Web Services to Work with Music

EXFM is the place where you can keep the music you found. There is no need to create a new folder and remember what you save there in order not to make a mess.  To keep track of every song you liked you can use this browser extension. While you browse through the web and choose a songs you like, EXFM saves them into a song list you can listen to later. You can create up to 40 playlists using those extension. The lists could be rated and organized in the way you like. To make it even more better you can convert Wma to mp3 . With this tool you don’t need to save every song immediately or bookmark the page to get there later. Sound rather useful and comfortable for web searchers and music fans.

If you want to narrow you knowledge about your neighbors, if you are wondering what they are listening to, try Soundtracking service, which is available as an iPhone app. Using it you can see what song is in trend in particular area – city or street. You will know what was last changes in the music top in current location.

There are services for viewing music videos as well. Two most noticeable are VHX.TV and CULL.TV, you can organize your videos, share you video list to friends, make necessary comments. But Cull.TV offers several music channels to view. Using those services you can see what your friend are watching and find some new videos to view. You can either share your finds or not, it is up to the user. If you don’t want to share the videos you view, the information will stay private. If you have some great content to share you also can create your own channel and share videos to your friends.


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