5G technology excellence capable of downloading an average of 10 Gbps, this is just one of several advantages of the Internet network 5G. While there are many more other advantages related to the 5G internet network. Technology is indeed a new future in research, some trials, but several related companies, said that the 5G technology will be the consumption of internet users by 2020.

Of course, not only the company that we referred to above, there are many large companies that fully support this innovation. The largest technology companies. The most CEO of the company is providing “key note”. ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY 5G.

Important things about 5G technology which is the next generation of the Internet 4G LTE is more devoted to “anticipate” the Internet users is expected to reach 25 billion in 2020. Thus the need for innovation to address the number of devices that are connected to each other via the internet wireless. Mentioned some average speed requirements must 10Gbps users to realize the era of the Internet of Things.

Let’s look at 5 5G technology excellence. It must you know to add your insight 5G internet ahead of the launch in the year 2020.

Excess 5G internet, among others;

1. SPEED IS 5G 10GB per second
Think of how a device capable of downloading full length movies for your smartphone within 1 second !! really cool! Yes, speed 5G is able to achieve 10 Gbps. If we convert to the value GBps (distinguishing between Gbps with GBps, see the article here: How to calculate the speed of the download Kbps to KBps), then the speed = 0.2 x 10 Gbps = 2 GBps, which means that in one second you are able to fetching data from 2GB internet. This will be realized in 2020.

2. The creation of ERA INTERNET OF THINGS
5G technology turned out to be very important to address the major issues that are now spread in devices that are connected to each other. Load-capacity bandwidth greater than the number of connected devices is an important issue, because the problem if not addressed it will be the biggest obstacle attainment Internet of Things (IOT), and IOT itself is a project many countries and companies in the world to popularize the internet (including the internet program free in some countries), so that Internet users will pay more to the business life in cyberspace, including cloud computing business is increasingly widespread since their introduction in the 2000s.
Get ready to see censorship everywhere, this is a result of 5G technology and will be a much more intelligent way for devices to use the internet in terms of pleasure or business.
Everything, including a sensor for washing machine, driverless cars, the streets will be more intelligent with sensors attached to the tree will exchange data with each other through the Internet at any time.
Recent estimates, the market research firm analysis of the product and the user, Gartner, more than 25 billion connected devices by 2020. This further shows how widely the Internet and it is expected to address the 5G technology will solve the problem. And even “appropriate research” 5G technology will make everything run smoothly.

The new device, means new needs. All new tools it also means that the capacity will be one of the greatest needs. And bandwitch will be a problem when all the people together to access one point, and finally “down”. 5G technology will come and resolve the problem. This is according to estimates from the community of analysts assume that the 5G has the potential to bring the capacity to 1,000 times higher than today.
With the coping bandwitch then 5G can change our lives in the areas of transport, which is not a place of autonomous cars driving seriously, in other words can rest or relax while driving his own car. Also, in this case, the case of collision is minimized because of the intelligent sensor from the car itself, and supported by the help of internet connectivity 5G will show the navigation in “real-time” and added another long-distance traffic management.

One of the most daring predictions of future 5G technology that will eliminate all problems “network broke”, with a network without rupturing means 5G technology does not damage the equipment.
Of course, with a low latency is directly proportional to energy efficiency. Wasted energy has been reduced, so that consumers use the internet service to the fullest.

If the increase of internet technology 2G to 3G internet technology is said to be very significant, or so-called major changes, the technological development of the 4th generation to generation-5 can also be said to be “significant”. This of course will have an effect on the lives of everyday people, just like when the audience began to use a smartphone which is a drastic increase from regular phones (featured phone), an example of a result of technological developments of 3G internet.
Remember that the 4G LTE capable of delivering a maximum speed of up to 450 Mbps when downloading. To equate the unit Gbps, then 450Mbps = 0.45 Gbps. From this it appears that the changes between 4G LTE heading to 5G technology so far, vs. 0.45 Gbps to 10 Gbps.
With these speeds, the change in users may be more on video playback. Internet users worldwide average of 70% play a video than read text. So the development of video playback when the user haunt 5G technology 2020, we can say that Internet users will abandon HD video file types, they would prefer a minimum of Full HD and developed countries would be to Ultra HD 4K resolution video and on the other hand are has a large storage capacity will choose the look 8K UHD.

That some advantages 5G technology is expected to attend in 2020. What will come after rains 5G technology to Internet users are the things that once again as we said above; significant speed 10 gigabit-per-second / 2 GB per second, energy saving, no damage, low latency, is a requirement of 5G technology. In this case, obviously there has been no news about further developments.

Such technologies include a discussion of the definition, benefits, as well as examples of this technology. Hopefully this article useful and provide greater insight to you about the world of technology. Hope It Is Useful

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