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Create your mobile website quickly and easily with Xeal Mobile

The number of smartphone users with internet subscriptions has significantly increased recently with many users opting to use their smartphone as their preferred device for browsing the internet. The modern consumer often prefers to go online to browse for information about services or products which often leads to sales, either directly online or in store.

With this in mind savvy business owners can see that there is huge potential to engage with and convert potential customers who are browsing the internet through their mobile devices. There are potential customers out there right now looking for your products and services, and you might very well be missing out on these opportunities by not allowing these users to find and navigate your website through their mobile phone.

In short, a mobile friendly website has the potential to generate you more business.

For a lot of business owners this sounds too hard, too complex or too expensive. What if there was an alternative? What if there was a way to engage with this potential customer without these barriers?


According to Xeal Mobile, they are the solution.Xeal Mobile is an online mobile website builder that anyone can use, and best of all, it is quick, easy and affordable. They claim that anyone can create a mobile website in under 7 minutes using their online tool. They are so confident in their tool that they are offering a free 14 day trial so you can ‘try before you buy’.

We tested Xeal Mobile and must say that we were not let down! We created a test mobile website in under 5 minutes. We also found the builder easy to use, in fact it is the easiest website builder solution we have ever used. Probably one of the most important points is that we didn’t need to have any understanding of programming or designing and could still create a beautiful mobile website. We didn’t need to download or install any software as it is cloud based so it was all done online through the Xeal Mobile website.

XealMobile is full featured boasting features such as SEO, marketing, Google analytics integration, eCommerce, contact forms, image galleries, video, social media, click-to-call and more. They are also committed to continually improving and releasing more features, designs and more value for the same monthly flat fee.

They even provide free support for members just in case you do need any help or have any questions. In saying that, they have a great knowledge base that is always expanding which has tutorials and videos on how to use Xeal Mobile.

We believe Xeal Mobile is an amazing online tool that provides real value, which is why we were surprised to learn that the monthly price for such a premium productis as low as USD$37 per month. It would be less than $2 per day. Also, there are no hidden costs or contracts – just one fee for everybody.

And remember that all new members will be automatically eligible to get free 14 day trial with full access to the tool so there is no reason not to give it a try!

ASUS Launches TUF Sabertooth X99


ASUS officially launched its latest motherboard 2015, ASUS TUF Sabertooth X99, in the event of computer and digital technology CeBIT 2015, held in Hannover, Germany, March 16 to 20. Is a division of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) from ASUS did the best as compared to other motherboard manufacturers. This is because the division has responsibility only focus on line gaming, overclocking and then TUF (The Ultimate Force). Including this March, where the latest ASUS TUF Sabertooth motherboard launch X99. Yes, no one deny the popularity of this company in the computer hardware sector, ASUS is the best brand in Taiwan.

ASUS TUF Sabertooth X99 is the world’s first consumer motherboards are compatible with all storage options NVM Express, plus a built-in USB 3.1 and all the latest in technology Detective TUF.

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Finding the Right Cell Phone to Shop

Technology is everywhere. It can be found in almost every aspect of our daily life, from the business world, medical industry, and even for social networking purposes. And cellphone is one of the most popular technological devices being used by millions people in around the world. There are broad range options of it available in the market today, allowing consumers to choose and select the one that meet their specific needs and demands. Whether they want it small or big screen, multi-touch screen or not, the options are in their hand. And good chance the today market will be able to accommodate it all.

And the broad options of smartphone today has also led many people out there be easily confused. Many just simply lost the compass when it comes about finding the right Cell Phone to purchase. In that case, finding recommendations and advices from the experts will be a rightful idea to keep them on the right track. And in that case, internet can be the best source for them to learn about everything related to modern smartphone industry. There are many sites and forum pages focused in discussing about cell phone to which they can find recommendations and guidance from the fellow experts, to find the right phone that match the value and function. is one of these sites people should go and visit when it comes about finding the right cellphone. There are many articles and phone reviews can be found here, written and published by the real experts in the field dedicated to help others in making the right purchase decision. Visitors will be able to browse the phones according to its brands, models, features, platform, and more. They have the unbiased reviews and recommendations that every option will be always in the people’s hand whether or not they will buy the item they recommended inside.


Get Fully Navigated and Secured with GPS System

Purchasing and installing a GPS system to our car is one thing we won’t regret in the future. Even though the price of a GPS system can be quite expensive nowadays, but it worth all the advantages we can enjoy. If we are using GPS for personal need, then the GPS will be our ultimate guide to navigate us in exploring any places we never visited before. We will be able to reach any destination faster and also avoided from getting lost. Such advanced GPS device is also equipped with various features for entertainment purposes, so our journey will be much fun.

For family usage, GPS can replace LCD TV, so we can keep our children occupied and not distract our driving. Besides it regular use, GPS can also be used as GPS Tracking Device. Yes, with the right equipment and utilization of compatible Online GPS tracking software we will be able to track any vehicles equipped with GPS system, in real-time mode. It eases us in monitoring our private car or even to control the fleet of our business.

For people who have cab fleet business or delivery service GPS Tracking Device will help them to track their employees’ position. With that way, working hours can be more effective and efficient. If the vehicles are missing, then GPS Tracking Device will serve us the real time position of the vehicles. Small things like gas cost can also be reduced with GPS Tracking Device. For family usage, GPS Tracking Device can be very beneficial to monitor the teens. We will be able to find out the places our children visit. If the car is stolen, then GPS Tracking Device will help us find out the real time position of the car. Therefore, the car can be found easily.

GPS tracking device can be in various forms, from a standard size to tiny device to keep it invisible. If security is our major purpose, then using the hidden GPS tracking can be so beneficial. With the hidden GPS, car thieves are unable to detect the existence of the GPS, so they won’t take the GPS off. You can learn more about GPS system and the GPS tracking server by visiting

Get Your Business on Top with Professional Internet Marketing Agency

Seeing our business competitors’ website getting high position on Google search page or more popular that our website is definitely an upsetting thing. At that time, you’ll realize the fact that making out web-based business standout the others is not an easy thing. Well, it looks easy on the theory, but actually it is just as difficult as the brick and mortar business. We might think that we have done everything for our website like creating fresh and unique content, making a good design and arrangement, put Alexa toolbar and so on, but it seems that our dream on getting top rank on Google or at least become one of the top ten sites on Google first page is out of reach.

We are not alone, there are so many online business owners dreaming for the same thing out there and it is clear that getting a good position and visibility on online world is not an easy thing and it is almost impossible for us to get it without professional’s help. Therefore, it had better for us to hunt for the best internet marketing agency.

When we are searching for internet marketing agency, don’t go to the search engine and check their website, then finally choosing one that serve the most convincing site. Choose one based on the area of expertise. Not all agencies are having the same quality and each of them is having strength on specific area. Also it is essential to consider hiring Local Internet Marketing Agency to eases us in coordinating everything related to the project. It might take an effort, but make sure to learn about the possible internet marketing strategies we can use and choose agency that has specialty on the expected field.

What if we have no idea about internet marketing? We can choose internet marketing agency based on the experience and client record. Good agency is having high and of course positive experience. Take some names from their client list and check on the clients’ site. If the sites are having good popularity, then we can consider about hiring the agency. If we don’t want to take any risk, just go to where you’ll find team of experts to help you with the internet marketing campaign.

Buy Smartphone Easily with The Smartphone Mall

Smartphone influences our daily life and activity. Many people are simply can’t pass the day without checking up their Facebook profiles and messengers via their smartphone. Even so, to modern age today, smartphone isn’t no longer only functioned as a way to get connected to others, but it also offers various features to accommodate all our daily need, such as daily scheduler, alarm/timer, weather, and many more. And with the increased number of smartphones are available in today’s market, sometimes it lead many people feel confused to find the right one to shop. That is when comes with solution.

As one of the largest smartphone virtual shops today, The Smartphone Mall has changed the way of people find and shop any types and brands of smartphones. Instead of roaming to multiple phone shops in town and have to deal with disappointment as we’re unable to find what we want, then selecting the ones from the online catalog provided by The Smartphone Mall will much easier and also time-saving experience to enjoy. Even better, The Smartphone Mall also enlisted various smartphone accessories you possibly have problems to find it in other places. So, whether you need a waterproof case for iPhone or smartphone car kit accessory, you’ve come to the right place visiting their place.

The Smartphone Mall isn’t a new seller in the industry. Along the years of their business operation, the shop had already served countless number of sales with buyers are coming both nationally and internationally. Yes, The Smartphone Mall is ready to accept order from anyone both inside and outside the nation. They also accept multiple payment methods, aiming to simplify the way people shop stuffs from their online shop. Visit The Smartphone Mall today and enjoy fascinating deals on certain items, available for limited time period and quantity.

Future advanced mirror 2020 from Panasonic


At CES 2015 in January, Panasonic’s Advanced Mirror become part of future technology that has been getting a lot of visitors are expected to be marketed in 2020. During the CES in Las Vegas held in January last, there are some who just saw, some more good men and women to try the advanced mirror while using the features provided.

As you can see, a woman fraudulent use mirror (instead of choosing make-up, but chose to install a mustache). Panasonic’s advanced mirror is design especially intended for women to experiment about makeup, hair, clothes and so forth. This has made it easier and faster by a device called the “Panasonic Smart Mirror”, which has proven this year at CES.

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Why is it better to buy at Bluehost?

Bluehost is offering to its customers the best of all compared to the other web hosting companies. Another feature that makes Bluehost different from the other web hosting companies is that it doesn`t rely on the sources that are coming from the outside. Assigning to bluehost is affordable to everyone even for those with lower budget. Unlike most of the web hosting companies, the bluehost hosting provider is doing the most of its services in-house and there are often backup services. Bluehost is ranking among the top 20 web hosting companies all over the world.

Purchasing with coupons

There are over 20 bluehost coupons which bluehost customers are able to use them and to save money. When purchasing with coupons and having so many discounts anytime especially on certain days like Black Friday and many other holidays, you may get the wanted things with even Bluehost Coupon Codes: 50% off Discounts. Promotional code is such a good thing when purchasing and getting the things even at lower price. On the other hand, if you want to get a free domain you are obliged to buy the whole hosting package which is 50% off than the normal purchase. If you are already assigned to bluehost but suddenly changed your mind make sure that the whole amount of money you will get back. For other huge discounts you can also check

Technical support

There is a team consisting of experts that is working 24/7 for its customers. When you are a beginner and still don`t know which service best fulfills your needs, the bluehost team is here to guide you and give assistance through the set-up process. You have access to technical support at any time there occurs a problem, also you can do it with discounts and coupons that are offered by bluehost in which case you tend to savings your family budget. So whenever there occurs a problem, feel free to call and the problem will be fixed immediately, not like the others  web hosting companies which take hours or days to activate and to fix the problem.

Shared hosting

Every customer`s entire account have automatically daily, weekly or monthly backups. Now it is easy to track, purchase, update, transfer and administer in one place all of your domains. When bluehost technology recognizes websites using excessive resources, re-assigns the websites to isolated system. If your website is progressing well with the passage of the time you can move to more powerful options. You can also create and govern unlimited e-mail account. With special tools it is easier to direct your websites, files, domains and so on with the involvement of enhanced interface which is built on cPanel from a central location.

VPS hosting

If you want to use open source technology, VPS hosting is the real thing. It is easy and powerful for using. Your websites are always performing at optimal levels because of the use of high performance components. As a result of the implementation of KVM hypervisor, your resources are available at any time. Unlike most of the VPS hosting services which take hours or days to activate, bluehost VPS service is made to provision immediately. Server expansions are enabled and priced without asking for the admin assistance as a result of the improved cPanel.

New Place to Find Hosting Discounts

There are many things that determine the popularity of a website. Along with the beautiful design and responsive layout, how you choose the hosting service would also affects its performance significantly. Your visitors will be easily disturbed and feel uncomfortable if your site have downtime too often. Therefore, it isn’t recommended for you to buy low quality hosting service, especially if you want your site to be always accessible to anyone around the world. One thing for sure, such a high quality hosting service isn’t that expensive at all. Even more, by using the promo codes provided by many sites out there, you can press the cost to the minimum possible amount.

One of the best sites you can go for MyHosting Discounts as well as promo codes from various other hosting companies will be The site has extensive collections of discount promos issued by reputable hosting companies in industry. This is true that the site only enlisted the best hosting companies in the business to which customers can count on them for best hosting service and reliable customer support. For you whom feeling exhausted to choose between hundreds hosting companies and multiple hosting plans they offered each, now you can narrow the options by going to

When it comes about hosting service, there is no reason for anyone to buy from non-reputable company. Even if they have very limited budget available for it, that shouldn’t be a reason to do it though. In fact, purchasing low quality hosting service may simply put your business on stake. Instead, they may simply get into and find the best hosting plans offered by those reputable companies and buy the service at much lower price. The site always updated the promo codes in daily basis so you’ll always find valid codes to use.

Solar Impulse 2 flights from Ahmedabad to Varanasi

solar impulse1

Flights Solar Impulse 2 3rd from Ahmedabad to Varanasi successfully took off at 07:18, local time (Ahmedabad), or at 01:48 UTC. The pilot will fly a plane with zero fuel mileage of about 1127.9km (609NM), the time required is estimated for 15 hours. The maximum height at an estimated cost of up to 5180 meters. Si2 plane occupied by only one person as a pilot, namely André Borschberg, from Switzerland.

As we know in advance that the aircraft Solar Impulse 2 is a project of Solar Impulse around the world using solar energy. Energy obtained from solar panels by 17,000 solar cells mounted on the wings of the aircraft along 72 meters.

solar impulse2

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the take-off was delayed nearly two hours, but then Borschberg completed around 1127.9 km distance from Ahmedabad to Varanasi slightly faster than had been expected. According to the BBC, the trip takes 8 hours.

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Lookeen by Axonic for Advanced Windows Search Solution

There will be the time when you need to find some specific entries within your outlook documents. In that case, you’ll rely on the Windows Search feature provided in default by Microsoft, to which its initial purpose is to help users in searching and finding files from the system and outlook. However, due to some reasons, Windows Search sometimes failed to do its job. There are many reasons why Windows Search feature unable to find some specific files, some because the Windows Search has been designed by default to exclude the search on certain folders and locations within the PC’s system itself. So what can we do about that?

One of the best solutions available for it will be Lookeen. As is presented at, the new app is designed to optimize and improve the Windows Search feature available in the desktop. Lookeen bring the Windows Search to the next level that it extend the search capability as well as bypass the limitation and exclusion set by the default. With Lookeen, users will be able to reach even the bottom part of their system file directory and allows them to find any items they possibly needed. The app will come in handy when anyone is trying to find some files located deep inside the system files.

And the best thing about Lookeen is that it can also be integrated to email account and outlook, so users will be able to search for specific entries within their emails according to the keywords they entered. This will surely save them much time and efforts, especially when they need to find some specific entries within their desktop system and emails, and due to some reasons they need to do it multiple times. Imagine how it could be a frustrating job to look on some entries on emails and outlook while we only have limited time available to do so, and now it can be solved with the help of Lookeen.

Lookeen is compatible to various Outlook version, from 2003 to 2013, and all versions in between. So whether user has the older version of Microsoft Office installed on their desktop, they will still be able to have Lookeen installed and operated flawlessly on their machine. The application is also easy to install with easy-to-understand user interface, so that even regular desktop users will still be able to accomplish the installation process and utilize the application optimally.

Lookeen is initiated, designed, developed, and launched by Axonic, an international software developer with many years of experience in the field. The development team is consisted of the best people in the field to which end-users can always rely on them for the best quality products as well as full supports whenever it needed. The updates are always provided for the eligible Lookeen users where they can easily to get and install these important updates whenever it launched, for free. With the right configuration, Lookeen app will be able to check and retrieve the updates, and to install it automatically.