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New Way to Protect Your Gadget with PortPlugs

Gadgets and smartphones aren’t cheap nowadays. With the big money they have spent on these gadgets, surely everyone always want it to be fully protected and secured from anything that may harm or even broke their new expensive gadgets. There are many things people can do to protect and secure their gadget, such as installing protective case, screen guard, bag, and more. All these things are designed carefully to provide optimum protection to the gadget. It protect them from bump, scratches, and even liquid. While these cases and protectors are covering most part of the gadget, some of them are failed to protect some and the most crucial part of the gadget itself, such as the ports.

Being realized or not, dusts and water can easily enter and ruin the gadget through these ports, such as the audio port, USB, data-cable port, and more. And no matter how you cover all other part of the gadget, if these ports are still wide open then your phone is still vulnerable. That is where take a part by providing high quality PortPlugs, plugs that are designed to protect the port holes from dust and even liquid. We never know what may happen to our gadget in the future and it’s always a good thing to have port plugs installed to your phone or other gadgets just in case.

The presence of port plugs had changed the way people protect and secure their gadget. Now they don’t have to worry anymore about having their phone ports filled with dusts and sands during their beach vacation or to get spills entering it during the dining chat., as the official website of PortPlugs (the PortPlugs manufacturer), has all the information about these products you can learn whenever you need it. The San Diego based company will do anything it possible to keep their customers happy and satisfied including by improving the quality of their products and services whenever it possible.

Differences and similarities of Motorized and Manual Projection Screens

proyektor persamaan

Motorized projector screen and Manual

Rapid technological this time, the use of a projector has become commonplace for business purposes as well as educational presentations such as lectures, even for home entertainment was already using the projector, such as watching a movie or something. For projecting images with perfect results, it is necessary a screen projector for medium. For activities supported by the use of the projector without the screen projecting images, will produce a displayed image quality is poor.

If a user only uses any media wall in projecting the image, the image produced is less than perfect. Due to the structure of the wall itself can not reflect light very well. In contrast to the texture projection screen that can reflect light very well and can display images perfectly. There are several types of projector screens that are on the market.


Motorized projector screen is a type of screen that has automatic features. This feature serves to remove the screen automatically, simply by pressing a button on the remote control. This motorized projector screen known as automatic projector screen. Unlike the manual projector screen, to remove his display must be drawn first. Because of this screen system to remove the screen manually, so the possibility of durability the screen more easily damaged than the motorized projector screen. But behind the advantages of a motorized screen, offering price is quite expensive compared to manual projector screen. Indeed, the price can determine the quality of the screen. Read more

Unique Paper Tab tablet


In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology today, many of the latest technologies are constantly being developed. Superior products was already widely produced and has been refurbished in a specification and technology. As well as on a digital device is a tablet, the technology embedded in a tablet is getting better and continue to be developed. Currently tablet as we know it and the general market have a shape or dimensions slightly thick, but now there is a tablet that has a dimension very thin, as thin as paper pamphlets. This device includes a unique type of tablet, and is already using the latest innovations.

This unique paper-thin tablet named by PaperTab. Innovation tablet is very interesting, because it has a flexible screen that can be bent and shaken like a piece of paper. Because of this PaperTab made and specially-made plastic coated from Plastic Logic, which is developing a tablet technologies that have very thin dimensions. This unique tablet developed by a university Queen in cooperation with an Intel Lab and supported by the company Plastic Logic as an ingredient in the material.

With dimensions that are owned, PaperTab can be used flexibly with a super slim body. You do not have to worry if the tablet is dropped unique, because it will not cause a severe effect. Unlike the tablets are generally made of glass, so it is vulnerable to rupture if dropped. Read more

New Way to Get Bitcoin Balance

Bitcoin has been considered as the best currency ever existed in history thanks to its immunity toward the global financial fluctuation and inflation. Some people even consider BitCoin as the best investment commodity, that is even better than gold. And the best thing is that anyone can be a Bitcoin miner, to which they can exploit their computer to mine Bitcoin and earn some along the way from it. Until today, Bitcoin has becoming more and more popular that many famous online shops and merchants accept payment with Bitcoins. That way, Bitcoin miners don’t have to convert their Bitcoins into dollars or other famous currencies first to be able to buy items online.

Step 1 - What do you want to buy?

Step 1 – What do you want to buy?

Step 2 - Make the payment

Step 2 – Make the payment

With the increased demand of Bitcoin nowadays, more and more people are seeking for the instant way to get extra Bitcoin balance. And that is where steps forward. For you to know, offers instant Bitcoin purchase solutions where anyone can simply buy Bitcoin balance and add it up automatically to their Bitcoin account almost immediately after the purchases being made.

Step 3 - Wait for payment to arrive

Step 3 – Wait for payment to arrive

Step 4 - The Bitcoins are on their way

Step 4 – The Bitcoins are on their way

Many people might wondered and asked themselves “ How do I buy Bitcoin?” Some even have no idea if it’s possible for them to buy these Bitcoin balances whenever they need it. Thanks to to which anyone can count on this site for the most reliable Bitcoin purchases. And yes, is accessible 24×7 every week, which that means anyone will always be able to find and shop the needed Bitcoin even if they need it in the middle of the night. We all know how the online market and activities are never sleep and whenever you need Bitcoin at night either to buy stuffs online or to make donations, will always be there to help you get the needed amount of balance to be added to your Bitcoin account.

Run Travel Agency Easier with TeenyOffice


Running a business isn’t necessarily has to be difficult and complicated. By applying the right technology and software, people can limit the frustrations and make everything easy and simple to run a business. And if you are planning to run a Travel Agency, the best thing you can do to make everything easy and simple is by using the business managerial software from There might be so many options of software and applications designed to manage a travel agency business, however nothing can compare the amazing features and services TeenyOffice Software has to offer.

Whether your plan is to establish the agency independently or to create large networking agencies throughout the states from it, TeenyOffice software will always be able to accommodate all your IT and managerial needs. The company is designed to be able to run and manage Independent Travel Agents, from the ordering to the customer relationship campaign. For everything you possibly needed for your company, TeenyOffice will always be able to make everything as simple as you wish for. Even the company encourages anyone to give feedback and request customizations so it will be as exactly as what the customers needed.

You can find and learn more about TeenyOffice software and how it will be beneficial for your company to have it, by visiting Everything about TeenyOffice can be found here including also list of all features, services, and everything the program are capable of. Full contact information of the company can also be found at to which people can easily to contact the experts from the company’s customer support for direct help and assistance whenever it needed. These experts will be more than happy to help and assist you in any way you like, from introducing all information related to the TeenyOffice software, how it works, and many more.


Free License Plate Number Lookup from

If you travel a lot, there will be times when you see and witness a vehicle, one or more, has breaking the law. Some are even appear really suspicious that you want to do something about it to satisfy your curiousness. And if you are one of those people whom really put big concern over the safety and security of everyone on the road and just wanted to know more about suspicious vehicles you meet along the way, then we recommend you to try This website is offering instant license plate lookup where you can retrieve more information about the vehicle’s ownership, records, and more. And the best thing is that the service can be used by anyone for free.

Not in many places we can find Free License Plate Number Lookup and thanks to that makes it possible for anyone to check and get more information about certain vehicles from its plate numbers. It saves much of people’s time and efforts in order to get more information about these suspicious vehicles wandering their neighborhood or to report for law violation whenever it occurred. And unlike most other free service providers out there, really put their huge dedication to the service they provided as they keep all the information to be updated and valid.

It takes only few clicks of the finger for anyone to check and conduct license plate lookup. keeps everything to be as simple and easy possible for people to examine certain plate numbers. And as it stated on the site page, all information provided about these plate numbers are completely legal and won’t interfere the privacy of the owners. In fact, they keep the personal information about the vehicle owners off the screen so people can only view the general information needed for general purposes.


Google Glass Latest Innovations In Technology World

glass google

You ever imagine what it’s like if you have optic artificial intelligence as a personal assistant like Jarvis in the Ironman? Of course it will be very exciting because of the “personal assistant” will help you in every activity, particularly in communicating.

By 2015, Google introduced through one of the founders of Google Glass on a new innovation that will bring people to a new dimension in the world of technology. Google Glass is a smart phone with optical head-mounted display, a technology that can project images allowing users to view it.

Google Glass different ways of working with the workings of smartphones in general are on the market today. During this time you need to look into the smartphone screen to communicate. took this photograph, record or see the GPS, even today on the streets of many people “autism” with his smartphone. The latest technology which is owned by Google Glass helped liberate the hands, eyes, and ears of reliance on the smartphone. Any activity that you do through a smartphone, whether it is called, photograph, recording, browsing, and so can you project directly in front of you through Google Glass. You just need to say “Glass” to perform commands such as photographing, recording, call, see GPS and so on. Read more

Hashtag Photo Booth for Effective Business Branding

So you have an event to be held soon and want to boost your product or business branding to the top? Well, there are actually many things we can do to boost our business and product branding, but most them wouldn’t be able to give you instant result. And if you want it to be an easy, fast, and instant way of elevating your business branding, the best option available for it will be installing a hashtag photo booth from BrandRocket to your event booth. Many had tried it and mostly really successful in escalating their brand and receive amazing positive feedbacks from visitors.


Just as the name is, Hashtag Photo Booth incorporate online social media like Instagram and Twitter with a digital photo booth. Anyone could easily to select and print any pictures they have been taken from their phones directly to the digital printer within the booth, via those two social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter. All the people need to do is just to upload the desired pics attributed with the unique hashtag you have been selected earlier and the booth will then automatically detect and print the pics visitors have uploaded for then they can get the print for free. This unique feature and service lead many people to be really fascinated and are voluntarily spreading your business branding campaign through the social media platforms.

There might be many options of photo booth services and rentals available in the market but none of them can significantly contributing to your business branding. We all know how people do really love free stuffs and now you can trick the quest by providing hashtag photo booth where you can provide them free photo printing service and get them to spread words about your products and businesses worldwide in return.

BrandRocket is one of the most notable companies in South Africa especially due to their unique yet effective business branding solutions provided. They have been providing event booth and social printing services for many years now and had incorporated many companies and people throughout the years. With the high demand for effective branding services nowadays, the presence of BrandRocket with their hashtag photo booth had revolutionized the way of people leveraging the product branding and enhance the possibility of getting their business get recognized worldwide. And this has been proven for many times. Most of their clients are experiencing significant improvement on business branding and conversion after using BrandRocket’s services.

And to install hashtag photo booth, one should only provide electrical outlets and space for the installation. It doesn’t have to be big space since the overall photo booth is sized so compact and not too bulky. That makes it really suitable to any booth size and space availability. Even a small event booth should be enough to incorporate the need of space required for the photo booth installation. Also it is necessary for the location to have enough phone signal and internet access especially with the fact that the system relies fully on internet connection to be able to work properly.

Professional Civil Engineering in Sacramento

Wondering to know the best place to find experts of civil engineering in Sacramento? You need professionals’ assistance in planning and designing your new home or landscape? If that’s the case, the answer will be The site is here to offer people easier access to the expert civil engineers available in Sacramento, which will be more than happy to help people in designing and planning both residential property and commercial infrastructures. They are the highly qualified and licensed civil engineers you will find at whose years of experiences in the field.

And the best thing about is that they have adequate knowledge and expertise to accommodate every client’s needs. Thanks to many years of experiences they have in the industry that lead them to be one of the most preferred civil engineering contractors in Sacramento. There is no job too small nor too big for them to accomplish. They even is becoming the destination for competitors to seek professional help and assistance in order to accomplish certain job and project they are unable to accomplish themselves. It shows the professionalism and expertise the company has in order to keep the customers happy and are highly satisfied.

We all know how frustrating it could be for someone to find the real experts for their landscaping and construction planning project, and now they can always visit to find the best team for the job. We all know how it could be a tricky quest for anyone to find and hire professionals for specific jobs, and at least now they have something they can rely on whenever they need expert civil engineers with qualifications and specialty in the respective field. Learn more about the company, the team involved, and how they work by simply visiting their official website at

Projectors World-Class Technology


Projectors is the best projector offering. This projector comes with technologies featured in it. And already equipped with world-class features and technology, to support the display image on the projection screen results. Projectors is categorized projector portable, is a projector that can be used without prior installation

The features and world-class technology that is already embedded in the projector, as follows:

1. Screen Fit
These features allow you to be more focused in the presentation begins, with this feature without wasting time while setting the  projector. At the Screen Fit feature to automatically adjust the projector that will adjust the image size on the screen, in order to have the same size and do not pass through the frame projector screen. The workings of the automatic settings, simply by pressing the Screen Fit is already available. Read more

Typical Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Restaurant POS System

If the current F&B POS system or electronic cash register does not provide you anymore with what you need or is causing some issues because it is outdated, then it is time to scrap them and get yourself a new POS system, especially if you are running a restaurant. What are the signs that tell you it’s time to replace your old POS system?

Sign #1: If the only consistent experiences you have are its technical difficulties – mostly due to outdated software, then you need to replace it.

  • If you are seeing blue screens on your restaurant POS terminal, then it’s a candidate to go to the recycle bin.
  • Regular crashes or instances where you have freezing moments with your POS system.
  • It just is not running well as it once did.
  • Rejects payments or gets delayed.
  • Authorization of payments is hard to obtain.
  • Customer transactions take a long time to complete than it was once before.

It is not advisable to endure or tolerate these glitches as it will not improve. Investing in a new POS technology is better than losing sales – or worse, your business because of bad transactions due to a defective POS system.

Sign #2: Receipt printers of your POS system break down often and always needs to be repaired.

Having frequent occurrences of hardware malfunctions that may seem to be minor like the printers that do not print or the monitors that won’t just switch on indicates that there is a system-wide malfunction. It is strongly advised that purchasing a Restaurant POS system before this occurrence happen will greatly help you as well as prevent your business from suffering some losses because of system failures.

The problem is, if you try to tolerate this problem, you’ll end up losing the business because of a simple equipment failure that could have been avoided. Not only would you lose your business, you also would not be able to handle major problems that comes with a bad system, which is a corrupt database not even if you are very familiar with your existing POS system. You need to ask yourself, are you willing to face these types of problems and take a chance with your defective POS system? Without the help from experts that are able to perform complicated remediation processes, you’re better off buying a replacement.

Even if POS system components can be fixed and replace the defective parts, but does that equal to the lost business that you’ll end up with? It’s just not worth the hassle!

Sign #3: When the business needs more functionality that your old restaurant POS software could not handle.

The food and beverage industry is caught in the middle of a rising competition, ingredient and labor costs, which makes it a must for every restaurant owner to adapt to a full-featured restaurant POS system to help them with the following:

  • Improve check averages
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Leverage the human resources through online orders, mobile devices and through self-service methods
  • Support the use of loyalty programs to help increase customers and to improve customer retention
  • Also give the businesses the chance to reduce food costs with portion controls, tracking of inventory
  • Minimize labor expenditures through employee scheduling and overtime restrictions

If your old restaurant POS system doesn’t have these features, then you better be prepared to brace for a negative impact towards your business.

Sign #4: Out of warranty POS system and the provider is not giving you any support.

As soon as you run out of warranty and you have been trying to get ahold of your POS system provider. What good does that do to your business if you ran into some technical issue, and you get no help from the provider or experts? Are you willing to have all this stress? You are better off with investing on a new restaurant POS system than wait for a miracle to happen.

Although buying a new POS system just for the sake of technology, it’s a frivolous thing to do and a waste of the business money, but if your POS system are displaying these signs mentioned above, then it is time to make that positive leap for a brighter and better future for your business.