professionalism and accountability.

The technology available in the software is easy to use and was designed to be compatible with various working platforms on your system. Intuitive workflow will be in your hand with this application. The attendance application will help your company achieve the goal easier, which is 100% customer satisfaction and business growth. You can access the application anytime and anywhere as well. If you need more information about TimeCamp time tracking software, you can visit the official website. is accessible 24/7 with also their customer support team is reachable whenever you need them. Be feeling free to check the site regularly for some great offers to enjoy.

Restoring The Deleted iPhone Contact and Data

No operating system existed today that is not vulnerable to errors and malfunction. There are many reasons and circumstances that could cause them errors and malfunctions though, from human errors such as accidental deletion and factory reset, until to the system failure and data corruption. Whatever the reason is, there are cases when these errors lead to data disappearance. No matter what operating system or platform your smartphone has, there is always risk of losing your important data stored on it. And if we are not prepared enough for it then getting back the lost data will be nearly impossible to do.

The fact is, restoring the deleted data on our phone is still doable, especially if we use the right technology or application to solve it. And if you are one of those iPhone users, chances are iPhone recovery software provided by will be more than capable to bring back the deleted important data and files. iFoneMate is designed to restore deleted and formatted data from any type of iPhone and iOS software it runs of. Also the software is not only able to restore photos and videos stored on the phone but also deleted contacts and even text messages.

We all know how sometimes we have important data and information on text messages and knowing it all gone would frustrate us. Avoid being panicked and simply get into where you can find powerful software for iPhone data recovery available inside, called iFoneMate. The software is designed to be simple and easy to navigate that even beginners will be able to restore deleted iPhone contacts with ease. There is no need to call the experts for the recovery, all they need to do is just to download the software, install it to a PC or Mac computer, and plug in the phone for data recovery.

OCR App for Instant Image to Text Conversion

All those modern technological gadgets and apps have common purpose to ease people doing their daily tasks and jobs. The fact is, by utilizing the right technology; it will generate significant efficiency and boost the one’s productivity drastically. Modern technology doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Even a simple app like OCR app can significantly contributing in making some tasks easier to be done, especially when it comes about text and data processing.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a technology designed to extract information and texts from image or still pictures. It plays a huge role in helping many people to copy text directly from pictures without having to write it all over again from scratch. This surely saves much of their time and effort in retrieving the needed information from any pictures that contains written texts on it. So, just whenever you need to copy or reduplicate a text from picture or printed document, you can simply scan it via OCR app and it will do the trick.

And now iOS gadget users can enjoy good relief knowing that the no. 1 OCR app for Android, OCR Instantly is now also available for them to download. As it compatible to iOS platform, that means the app is now can be installed and operated via iPhone or iPad according to your liking. And unlike most other OCR App available in the market, the OCR Instantly allows the user to convert image into editable text content offline. There is no need to submit or upload the document to online server first, so anyone can do the conversion almost anywhere and anytime, with and without the internet connection.

OCR Instantly is now downloadable on iTunes giving more freedoms for all iOS users to find and install this amazing app on the go. The creator, Chun Yeen Mok had stated that the app is guaranteed to be compatible with iOS 8.0 or later with new updates and improvements will be made in the future.

Free Whatsapp Statuses to Spice Up Your Whatsapp Daily Activity

Need to spice up your daily communication with friends or colleagues via Whatsapp? Why don’t you grab these amazing quotes and wisdom words provided by You can use them as your next Whatsapp status. Here you can find tons of whatsapp status formed in both images and texts. Whether you feel bored, happy, angry, sad, or even in love, you will always be able to find status that fit your current condition or feeling at All you need to do is just to browse over multiple categories available and copy the status you want right away.

There is always the time when someone feels so sad or bored that they don’t know how to express it to others. And thankfully is here to help them get the feeling delivered in a fun and exciting way. Feeling sad? There are plenty of sad-themed quotes and sayings you can choose to be your next Whatsapp status. Even better, there are hundreds of statuses you can choose to represent your sadness in funny way. In other hand for anyone whom feeling deeply in love right now, they can easily to browse Love whatsapp status available inside.

Even though there are already thousands of exciting Whatsapp statuses one can browse at Whatsapp Status Geek today, the site has never stopped in doing all the best things they can to keep expanding the collections. Yes they tried their best to add new content to the site regularly, which that means new statuses to be explored each time we visited the site. Also if you happen to have some exciting and hilarious statuses to be shared with others, you may contribute to the site by posting it right there. Everything is free at so you’re freed to get as many as exciting statuses you want with no charge at all.

New Way to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Having some text messages on your iPhone accidentally deleted could be a nightmare especially if these have important information you will need in the future. Text messages deletion on iPhone isn’t only caused by human error or accident. The fact is there are various other things that could potentially causing text messages deletion on iPhone device, such as malware infection, data corruption, operating system failures, software updates, and even factory reset. And with the increased number of iPhone users are having the exact same problem like yours; it would be a good idea to consider knowing more about iPhone text message recovery. That way, you will know what to do when such thing happen to you in the future.

The fact is, there are many places iPhone users can go to recover deleted text messages on iPhone, one of them is The site has all information and guidance for anyone to conduct iPhone recovery at home. The fact is, is professional software developer with many years of experience in the field allows them to create powerful software that could bring significances to their users. And now, iFoneMate is there to accommodate all iPhone users all around the world in recovering deleted or corrupted files within their favorite iPhone devices.

We all know how frustrating it could be for anyone to find their iPhone become malfunctioning, not to mention also the risk of having some files stored in it being corrupted or are simply disappeared from the directory. And when that happens, you can rely on the iFoneMate to find you best possible solution to solve your problem. They have the most advanced iPhone recovery software to accommodate all your need and to help recover various file formats including also text messages. And yes, their software is compatible with all iPhones across the generations.

Ultimate Enterprise Mobilisation from

The modern technology has changed the way people run and manage their businesses. The fast-paced technology available today makes it possible for anyone to take full control of their business from their hand. Yes, the mobile app and technology industry makes it possible for anyone to control and manage their business efficiently and effectively. By applying the right technology, one will be able to cut the hassles and at the same time keep their business on the go. At some points, technology also offers cost efficiency to which one will be able to organize everything with lesser number of employees.


And is there to offer ultimate enterprise mobilisation solutions for businesses. We all know how complicated it could be to keep our business stable and improved. And instead of getting expensive costs due to the lack of efficiency in your business, it would be a good idea to consider about finding the right solution for it. That is where stepped forward. They are dedicating much of their effort to accommodate the need of businesses throughout the company, to which they can easily to find technological solutions suitable for their current business needs.

So what is exactly offered to all their clients? Generally, the company has offered wide range app development services one possibly needed for their business. They are the company you’d likely to contact whenever you need new app or software for your business. In order to accommodate all their clients’ needs, the company had recruited many experts to run every sector of their services, from the app designing, development, test and trial, until to the final launching and delivery. Every sector is playing a huge role to ensure the quality of products before they deliver it to clients.

The best thing about is that you can order them customized apps suitable for your business needs. Just tell them or describe what you exactly want, what you expect from it and the teams will work with you in figuring out the best and most efficient solution for the problem. And these experts will be very happy to offer you professional advices and insight about the related subject to make sure you get the best solution for it. With many years of experience they have in field, this will give you benefit of being guided by the truly experienced teams on it.

The main goal of isn’t only to provide you fast and reliable app development solution, but also to make sure their app will be truly able to give significant benefits to your business. Therefore, it is no wonder that before they decided to design an app for you, they will spend some time learning about your business, finding possible ways to fix the problem, and to apply it into an app. And yes, they are also recognized very well due to the amazing after-sales services provided by the company to which you will always count on them for any help and assistance even after years of the app purchase.

Mobile App Developer for All Your Mobile Needs

It is undeniable that the availability of applications and software effect on the mobile OS’ popularity in the long run. We all know how convenient it would be to have thousands of apps available compatible with your mobile OS, and compare it with the painful moment you have when you have only few available. Thanks to those mobile app developers whom always doing all their best efforts to give us much more apps options to choose from the market.

And what many don’t know is that we can actually get certain apps that are customized based on our specific needs. There is no need to be a good mobile app programmer; you can hire the experts in the field instead. Yes, it is quite possible for you to create custom app based on your initial needs, and one of the best places where you can find these mobile app developers to create custom mobile app to your needs is For any of your mobile app needs, either for personal usage or for your business, you can simply to outsource it from Tell them what you want and their experts will try their best to accommodate all your needs.

Take a little look over the site and see if any of their services are what you exactly needed. Whether you need custom app for business or personal use, these experts at will always be able to help you on it. They have high quality service that lead to satisfaction from all their customers. This can be seen from the increased number of clients they have in the last couple years. And with the professionalism they provided, it becomes reasonable as if always do their best to maintain their quality of products and services. That led them to be the most preferred digital agency London today.