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World’s Fastest Train

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Transportation on the tracks of the fastest in the world currently held by China’s Shanghai Maglev trains with speeds reaching 431 km per hour. Now they must be ready to compete. Neighboring countries, Japan does not want to lose. The country is preparing shogun break the world record in the field of Railways Revitalization.

500 km per hour! This is the dream of Japan created the fastest train in the world. Compare with Formula 1 sports car that only a maximum of 412 km per hour. Reporting from Live Science, Japan is starting to build a track for the train. The plan, the fastest trains will deliver passengers from Tokyo to Nagoya in 7 minutes.

Trains in China and Japan could have a super speed because it is built with the technology of magnetic levitation (maglev). Before we know more about maglev, worth known fact China has developed the fastest train others. Manufacturing started in 2010, electric trains have predicted CRH380A name can reach speeds of 302 miles per hour, or the equivalent of 486 km per hour. Despite the fact that during operation, CRH380A will only reach a maximum speed of about 236 miles per hour, or about 380 km per hour. Read more

The Next Generation of Biomimetic Robot: Melissa Robot

The modern technology has never failed to keep us impressed. After the tech community been amazed with the digital launch of hover board prototype recently, now we’re about to be impressed with the new generation biomimetic robot called Melissa Robot. Unlike most other robot-alike been developed previously, the new Melissa Robot, which is developed by Favis, Inc. is designed to be a lot like us, both anatomically and in its learning behavior. Melissa Robot built up using hard skeleton as the base of its anatomy, wrapped with soft muscles designed to contract in similar way like ours.

And what makes Melissa Robot is outstanding compared to others is not because of the physical appearance it has, but mostly due to the virtual learning applied to her. Yes, unlike most other robot that are developed under real-world training and mainly rely on trial-and-error learning, Melissa is developed under virtual learning environment which is more efficient and is truly effective. So during the development process, Melissa is taught on how to do various types of actions or movement, such as standing, walking, getting up from ground, and many more, virtually. That way, when the training is finished, Melissa will then be able to do these tasks in real world.

Even though Melissa Robot is still under development, but Favis, Inc. has welcomed anyone whom interested to own Melissa Robot to do a pre-order. Yes, those hobbyists, robot enthusiasts, collectors, or even fellow robot developers can do the pre-order and be the first to own Melissa Robot when it finally hit the market. Favis, Inc. even uploaded official videos of Melissa Robot via Youtube allowing people to get first sight of how Melissa look like and how it will be in the future. Anyone can easily to find more information about Melissa Robot and the progress been made by visiting the official website of Favis, Inc.

Proxy for Extra Anonymity and Security Online

With the increased number of cybercrime cases in the last few years, it should be a wakeup call for us to be extra careful when doing activities online. Just keep it in mind that internet isn’t the safe place for you to store and save credential data over the cloud system. It is important not to easily reveal our personal identity online since anyone can access it and misuse the information given for their own advantage. Even slight disclosure such as revealing where do we live and family members’ name can risk of being misused by others.

And with the advanced technology being used by those cybercriminal minds in around the globe nowadays, we need more than just self-precautions, but also prevention. In case you want to make yourself completely anonymous while browsing the internet, you can use proxy server to make you technically unreachable by those criminals. The proxy servers will act as your mask to mislead their tracking efforts and to make you fully anonymous. You can still able to access any contents you want on the internet – including also the blocked contents by your ISP – and keep yourself fully secured along the way.

If you look for more about it, there are two options of proxy services we can use today, the free and premium proxy server. Free proxy service is suited to those who need it for seasonal use, such as only when they need to access blocked content for once in a while or various other casual purposes. And yes, free proxy service has limitations of IP preferences and locations. In other hand, premium proxy server is dedicated for heavy-duty browsing activity, such as for corporations and businesses whom wanted to protect their identity for security purposes, surely with payments to be made. Most premium proxy providers offer various service plans, so you better to choose one that suit your needs and budget.

Add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

How to Add Google Drive To Windows ‘Send To’ Menu?

Google drive allows you to copy-paste or drag the file or folder you want to move to local Google Drive folder available in the system. Once Google server is connected, this Google Drive for PC is synchronized with the cloud storage location of Google server. How easy it would have been if Windows have the option to add files like we do it with USB drives. Right click and send to USB Pen Drive. Well, it is possible! One more alternative which can be much quicker to perform this method is to add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. This section below will discuss about how to attain this method and add this option of Google Drive to “Send To” option.

Steps for The Procedure

Take care of the fact that you have Google Drive for PC installed in your system. Only then you will be able to add this option of Google Drive to the “Send To” option.

  • Go to Start Menu and type command Run or you can press Windows Key + R in order to open run command.1
  • Here in the Run window, type Shell:sendto and hit Enter. This will open the Send To folder where all the shortcuts for different applications and locations are listed.2
  • Or, you can go to the location; C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo directly by providing this path to Windows Explorer address bar.3
  • Once this location is open, a shortcut for Google Drive can be created. Right-click on this Send-To folder and click on New and select Shortcut.4
  • Another window will open where you can Browse for the location of Google Drive in the system. Click Next to proceed.5
  • Provide a name for this Shortcut, Google Drive is recommended to avoid confusion which is taken by default. Click Finish once you finish the process.6
  • Once the Shortcut is created, you can easily send the files or folders directly using the “Send To” option. Select the files and right-click to it, click on Sent To and select Google Drive as destination location.7Conclusion

    In this way one can easily add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. After performing this very short task, you will not need to copy paste or drag and drop files from your system to local Google Drive folder. You can quickly send the files to this local folder using Send To option. Once you are connected to the Google server, the files will be automatically synched with the server and the files will be saved to Google Drive online.

    Author: As author of MS Outlook ToolsPeter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

Computer Legacy for Everything about Computer, Tech and Gadget

The internet is always considered as the best source of news and entertainment. This is reasonable considering the fact that there are millions news portal sites available today, to which you can expect them for the most updated information and news. Even better, some sites are focusing in providing information and news about certain topic or category so that the content become more and more specific. For someone whom really interested on certain topic or category then visiting a news portal site that specializes in the respective topic will be a good idea.

And if you are one of those computer enthusiasts whom always craving for latest news and information related to technology, computer, and gadgets, you are welcomed to visit for you to know, Computer Legacy is specializing in providing updated information and news related to today’s computing world, gadget releases, including also reviews to various latest technological products existed in today’s market. Interested to know more about latest PS4 news and updates? Or you just want to learn some new facts about modern technology we have today? You’re visiting the right place by entering

Even though the information given is always updated, which shows the company’s professionalism and seriousness, the company ensures that everything at is offered for free. One will not be charged for anything in order to get full access to all contents the site has inside. No membership is required either, which that means people may easily to come and read anything they like. Computer Legacy isn’t a new website though. They have been online for many years now and have been accessed by countless number of visitors throughout these years. Spend some time exploring the site and good chance you will be the next fan of Computer Legacy in the future, due to the amazing things the website has offered.

Robot Lively Conqueror “Cheetah”

WildCat, Robot Lincah Penakluk

Last year, a new robot designed to mimic the movement and speed of the cheetah, some of us definitely amazed by the ability of the machine to chase and dodge at a speed of nearly 30 mph.

However, when it created a robot that still need to be connected by cables so that the operator who also had a little difficulty moving.

Has released “WildCat”, the sequel of the robot Cheetah. Currently the new speed reached 16 mph, but the advantage is the robot can be controlled completely with a wireless LAN. Read more

The US Army uniform Similar Future Iron Man

Seragam Tentara AS Masa Depan Mirip Iron Man

Seems costumes worn in Iron Man is not just fiction. Bulletproof clothes inspired high-tech armed forces of the United States make it real. Here he TALOS: The Tactical Assault Suit Light Operator.

TALOS armor steel is very innovative. In it there is a power monitoring technology, health, and advanced weapons systems. Researchers adviser at the Center for Research, Development, and Engineering US Army, TALOS also have communication systems, sensors, radar, and others. All the leading technologies in this steel armor.

The shape will be the same as the Iron Man suit. In fact, considering the main raw materials of metals that are susceptible to magnetism and electricity. Scientists, engaged in the design of this armor. The team of scientists also are developing the liquid body armor that will protect the user’s body from the effects of the magnetic field and electric current. Read more

Audio Experts for Residential and Commercials

The presence of good quality sound and video system is important in certain events or occasions. Your business presentation or school events may be a disaster simply because of poor quality audio video system. And to avoid such embarrassment, you can ask the professional systems integrator instead. The highly experienced team will provide you high quality audio video system you probably needed for your special event or business presentation.

If you’re living in Lancaster, UK or planned to hold a special event in the area that requires reliable audio video system, you can find the best solution on it at The company has anything you possibly needed for your event. Whether you need best quality audio system for residential use or commercial, you’ve come to the right place considering for solutions. For anything you need, you can always count on them for the best. Their experienced teams and staffs will always be there to provide you nothing but service excellence and reliable system. By asking their help, you don’t have to worry anymore about any troubles on both audio and video system, so that you can focus on some other important things.

They have the advanced service of audio PA Systems in which they guaranteed for the best audio system in the class and brought to your event for your convenience. Their system is designed to be easy to use that even beginners can easily to operate and conduct high quality audio controlling and management based on the desired purpose.

When you entered the site, you’ll be able to find much information about the company as well as products and services they provided. For you whom really concern about the importance of high quality sound system on your next event, now you know where to go for some help. Even when you need disco lighting and various other things to accessorize your special event, they’re there with the solutions. Visit the site now and find any information you needed to make your next event success.

Finding Professionals to Help Optimize Our New Site

There are several things that determine the progress of your site. Along with good design as the essential part of it, maintaining such good SEO technique should be really recommended though. There have been many cases of people with good ideas just simply failed in building their sites. In fact, good idea isn’t that enough to help us grow a new site. We need powerful SEO strategies to gain better page rank. Since not all web owners have enough skills, knowledge, and time in doing all these necessary things for SEO developments, hiring the professionals in this field would be a good alternative though.

For you to know, a number of SEO companies are available today with wide range of SEO services and solutions to accommodate all web owners’ development needs. Hiring these professionals will give you the advantage of saving much of your valuable time doing the hassles so you can focus on other more important things about your new business. And hiring SEO Consultant doesn’t mean you have to break your savings. Just keep it in mind that such good and affordable SEO services are existed and it’s all your jobs to find the best one to have a deal with.

It would be better if you find good SEO Company locally. This will ease you to get immediate help or to reach them for some consultations about your new site. If you’re looking for reliable company providing SEO and web design Sydney then going online may ease you finding the well reputable one to deal with. Internet has never short of recommendations to good companies, including also direct reference to You can try for high quality and affordable web designing project. Make sure you these companies are providing online access to their expert teams so you may contact them for any helps instantly via online whenever it needed.

New Recommendable Place to Buy Portable Weed Vaporizer

Whether you need a good Portable Weed Vaporizer kit for daily use or just for occasional purposes, the online market can give you more options of it to explore. While most local shops are only able to offer us very limited options of vaporizers to explore, you can put your best expectations to the online market though. With millions of active online stores available today, there is a greater opportunity for anyone to be able to find specific vaporizer they possibly needed to purchase. Even better, by going online may also give chance of finding better pricing on the desired items. This is why, most people would prefer to go online to buy things, especially when it comes about portable weed vaporizer.

Due to so many options of vaporizer products available in the market, people need to find a good place to get guidance and assistance in selecting the right vaporizer. That is where take a part. This website is specializing in providing help and guidance related to portable weed vaporizer purchases. In fact, they have enlisted some of the best weed vaporizers ever existed in the market, and provide the list for nothing but to help people in making the right investment on these amazing products.

There are also reviews of various weed vaporizer products you can find here, from the less-known products to the most popular ones in the field. Need to know more about Arizer Air Vaporizer and how it got awarded as the best weed vaporizer in today’s market? Well, you can find much more information to it here at Learn about the products, its extra features that make it superior compared to others, pricing plan, and much more. Now people won’t anymore lost the compass when it comes about purchasing a good portable weed vaporizer since is there to keep them on the right track.

Substitute Robot Man

robot asimo

The development of robotics so quickly. The more robots created by a human-like capabilities. They can perform the activity cooking, playing music, helping hospital activities, and others. We look at some examples below.

Industrial food & baverages slowly began to ‘infiltrated’ robot. Try to come to Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. This Japanese restaurant serves its customers with the help of robots that can dance. The robot style style Japanese samurai army and deliver the meat and vegetables to the visitors while doing the robot dance electro style.

In addition there is also a restaurant in Harbin, China which employs 20 robots to cook, serve and entertain customers. These robots have a height between 1.2 to 1.5 meters and can display 10 different facial expressions. Remarkably, they can work continuously for five hours after the battery has charged for two hours. Read more

WordPress Themes are Just Clicks Away

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. When compared to other blogging platforms, WordPress is having the most facilities for every of our blogging purpose. Not only for personal need, but also many people use WordPress for their business page. The themes, widgets and all of the facilities served on WordPress are so helpful. In a business, image is everything and we can build professional image through our WordPress theme. Nowadays, we are having so many choices on WordPress themes. Of course, since we are using the blog for business, we cannot use funny themes or themes that unable to show our professionalism. For business purpose, make sure to choose a theme that looks relevant to our business. Here are some tips on choosing the right WordPress premium themes for business need.

When choosing a theme, not only we have to pay attention to the theme look, but also the facilities and control. WordPress themes are so essential to represent our business and products to the online market, and our job is to choose one suits our need. Make sure that the theme makes our page a user friendly page for both of our visitors and us as the administrator. If we want to give personal touch or make some modification, then it had better for us to choose WordPress that easy to customize. One thing for sure, we have to check the facilities of the theme. Choose wordpress themes that support our business such as one that serve us testimonial box, contact form, space for our portfolio and many others.

There are hundreds online stores you can go for WordPress Themes, but when it comes about stylish and highly responsive WP themes, nothing can compare to what has provided. By visiting the site you will get the benefits as if you explored the entire market thanks to its highly extensive theme collections provided inside.