Your priority is accessibility

Online retail can be a great business proposition. You can make it even better by knowing the ins and outs of aesthetics on the web. It isn’t hard to get a grasp of and it can provide you great value to understand the basics. The following are some simple tips anyone can apply to their eCommerce solutions to improve the overall look and feel of their site.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your priority is accessibility. There are a lot of fancy designs available on the web. Functional outranks fancy when you are trying to sell products. People are likely to abandon buying anything on your site if they are frustrated with your interface. The benefits of an ornate interface are rarely outweighed by the accessibility of a simple and clean interface. Always have a few people disconnected from your eCommerce project try your interface before you push it live. They’ll be better judges of how usable it is due to their lack of familiarity.

If you want to make your site fancier and higher-end, apply it to features that are optional. Having intricate details is better saved for things that are kept to the side of your main business. This will allow customers who are interested to view them without hindering the rest.

The next thing is color. You want to pay close attention to the colors you use. Different colors can evoke different emotions. Bright red and bright yellow are usually bad ideas; these are associated with urgency and flight. They don’t encourage people to buy things. Greens are a better option. Green is soothing and can be easily associated with money. Blues look professional, especially in the tech world. Softer colors are ideal for more sedate websites used to market art or other highly specialized items.

Never underestimate the value of a modular service for some of your retail site. has a variety of shopping cart software solutions that can fill a variety of niches. Many of them are perfectly stylish, which will save you the trouble of having to fine-tune the look of your own programs.

Making your online retail site look snappy just takes a little practice. Choose pleasing colors, make sure everything is easy to read and reduce the number of steps from a user finding your site to their making a purchase. The fewer the steps, the more convenient your site and the more likely they are to make a purchase. You can’t go wrong going simpler.

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