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Snapdragon 810 Special Design for Samsung


Snapdragon 810 processor with 64-bit technology and an eight-core chip is indeed a much awaited and desired by the manufacturer of smartphones. But unfortunately, there are problems of overheating which reportedly makes the chip production is hampered. And some time ago, rumors that Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 will provide a special design aimed at Samsung.

Suddenly it was the envy of the main competitors in South Korea’s Samsung, LG. Even if Qualcomm Snapdragon really realize that 810 is specifically designed for Samsung, so do not overheat, the South Korean company is going to prepare a lawsuit against Qualcomm.

It is also quite reasonable. Moreover, LG is the first company to adopt Snapdragon 810 and announce it to the public with the launch of the LG G Flex 2. In addition to the LG, there are also Xiaomi are using Snapdragon 810 with product Mi Note Pro her. And both versions are rumored to have a Snapdragon 810 overheating problems. We look forward to further developments.

Reasons Why People Should Try Online Casino

No matter how many great reasons we have to pay on the online casino, some people are still choosing offline casino, moreover when they are playing slot. They said that nothing is able to replace the machine. Well, I bet that those people have not yet tried the modern online slot games in which many agreed that online slots are so much fun than its offline version.

Here are some of the reasons why casino players should consider playing slots online. The first reason is that online slot does not always require us a deposit. When we are play casino games, the first thing in our mind would be the amount of money we should deposit first before being able to play the machine. However, on online casino, we can choose whether we want to make a deposit and play it for real money, otherwise we may also choose to play it for fun. It means if we don’t have a lot of money, we can still playing slot for free.

Second, the online casino is open to everyone and it is so accessible anytime and anywhere. We will be able to play in our home, office, at the street anywhere we want. Since we only need to go online via any devices, then we don’t need to spend much of time and cost to reach those casinos; instead now you can play it on the go, via online.

Third, with online slot, we are able to play any types of casino with any graphic we want. We can get access to various online slot types and the best thing is that we don’t have to queue to play it. As we all know, different type of slot game is serving different opportunity and with the online casino, we don’t have to worry of not finding the online slot gaming type we want to enhance our winning opportunity. If you’re lucky, you’ll find free online slot games with bonus rounds to play whenever you want to.

The best thing about playing online slots is the atmosphere. Well, nothing is able to replace the offline casino atmosphere, but there are times when we want to be free of those cigarette smokes or the loud noises of people and machines. This is also best for those who don’t really feel comfortable in the crowd. If we are playing on the online casino, then we can determine what atmosphere we want. We can play in our room, park and many other places we want.

So you have all the reasons to play online slots, the next big question should arise: where do we start it? As new online slot player, you need to be sure knowing exactly what online slot is, how it works, and so on. In many cases, the online version of slots are different with the real one, so you better get yourself ready for it. can be a good place to start with. Here you can learn characteristic of each online slot machines and how to get the most luck out of it.

Pximity Mobile App: Changing the Way We Network


The modern technology has never failed to excite us all with new inventions every day. The technology has changed the way we connect with others, searching for jobs, and even to buy things. These amazing services and apps are nothing but to simplify one’s daily activity and tasks, for that everything will be faster, easier, and also cheaper. See how short messaging service had replaced telegraph for its faster and cheaper messaging system. And to mention also various other great services the modern age has offered us until today.

And one of the biggest inventions that would give major advantages to people worldwide is Pximity Mobile App. Pximity is an amazing app that would change the way people build network. While most other online networking apps and websites are focused on how to connect us with people we already know or their mutual friends, Proximity allows us to localize the friend search by giving us reference and recommendations to people near us. This is simply because Pximity use the GPS to locate our place as well as to find fellow Pximity members or users within our range.


Building a good network with professionals and businesses in our town is getting easier with the help of Pximity. Yes, Pximity is not only designed to help you find professionals based on the nearby location, but also businesses. Take example you just landed on a new town and wanted to find certain service or dining places nearby to go, Pximity MobileApp will be a handy solution to it. Just simply execute the app and let it scan the area for then you’ll find the results showing up to your gadget. As it utilize GPS service, you will then be able to get exact location of its whereabouts including also addresses as well as also brief information related to the person or businesses you’d like to go to.

Simple Solution to Create ChatBot

There are so many things we can do to make our website look fun and entertaining, such as installing simple yet fun apps, trivia, simple quizzes, and many other things that possibly able to attract repeated visitors. This is not easy considering the fact that each visitor has unique personality and preferences in which they may dislike what you have inside. And to mention also too many apps and widgets installed to your site can make it slow to load which at some points becoming the main reason why people leave the page immediately.

And instead of installing bunch of random apps or widgets to your site, you can try to create chatbot instead. Just as the name is, ChatBot is a bot designed to provide instant answers and response to anyone whom used the chat feature. The bot will answer all questions given by the visitors as well as giving information related to input given, in automated mode. That means you don’t have to be there to response the chat yourself, the bot will do most of the tasks instead. At some points, chatbot can be a good solution for businesses to provide instant information and response to anything their potential customers will ask about. That way, the conversion rate will be much higher to get. is the site where you can easily creating custom chatbot that suit your needs. Many people think that creating a chatbot that will able to interact to various possible questions or statement is a difficult task. Indeed in many years behind. But now, you have where you can create Chatbot instantly without having to be an expert at programming, coding, and anything. For more information about how it works and examples of their previous chatbot projects, you can simply visit the site or watch the video below:


GlobeCore for Advanced Oil Production Machinery

GlobeCore is a leading company in industrial machinery manufactory business, with focus on bitumen emulsion production, fuel blending, oil purification, and many more. They have been in the business and served countless clients nationwide as well as internationally for decades. With all the experiences and years of dedication to the business, it is no wonder if GlobeCore has always able to keep their clients satisfied. They have lines of experts and specialists to accommodate all that clients wants, along with the most advanced technology to answer any challenges may arise in the future.

We all know how it could be a long and complicating process to produce pure oil from the raw material. And GlobeCore has lines of products you possibly needed for that job. Their oil purification system offers the most effective and efficient solution to purify crude oil and to produce standard-quality oil product, ready to sell. If your business involves oil mining work or that you focused in purifying mined oil from the offshore, you probably want to check these equipment manufactured by GlobeCore. Until today, GlobeCore’s machines and plants have been used by oil companies worldwide; some even become the favorite choice due to its incredible outcome given.

And it’s not only their advanced oil purification equipment what make GlobeCore to be really popular nowadays. In fact, their oil purification plant system is only one among all their incredible products manufactured. Another great product of GlobeCore that needs to be highlighted also is their bitumen modification system. This equipment which named UVB-2 Modification Unit, is designed to produce and modify bitumen for various uses. It could be the perfect unit to produce polymer bitumen emulsion, in which the modified bitumen can be used for various purposes, such as for asphalt concrete coating, treating the road top surface, membrane crack sealant, and many more. The unit will work flawlessly to accommodate all your expectations.

GlobeCore has more than enough of good resources and experience to help companies out there in achieving cost-efficient oil production. Their products have never failed in delivering top-notch service and solution to all clients. In fact, the company is showing their commitment for perfection and reliability of service by providing high quality service support, in which clients can ask them help when the unit is malfunctioning. And even you can count on GlobeCore to provide lines of experts for regular maintenance. We all know how things can go unpredictably out there and having a team of service support ready to give instant help should be a good thing.

And luckily, now GlobeCore is accessible online. Those whom are interested to know more about their products can simply visit the company’s official website at So, instead of heading to their headquarters in Germany, now you can easily to learn about their new oil refinery system, oil purification and filter, and many others from the comfort of your desk. Their customer service team will always be there to answer all your questions related to GlobeCore products and services.

Outlook Recovery: Design & Operability Evaluation

While trying to access my personal profile in MS Outlook 2007, I came across a situation where the PST file turns to inaccessible mode. My assumption towards this issue was that the file might have got corrupted. I tried executing ScanPST.exe but it failed to repair the file. As an output, I received an error that denotes:

“Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) hangs endlessly and does not perform the repair.”

I put all my efforts but failed to gain access to the mailbox incorporated components. The main concern was to recover email messages as they were required for a project analysis and implementation. After implementing all possible workaround procedures, I tried Outlook Recovery Tool.


Here, it is important to mention that this information is based on the analysis and evaluation of Personal license of the tool. Read more

Portable USB Charger for All Your Smartphone and Gadgets

Limited amount of battery is considered as the biggest drawback of modern gadget nowadays. It is so pity that with all the advanced technologies we have today, manufacturers are still failed to create huge capacity battery for their products. Many of us unable to enjoy all the features and services provided by the gadget simply because they have to safe the battery for longer use. This gives inconveniences to all modern gadget users out there. As result, many smartphone users decided to find alternative way to solve the problem. While the phone manufacturers cannot be relied to fix the issue, many of us decided to use portable USB charger, or as many people called it “Powerbank”, from third-party manufacturer.

The fact is, there are so many kinds of portable USB chargers available in the market, which unfortunately not all of them are as good as it seem to be. Some are even poorly made from low-cost material but staged very well to keep people pay expensively for the products. One has to be careful choosing one worth every cent they spent on it. Going online allows you to get all information and references about how to choose the right portable USB charger. By browsing it online, you’ll be able to differ which Powerbank product is best to purchase, how to choose the right one suited to your need and phone specification, as well as also recommendations to what and where to buy these Powerbanks.


And as you go online, you’ll find some references pointing Viivant cell phone chargers. Many sites and members in online forums are highly recommending Viivant powerbank due to many reasons, one of them is simply because Viivant products have outstanding durability and resistance compared to others. Unlike the competitors that may only last couple months with intens usage, Viivant can last for years. This is why more and more people decided to invest their money purchasing Viivant powerbank.

When it comes about portable USB charger, quality isn’t the only thing to take into account. You need to be sure that the charger won’t have compatibility issue with our gadget. And luckily, Viivant charger is equipped with multi-line plug, making it universally compatible to any gadget, including Samsung phones, iPhone, iPad, and many more. You don’t have to buy different powerbank for all your gadget or phones, a single Viivant charger should be enough instead.

Viivant cell phone chargers can be found everywhere. You may check the local gadget shops for these products. However, if you have difficulties in finding Viivant chargers anywhere locally, going online may still be a good solution for it. Many online shops will be more than happy to help you get them. You can even find and shop Viivant external powerbank smartphone online at Amazon. Yes, this famous online shop has plenty options of Viivant products for you to choose, offered to you officially by Viivant. For those whom wanted to find a good place to shop Viivant chargers safely and expect for amazing price deal to enjoy, you’ve come to the right place visiting Amazon.

IBM MobileFirst Platform by RockTeam

RockTeam is a leading company focused in providing technical assistance and technology solutions, which currently becoming the official partner of IBM. RockTeam isn’t a newcomer in the field. In fact, they have already been in the business for more than 3 decades and served their clients through those years. And the best achievement RockTeam had until now is their success in designing and developing IBM MobileFirst platform, a platform mainly designed to provide digital assistance for software development process. This is the most versatile platform ever created and developed to assist app creators in managing and improve their products toward the launch date.

IBM MobileFirst has incredible capabilities, mostly to help developers in creating a safe, stable, and sustainable application. It designed to deliver various essential features for app development. There are 3 major points IBM MobileFirst has offered, they are Foundation, App Scanning, and Quality Assurance. Each of these points represent the app creation procedure from raw concept to ready product. The Foundation aiming in building, testing, and integrating the application. App Scanning is there to provide deep scanning during the early app development to find and notice vulnerabilities within the system. And the last, Quality Assurance aims in collecting and processing data or feedbacks from the testers as well as also distributing the result for the app final development.

IBM MobileFirst has everything the developer would really need to keep them on the right track in developing an application. And if you are curious to know much more about the platform and how it works, you may simply visit for detailed information about it. The experts in the site will be more than happy to answer all your questions related to IBM MobileFirst. Well, with 30 years of experience in the field, we can say that RockTeam has so many things to offer and we can trust them for best app solutions.

How to Start VoIP Business

In this modern world the telecommunication devices and services play very important role and are highly needed for our daily activities. This is the reason why making the business in phone services surely is known as one of the most potential ways to earn more income. VoIP phone services are commonly used in many business companies so beginning our own business VoIP services can be a good idea. Unlike the common cellular phone services the VoIP services are much cheaper and this is why many business companies. VoIP which is known as Voice Internet Protocol is the telecommunication technology that combines both conventional voice communication technology and the internet technology.

Steps starting business VoIP can be done by setting your own rates and creating your own product brand and ideas, you should also set your balance cost for expenses and costs for the first up to five years to come. Make your market campaigns and let the public know your vision with your VoIP products and services. You can use the personal loans or saving as the investment to start your business VoIP services or if you require more money, you can search for ventures. Add some more capitals for market researches, website development to promote your business.

You should get your business VoIP service registered in certain types of state agency too. If you have no adequate knowledge and skills in IT perhaps you should hire young and skillful IT professionals. You can ask them to also develop your website to create some more innovations in your business VoIP services which can make your services different from many other competitors’. When it comes to business, to be different is always a good thing just to show your business is outstanding compared to other competitors out there. In that case, you probably want to also provide SIP Trunking solutions just so you have broad range of services to offer.

FLCB, Flexible Lithium Batteries Can Be Folded and Sized Super Thin



The development of technology today is very amazing. Not just a screen that now comes with a flexible design, the batteries are now not want to miss. And a company called Prologium, has just introduced a flexible battery hers named FLCB.


The battery also has a very thin size and can be used for various purposes. Sheer size of less than 2 millimeters. Prologium party was showing off the battery in a five-inch-sized version. And because it is flexible, of course, this battery can also be folded.

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Intel Officially Launches Mini Desktop Computer Based NUC Broadwell



A tiny computer performance is not necessarily have too little. The latest Intel NUC computer with an Intel Broadwell is one of them. In early 2015, Intel was an update to his NUC products by presenting a model with an Intel Broadwell.

The first two models are NUC51i3RYH and NUC5i3RYK. Both of these computer models both have specs Intel Core i3-5010U with Intel HD graphics 5500. In addition, they also have a Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, four USB 3.0 ports and supports 16GB of RAM.

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3 Tips for Buying Audio Supplies

Whether you’re renovating a movie theater or just tricking out your home entertainment room, it’s important that you only choose high-quality audio supplies for the ideal sound system. Here are just three things to keep in mind when buying audio equipment.

1. Know the Lingo

If you’re confused by acronyms like MIDI, XLR and CAT5E/CAT6, it’s time to do some homework on sound systems. You’ll want to know exactly what you’re buying when browsing audio supplies, so give yourself a thorough education on technical terms, installation processes and other jargon.

2. Determine Your Specs

Make a list of the various restrictions on your existing audio equipment. For example, if you only have two USB ports on a gadget and you’re already using one, you won’t want to buy something else that requires multiple connections.

3. Evaluate By Product, Not Brand

While brand names can be a great starting point during your search for audio supplies, you shouldn’t be consumed by them. Sometimes the part you need is from a company you’ve never heard of, and as long as they have good reviews and a reasonable price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a chance.

If you’re serious about putting together a great sound system that doesn’t cut corners in terms of quality, output or volume, these are just three tips to help you make something great. Click here to browse audio supplies that can make a real difference in how you see sound.