Wow! Glove It Can Be Used Call

hi-Fun glove

hi-Fun glove

Berlin – Among the many high-tech gadgets that appear on the IFA technology fair in Berlin, Germany, there is an interesting one. Namely Bluetooth glove named Hi-Fun that can be used for calling.

Hi-Fun looks like a glove in general. Made from thick wool so that the hand of the wearer warm. But in it, embedded hardware that allows users to make phone calls.

Quoted from Engadget, Monday (08/03/2012), this glove has a thumb on the speaker and microphone to talk on the little finger.

Yes, probably most people are not familiar with the movement of ‘call me’. These gloves mimic the movements of the hand when the exhibit was on the phone.

Hi-Fun will go on sale in Europe starting next October with the official arrival of accessories for USD 60 is likely to be very suitable for the customer there, who will welcome the winter.

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