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Flexible 18-inch OLED screen from LG

flexible OLED

flexible OLED

Some of last week LG has officially introduced the development of flexible OLED display measuring 18 inches hers. At that time, they said that the flexible display can be rolled up like a proper roll with a radius of 3 centimeters.

However, how actual performance of the screen when it is actually used? Answer the curiosity of the public, and now there is a video that shows how the flexible screen actually displays the video can be used separately.

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The Right Place to Learn Fixing the Citrix Protocol Driver Errors

In this modern world we can’t only rely on our land based shop or office to run a business. We might need to have our own company website to run a more effective business campaign. Our website works as our virtual shop and office where all virtual visitors can freely come and visit to see what we have to offer in our business. We can post all products or services offered at our business using our company website. This way we can also provide our visitors the chance to have a mutual communication with us virtually. This way we would know what they want and how to meet their expectations or satisfactions.

It means we must make sure that our company website works the way it should so we can serve our customers better. However we must admit that running a website isn’t as easy as we mostly think since there are so many technical problems that can happen and damage our website or computer. Citrix is also known as one of the serious problems that can happen in our computer systems. It’s not easy to solve this problem and most people would need to get some helps from the expert to solve it. If you’re a person who also happens to have the same problem then you’re advised to visit this website leads you to the Computer Garage which is an online source that provides complete information about computer, computer problems and how to solve them.

At This Site you can learn about what the Citrix is and the possible damages resulted by Citrix. There are some simple tips and instructions you can learn regarding how to fix the Citrix protocol driver errors. This site helps to educate people on how to solve their own computer problems so they can run the company websites independently.

The Best Game for Your Gadget ?to Kill Your Time

We all know that lives must be fun for everyone and there are simply so many things we can do to make it. Playing the games might be the best option to make our lives become more fun or at least it helps us to kills the time and boredom. There are so many kinds of games we can play with and we can choose any of them that we like. There are actually some simple things that you need to consider about if you want to find the kind of game. One of the most important things you should know is to choose the kind of game which is compatible with your hardware.

Today the games are not only made for PC computers only because there are many other kinds of games which are made for our gadgets as well. This is the reason why we should also be really careful to find the game applications that match and applicable for our gadgets.Guess the Emoji Answer is one of the games which are quite popular since it’s challenging for everyone. Playing with this game feels as fun as playing the real puzzles and even better because there are several levels available for this game start from the easiest to the most difficult ones.

Guess the Emoji Answers is available for all gadgets especially the gadgets which are generated by Android Operating System. It means you don’t have to stay at your home with your PCs only to play this game because you can play it using your cellphone so you can play it at simply anytime and anywhere you’d like to go. It’s not too difficult to find Guess the Emoji Answers since you only need to visit Please don’t hesitate to visit this website to learn more detailed answers.

5 Marketing Tips for New & Small Businesses

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and this is especially true online, where the relative anonymity can bring out the worst in people. This even holds true for unscrupulous businesses who use unapproved and unethical methods of increasing traffic and their ranking in search engines. Don’t toss your hat in the ring with these types of companies; instead, launch your new business or build upon your small business with these foolproof, ethical online marketing tips for small businesses:

Utilize social media.
If you’re not currently active on social media, now’s the time to establish your presence there. Twitter is great for quick updates and viral sharing, but for more personalized interaction with your customers and general followers, you’ll want to look to Facebook. But don’t discount other social media platforms: YouTube and Vine are excellent choices for sharing video clips with your followers, and Instagram and Pinterest make it easy to share photos that can be linked to webpages.

Start a blog.
Start a blog that is hosted on your main domain, and update it at least once per week with relevant content. You can and should use your blog to promote products and services that are on your website, but you can also use a blog to write about related content. For instance, if your company sells vitamins, you could use your blog to not just promote those vitamins, but to discuss recommended supplements for various age ranges and health concerns.

Invest in email marketing.
While social media is certainly all the rage these days, you shouldn’t discount the popularity and effectiveness of email. Newsletters are nothing new, and the majority of companies these days rely on newsletters to announce new products, share coupons, and draw in customers for sales and other special promotions.

Invest in a few paid ad campaigns.
Have a small budget set aside just for paid ad campaigns. Consider pay-per-click campaigns if you only want to bring in interested customers (PPC cost nothing except the clicks made on your ads), but pay-per-impression campaigns certainly have their place, too – such as during the holiday season and other key shopping seasons throughout the year.

Purchasing and Replacing Pumps

Pumps are used to create pressure in a water system, transfer system or the pipes in a factory. Businesses know they can find pumps here, but they may not know the kind of pumps they need. Choosing a pump involves the power and the size of the pump, and a business owner must make sure they know the power and size they need before they buy.

The size of the pump matches the piping in the space it serves. A large pump with large pumps is better suited for a water plant, oil field or large factory. A smaller pump is much better suited to pumping water from the well to the house on a large property. Some users may go for a larger pump to ensure performance, but these larger pumps could break smaller pipes. Likewise, a smaller pump may not be able to serve a large system.

The most powerful pumps in the industry are going to work well when systems are large. There are pump distributors that are needed to work with multiple lines in a factory. There are pumps that can be stacked next to each other to serve a large facility, and smaller pumps should be reserved for plants that have less need for power.

A pump is not an item that can purchased simply for its power. The most powerful pump does not always work, and business owners must understand what they need before they make their final purchase.

105 Inch Curved Samsung TV with Price Equals a Home

Samsung Curved TV

Samsung Curved TV

Samsung officially began marketing his curved-screen television that has a size of 105 inches. TV is in addition to having a curved shape and large, also has a high resolution 5120 x 2160 pixels. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to have ultra HD TV’s.

How not, the TV unit is offered at a very high price. Even the price is almost equivalent to a home. For one unit, the Samsung TV set is priced at 120 thousand USD. With these prices, of course, not everyone is willing to buy it.

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Go Online for Best Quality Engraved Plaques

When it comes about purchasing some high quality engraved plaques, the best place you can go for it would be the online market. For you to know there are hundreds of online plaques stores are available out there offering extensive collections of plaques to explore. Some are even offering cheap plaques for anyone to enjoy, with included of engraving along to the price.

The presence of online plaque stores has somehow changed the way of people finding and purchasing name plaques . Now people don’t have to go downtown to be able to find these plaques, everything is as simple as few clicks of the finger instead. And just like the local plaque store, the ones you can find online are also providing custom engraving service that allows you to ask the experts for plaque with your own design or preferences. These custom engraved plaques will make it possible for you to keep standout among the others.

And if you’re feeling lost among these online stores, we’d recommend you to do your homework first before deciding which online store to shop the plaques from. It is highly recommended for you to learn about the store’s reputation and track record before making any payment, just to be sure you will get the desired items as expected at the end of day.

Having a deal with a reputable plaque shop is important as it will give you best plaque shopping experience to enjoy. For you to know, most reputable stores will give you reasonable pricing as well as premium quality plaques, just to keep anyone satisfied. And by purchasing the engraved plaques from such store, you will also be one satisfied customer in the near future.

Konas Luggage: Modern Luggage with Tracking Device

For those whom travel a lot will know how it is possible for them to lose luggage along the way. There are increasing reports of luggage lost in the last few years by travelers from all around the globe, either at the airport or at hotels. And that should be a wakeup call for us to take any necessary precautions to it.

The modern technology has never sleep. In order to give alternative solution to the problem, Konas Luggage is created. Konas Luggage is the only luggage in the world that you can track it via your smartphone. Yes, the luggage is equipped with the latest GPS and tracking technology, in which once you have it synchronized to your phone, you will never lose it again. You can easily to track down the location and position of your luggage from your phone, making it easier for you to monitor your luggage, even during the flight time. In case of stolen or accidentally swapped luggage in the airport, the GPS tracking device planted on the luggage will save you a lot of troubles and pain in the future.

And GPS tracking isn’t the only capabilities the Konas Luggage has. Along with it, the luggage is also equipped with powerbank which allow you to recharge your smartphone during your traveling. Your phone and other devices will always be up even if there is no power source around.

Konas Luggage is available in various models and forms, dedicated for various purposes of usage. Even though the product is under development now, but you can contribute to it on Indiegogo and get access to the product when it first launched to the public. Visit Indiegogo for more detailed information about Konas Luggage and see the donation plans available. Each donation plan will give you different reward so you can choose one that suit your interest.

The Unique of Business Card Flash Drive as Promotional Gift

Running a business is definitely not easy as it looks especially in tight business situations like today where business competitors are competing one and another very sharply. We need to come up with the most creative ideas to attract the attentions of potential business clients. Furthermore we would also need to use any possible ways to introduce our business company to the market so they would know what our company has to offer. Mostly the companies use the internet technology to promote their companies but they often forget that the old traditional marketing methods still work to help us introducing our business company to the wide market.

A conventional marketing method like producing the promotional products still consider as an effective way to promote our business. There are many ideas to crete promotional item like producing promotional bags, promotional hats or even promotional pen and many more. If you’re a business entrepreneur and you want to find the unique promotional product that will grab the market’s attention then you can choose the business card flash drive as your promotional product. This promotional product comes in the shape of credit card shape which commonly is made from metal or plastic materials.

You can learn about this promotional gift at This promotional gift is definitely a smart choice because the business card flash drive is very thin and lightweighted so it’s very handy and easy to carry. Besides, you also have enough spaces to display your company’s name or logo on this item. You can even print the business card flash drive with any images related to your business and display your promotion messages on this promotional gift. This way people will not only find your company’s name or logo but they would also know what you have to offer to the market.

ZmartFrame to Make Our Old Monitor a Touch-Screen

Touch screen technology has changed the way of people enjoying and interacting with the technology. It eases people in doing various tasks, while at the same time also offer compactness as it no longer requires additional input devices to accomplish almost 90% of computing activities. The presence of touch screen technology is no-doubt giving us huge benefits to enjoy. But what many of us haven’t realized is the fact that the advancement of touch-screen technology is somehow also lead us to environmental disaster. With more and more people consider converting their old monitors to the touch-screen ones, there are approximately a significant increase of electronic waste we have to deal in the near future.

And that is what becoming the main reason behind the creation of ZmartFrame. Instead of replacing the old monitor with the new one, now we can use the ZmartFrame as the alternative. ZmartFrame is a revolutionary product in a form of a frame that is designed to be installed to a monitor screen and to make it equipped with touch-screen feature. It just like reincarnating our old monitor so that it’s still a valuable item to be used until today. This at some points will be the promising solution to avoid excessive electronic waste in the next few years. And compared to if we buy a brand-new touch-screen PC monitor, it will be more cost-saving if we use ZmartFrame instead.

ZmartFrame is now under development by the creators. But you can find more sample images of the products at There you will also be able to know how the product will be look like when it already mass manufactured. And the creators of ZmartFrame invites anyone whom willingly to help them raise enough fund the cost required for the mass production. If you want to, you can also make donation to them and get free unit of ZmartFrame by the time it already mass produced.

Go Kin Pack, Backpacks Can Be Used to Charge Battery

Go Kin Pack

Go Kin Pack

Again, creative technology in this era of increasingly sophisticated born. A designer, Bill Ostrom and his team of university Queen has managed to create a Kin Go Pack, a backpack that can charge the portable battery capacity.

Go to the power source is derived from the Kin Pack your movement when walking. There are two chargers in your legs are connected by a backpack with a strap. So, you just use the backpack and while walking, the capacity of the battery will be charged. Each 15-minute walk to Kin Go Pack will generate power to make phone calls for 10-25 minutes.

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